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5 Ways For Businesses To Repurpose Their Online Event Content

Given how much time and money you can spend in preparing to hold an online event, it can naturally seem a tragic waste if the event itself only lasts for, say, an hour.

However, rest assured that online event content can be repurposed in various ways. According to one statistic shared by CustomerThink, 93% of marketers have cited video as crucial to their strategy — but it’s not only the event’s video content that you can find new uses for…

Share videos from the event

Did you know that, as reported by a LinkedIn article, 90% of people are eager to see more video content from brands? It’s fortunate, then, that the aftermath of an online event can provide you with the ideal opportunity to produce and post videos relatively quickly.

All of this is assuming that you remember to record the event first. If you do, you can proceed to embed videos from it into a number of your website’s pages.

Paraphrase content as text for blog posts

While online events can be one-way streams of communication, you could opt to foster interactivity with your own event. Through using a webinar platform, for example, you could not only deliver a virtual presentation but also hold polls and take questions from the audience.

Now, what is a webinar platform? It is basically software you would use for holding a webinar, an interactive kind of online event. Furthermore, much of what you say — as well as audience input — from that event could feed into blog posts you produce after it has taken place.

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Turn sections of audio into podcast episodes

There’s nothing stopping you from lifting the audio track of, say, a self-contained presentation or interview from the event and subsequently placing that aural material into a podcast episode.

Nonetheless, it would be wise for you to listen carefully to the audio before you do go down this route. After all, you want to make sure that the sound is not only of the required standard but also not dependent on visual cues, such as slides or hand gestures, for context.

Write newsletters based on subjects raised during the online event

If you are already in the habit of regularly holding online events, there might often be occasions when you only fleetingly touch on certain subjects that would actually warrant much more attention.

The next time you do run into this issue with an online event, you could elaborate on those unjustly overlooked subjects by covering them in follow-up newsletters you email to people (with their permission, of course) who attended the event.

Put together infographics for social media

You might admittedly lack the required specialist skill to put those infographics together yourself in a way that is easy for people to digest.

However, if you ask a graphic designer to create you an infographic that relays information from your online event, you will be able to eagerly anticipate sharing that imagery on social media. There, it could be shared further — and potentially even ‘go viral’.

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