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10 Latest Trends In Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is one of the powerful trends in technology. This trend is reshaping business operations all over the world. With the continuous growth of data, it is the core responsibility of a data analytics team to analyze and manage the data using big data technology. This technology trend is highly used with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language to analyze and optimize the growing datasets in various sectors including eCommerce, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and many more.

Top 10 Big Data Trends For 2022

1. Rise in Cloud Migration

It’s no secret that the rise in cloud migration is one of the top 10 latest trends to drive the world in 2022. With the growth of technology, big data storage capacity has become a primary concern. Therefore, countless businesses are relying on cloud and hybrid cloud solutions such as cloud-hosted data warehouses and data lakes for their scalability and easy storage.

2. AI Will Continue to Improve, But Human Jobs Will Remain Safe

AI is continuously growing but this technology is not going to take over the jobs of people. Rather, AI will improve the human race. Humans have a distinct way to learn, perceive and respond to things. So, AI will trend in the future, but the overall operations will be managed by humans.

3. Business Intelligence in All Sectors

Business intelligence is already bringing massive positive changes in numerous sectors. Its value is expected to be highly increased in the next two years. The powerful data capabilities of Business Intelligence software help businesses to fulfill their data goals with ease. Some of the future applications of Business Intelligence include NPL, BI as a Service, Prescriptive Analytics, Self-Service BI, Data Governance, and Collaborative and Integrative BI.

4. Extremely Smart Chatbots

Powered by AI, chatbots are now being deployed by businesses to manage customer queries. With the growth in tech, smarter chatbots will be deployed by every company to handle customer queries and deliver personalized interactions without needing human personnel. Big data is competent at delivering exceptional customer experience by providing relevant answers based on the keywords entered by customers.

5. Edge Computing

When it comes to data processing, edge computing will leave the cloud in the dust. With the emerging trend of IoT, multiple companies are relying on connected devices for large amounts of data on customer or business processes. Edge computing delivers exceptional performance as there is less data flow involved. This big data analytics trend enhances data analysis, providing companies with enough time to react. When it comes to data processing, edge computing to ‘edge ai’ will leave the cloud in the dust.

6. Open Source Solutions

Numerous public data solutions are available to make improvements to speed up data processing. No doubt, open-source software is cheaper as it cut down business operations costs.

7. Smarter Cybersecurity

As hacking and system breaches are growing at a high pace, it has prompted organizations to focus on strengthening information confidentiality. Big data can be integrated into cybersecurity processes to provide relevant information about past threats. This will help businesses prevent future hacking and system breaches.

8. The Rise of Predictive Analytics

In this tech world, businesses leverage the necessary analytics tools to optimize big data. Now, predictive analysis is rising to predict the things that may occur in the future. Undoubtedly, this big data analytics trend is extremely effective in analyzing collected information to predict consumer behavior.

9. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) has been in use for a few years. It refers to a data management strategy leveraging the cloud to deliver multiple services including data integration, data storage, and data analytics. Before this trend, delivering these services was a challenging task. But with the growing time, this big data analytics is gaining momentum.

10. Emerging Demand For Chief Data Officers

As big data is becoming an important part of applying business operations, chief data officers will have bigger roles in organizations. This trend opens doors for data marketers and helps them move their careers in the right direction.

Final Words

Big data trends will continue to help create better businesses. It is important to completely understand how these trends are used and help to fulfill your business goals. This will help you ultimately benefit from these trends. No doubt, big data is all set to revolutionize numerous business sectors. Whatever the question is, big data is the answer.

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