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10 Online Business Creative Ideas To Start A Business In 2021

Among all the ideas for starting a business in 2021, it is difficult to choose the ones that are worth trying.

Are you a student and an employee and want to launch your business project? You are right to choose entrepreneurship, but you still need to have a self-employed or corporate idea to start and then build your business plan.

Am I going freelance? Am I launching a startup? Do I start my commercial activity on the Internet? With what business idea?

What Are The New Profitable Businesses In 2021?

We are going to see with you 10 business creative ideas to have a profitable business. These business ideas to create are available to everyone, provided you are motivated, open to learning and ready to give your business project time to take off.

We will see together that among the new profitable businesses, e-commerce or drop shipping can be a good idea for a business on the internet.

We will then give you 10 business ideas for a niche product or growth sector for your online business. Your best bet is to set up a store in a niche that is both profitable and sustainable.

1. Launch A Print-on-demand Store

Have you always dreamed of launching your own clothing brand? With print-on-demand which is a derivative of drop shipping, you can sell your own design on T-shirts, sweaters or caps in an online store and start printing these products with each new order. You can therefore sell personalized products through Print-On-Demand service providers and build a great brand image.

We recommend that you launch an online POD store on a particular type of product (eg caps) or on a theme (eg Space or animals), otherwise users risk getting lost!

2. Sell Drop Shipping Products

You don’t need a revolutionary Steve Jobs or Elon Musk business idea to be an entrepreneur. Each year, many people go into selling merchandise online. According to our latest e-commerce figures, France exceeded 100 billion euros in turnover in 2019 and is the 5th largest market in the world.

So you can start an online drop shipping store and sell quality products that you find from suppliers, often in China. By promoting its products via social networks or influencer product placements in your market, you earn yourself on the margin between the purchase price and the sale price. So you buy the product from your supplier only when it is sold, which allows you to sell without stock. Here is how the drop shipping business model works, which can bring you a significant turnover. This business project requires a lot of work, especially at the beginning, but little upfront investment to be successful.

It is one of the most profitable business creative ideas if you know how to promote your products well and choose quality products and suppliers.

3. Become A Writer or Translator

Still, in freelancing, you can very well offer your web writing or translation services. This is one of the best ideas for starting a business if you like to write, or a business idea that you can do alongside another.

For example on Fiverr, many international companies are looking for French site translations or article localization. Few French are still present on this platform, so you may find it easier to find missions. Provided of course that you have a good command of English to ensure the quality of the translation and to receive the right advice!

You can also do web writing if you have a good style for the many small businesses looking to outsource their content production. Indeed, companies must have a good blog to be able to be present online and especially on Google, so they need a lot of pens to ensure production.

4. Become A Freelance And Sell Your Services

If you are good at digital marketing, have training as a project manager or have written or used Photoshop you can sell your services as a freelance on freelance platforms, Malt or Fiverr at the international. For example, you can sell a logo design or the community management of a website. You can very well do this activity full time or as an income supplement in parallel with your business project.

5. Coaching Online

Do you like sports? Are you a management expert or a nutrition professional? Coaching is a good idea for internet business. Coaching is like training, but much more personalized and extensive. You will really follow the person and help them make the right decisions, be there for them on a daily basis.

There are many sports coaches and they can alternate between face-to-face or online coaching. Some business leaders are also coached by business coaches to improve their speaking skills or their management. Finally, many drop shippers have been coached by other drop shippers to improve their performance. This is one of the ideas for starting a business that you can do alongside another activity.

6. Offer Training And Ebooks

In the same vein, you can also write ebooks or white papers and offer them for sale if they have real added value. It could be a list of influencers, an ebook on Internet sales strategies, sheet music, English lessons, etc. As long as the quality and the price of entry is not very high, the files can sell without the problem! You can also offer ebook writing to businesses, which will pay more for this in-depth work than just an article.

You can also get started with online training, using one of the many MOOC platforms. More and more people are being trained each year, and many entrepreneurs are getting into infopreneurs, like the drop shipper Pierre-Eliott. You can first start a Youtube channel with free content and then offer paid training once you’ve gained community and credibility.

There are online courses for any talent or activity, so you’re bound to find a profitable business idea to get started!

7. Become An Influencer or Blogger

Although it takes time, you can also decide to become an Instagram or YouTube influencer and then receive money with product placements made on your network. If you are more into writing, you can start a blog that can help you promote possible training, ebook or coaching. For example, if you’re an expert in digital marketing, you can blog about the latest trends in SEO or social media advertising. The blog will bring more traffic to your site and also rank better on Google.

8. Make An Online Affiliation

If you are a Youtube influencer or blogger, then you can form affiliate partnerships with brands. With these links that you share with your community, you get a percentage on sales or company service subscriptions and thus you can receive a good passive income every month if you negotiate multiple types of affiliations.

9. Become A Customer Success Manager Remotely

Finally, you can very well start as a freelance or remote employee by becoming a Customer Success Manager, that is to say, a customer service consultant! With the internet, brands need to respond to their customers 24 hours a day and on several media. Which requires a lot of hands, patience and kindness.

So you can find a job or go freelance to manage chat tools, calls or corporate social networks. And you no longer need to be in a dismal call centre to be able to exercise this profession! You will find many offers of missions or positions on freelance platforms or LinkedIn.

10. Sell Your Creations On Shopify or Etsy

If you are more of the creative and DIY type that you like to create your own jewellery, objects or decorations, you can very well decide to sell your creations on the Esty platform or you can eventually create your own online store thanks to Shopify. Many entrepreneurs started with this idea of ​​creating a woman business.

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