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6 Business & Technology Trends To Watch In 2022

2021 was the result of the strong impact that Covid-19 has had on our lives and the creation of a new normal. 2022 will not be outdone. Also, this year, organizations, assisted by technology, will be able to face and overcome the future innovatively.

More And More People Will Work From Home

The increase in freelance workers and the possibility of working remotely will lead, by the end of 2022, to a substantial increase in people working from home or around the world and consequently to the need to adopt more new work-oriented solutions. . This trend will undoubtedly be fueled by technology thanks to the improvement in internet connection speed and systems that can facilitate work without any loss of productivity. The goal will be to provide users with an interconnected system capable of improving the experience of working from home and contributing to the worker’s well-being. At the same time, new frontiers will open up in recruiting, with the removal of barriers that will lead us to have more and more colleagues who live in other parts of the world.

2022 will be the year in which the trend of the horizontal and interconnected world will be even more specific and specialized. It will be necessary to produce hybrid architectures capable of providing flexible tools that know how to meet the needs of end-users, who learn how to connect the best of the office and work from everywhere. Internal training for updating and introducing new resources will be an essential element at the same time. For example, we use FAD Solution, our cloud platform capable of managing the entire onboarding and training process internally and for our clients and partners.

Big Data Will Become Indispensable

If big data is already indispensable for companies today, it will be even more so in the next year. Companies with the most excellent quality data will undoubtedly be more competitive than the others. At the dawn of 2022, the global big data market reached $ 208 billion and will reach $ 250 billion by 2026 with a CAGR (i.e., the compound annual growth rate that measures the return on investment ) 10.%. Big data and digital transformation are an essential combination.

The more we go forward, the more everything will be built from data

We speak of data fabric or a design concept that acts as an integrated layer of data and connection processes. It uses continuous analysis of existing, searchable, and navigable metadata to support the design, implementation, and use of integrated and reusable data across all environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud platforms—leverage human and machine capabilities to access data and support its consolidation. Identify and connect data from different applications to uncover business-relevant data to support decision-making redesign by providing faster and more understandable access to data than traditional practices. (source Gartner ) In this way, operating costs can be reduced by approximately 70%.

Telemedicine Will Revolutionize Healthcare

From 2020 onwards, Covid-19 has shaken and revolutionized every aspect of our life. The healthcare sector has suffered, but it has implemented systems to address its shortcomings and protect healthcare workers and patients thanks to technology. Telemedicine has made the connection between doctor and patient possible despite the social distancing. This trend continues to rise: we have taken the best of the pandemic by trying to turn it in our favor. Remote patient monitoring will become a lifelong medical trend: we are talking about online consultations and therapy. Apart from telemedicine another fusion of technology and medical care has emerged – iot in healthcare.

Internet of things connects all sorts of medical devices and allows whole hospitals to be in control over the data from those devices. This enables doctors to intervene immediately should a need for that arise.

NFTs Are The Real Stars Of 2022

Although they have already been around for at least five years, NFTs are the most talked about topic (and investment) of the moment. These are non-fungible tokens, i.e., non-replaceable. This means that when you create a digital product (audio, video, photo, text, etc.) and sell it on an NFT platform, that becomes a “unique model,” the only version of your creation. Whoever buys your product is to purchase something that “has your signature.” In this way, the whole world will know that this is your product, created by you and sold at that particular price to that specific buyer. NFTs have no real value in themselves, but they take it on when bought.

This trend, and in general everything that revolves around blockchain technology, is undoubtedly making us change our opinion on the security and validation of online operations. It will be a theme in which we will be increasingly involved, thanks to the cryptocurrencies that base their process on this technology and the impacts of the natural world projected into the digital world. With its Metaverse, realities already established for some years as Decentraland will probably push us to have an alter ego in the virtual world. We are not talking about gaming or recreational activities in general, but about new business opportunities, not tangible but fundamental, which will involve and are already involving sectors of any type, from real estate to eCommerce ( see the Nike case ) and probably also the world of work.

Minimalist Design At Your Fingertips

By now, pop-ups, notifications, and widgets that grab consumers’ attention have become irritating. 2022 will be the right year to remove distractions and give more importance to the content, thus providing more space for micro animations, illustrations, or 3d interactive elements. Everything will be accompanied by a trend we already know well: mobile-first. In 2021, about 54% of the traffic on a website was generated by smartphones

Therefore, the goal is to create great sites that can be navigated even with just one finger.

UX And Storytelling Become An Essential Combination

Storytelling is not something new in the business field; on the contrary, it is a trend that has already been underway for several years. But on its own, it is no longer enough. A study on different users when evaluating some brands showed that their judgments are based more on emotions than on information. Brands capable of transmitting positive emotions enjoy greater loyalty than others. Accompanying storytelling, therefore, with UX trends such as parallax scrolling and micro animations will make the communication of a brand with its audience even more effective. But be careful not to overdo it! Filling a site with vitality can, at the same time, create a counterproductive impact, which leads the user into confusion. A proper mix and an excellent preliminary analysis of UX and customer journey are always essential elements to set up a funnel in the best way.

2022 is a year full of news and confirmations of trends already in vogue. We can’t wait to determine if these predictions will be confirmed and why not if new trends in business and technology will emerge.

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