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7 Best Link Building Strategies in 2020

The algorithm of Google has been changing and introducing new factors or giving more importance to others, but those that are always in a prominent place are those referring to what makes up the authority or relevance of the website, and one way to achieve this is by applying strategies of effective link building.

Years ago the reference value used by Google was PageRank, which included value from 0 to 10, but Google stopped updating it, at least publicly.

Later we began to use the page and domain authority that tools such as Moz offered us, in order to use more up-to-date tools, in what links database refers to as Ahrefs.

Types Of Links In SEO

There are different types of links depending on the attributes that appear in it:

Dofollow Links

Links that convey authority and create a relationship or link between our page and the page we link to. They are obviously very positive for web positioning.

Nofollow Links

Links that carry the attribute rel = »nofollow» in the link and do not convey authority, at least until now this has been the case as there are rumours that this could change and thereby give up part of that authority. We are also telling Google not to follow the link and therefore there is no direct relationship between the two linked pages.

Sponsored links

This is one of the latest attributes that Google has removed, which in theory is to inform Google that the link is sponsored and we will do it with the tag sponsored.

The question is, are we going to tell Google that our affiliate or paid links are sponsored? It seems a little strange and even more so when the latest updates to the algorithm, which aims to penalize sites with too much advertising and affiliation.

UGC links

This attribute is intended for those links generated by users, such as in forums and comments.

Here Are 7 Best Link Building Strategies in 2020

1. Cloning Or Repetition Strategy

A Link Building Strategy of the most classic and one of the most used today, which tries to analyze the link profile of a competitor to see which links we can replicate.

The process is simple:

  1. We analyze the link profile.
  2. We identify sponsored links, guest blogging or through other mechanisms.
  3. We identify a link that we can easily create and replicate.
  4. We analyze the cost of sponsored links and the possibility of guest blogging.
  5. We repeat the process over and over again.

Have you seen how simple?

It may seem like it but it is not, because analyzing and finding the domains is easy, then getting the links in them is no longer so.

2. Link Opportunity Strategy

Ahrefs has a functionality called link to intersect, which is a great way to find link opportunities. This link building strategy is designed for projects that already have a good link profile but want to improve it.

At the top we will enter the domains of our competitors and below we will leave our domain. What the tool does is search for domains that link to our competitors and do not link to us.

Then what we will do is mark the domains that we would be interested in getting a link.

Then we would have to see the link building mechanism or strategy that we are going to use to get those links.

3. Link Baiting

The Link Baiting is nothing to get links through high-quality content.

Ok, but what happens, when you start a project nobody knows it then when you want your content to obtain or capture links.

The truth is that it is very complicated but it mainly occurs due to the lack of visibility and brand, that is because the project promotion phase has not been well worked.

So, what I propose is that you design quality but strategic content, from the point of view of achieving greater virtualization or a greater capacity for capturing links.

4. Participation In Awards

Participating in prizes is a very simple way to get a high-quality link in a domain of great authority and only spending a few minutes of our time.

These awards change depending on the time, some disappear as is the case of the Logs, but currently, there are several that I consider quite good, such as:

Awards 20 Blogs. Made by the newspaper 20 minutes, so a good way to get a link from this domain.

ABC Awards. The ABC newspaper in Seville awards prizes in different categories. I am lucky to have won this award for the best blog a few years ago and to have been part of the jury in subsequent editions.

Internet day award. Prize organized by telephone and through which you can get not one but a few links for your digital project. I am also lucky to have recently won the award for the best personal brand on social networks.

5. Guest Blogging

It is a very effective way to get quality links from sites on the same topic, but do it with your head, and this requires a minimum of planning and strategy.

Steps To Make Guest Blogging Effective

Step 1: Analyze sites of authority and traffic and that has to do with the business model. Analyze authoritative and traffic websites, but not only that but also the theme and the community that follows it is the target audience of your business model.

Example: Does it make any sense to do a guest blogging on a social media blog if my blog is about web positioning? In my opinion, none.

Step 2: Send a formal and correct email. Write an email without any racket that you want to publish an article in that blog and that you would like to know what the publication guidelines or norms are as well as the subject of the article that they want to assign you.

It would be nice if you put some examples of content that you have published so that the blog coordinator can analyze your way and style of writing.

Step 3: Go scheduling all your guest blogging. Keep track of your posts as guests, where you indicate the delivery date of the content and the publication date of it.

You have to know that not all blogs allow guest blogging, in my case, what I do is invite blogging, that is, invite professionals to write in it.

6. Sponsored Articles

A form of advertising in digital media, blogs and other media, and through which we can get a temporary and permanent link.

The price of the sponsored article will depend on the destination medium, but you can use services such as Getfluence, Publisuites or Prensarank to be able to contract sponsored articles and thus get a link from a very good authority.

Note: The sponsored article has to be one of many actions that you will work to obtain links, but it should never be the only one.

7. Beerbuilding & Beerworking

We all understand the importance of achieving relationships with other professionals and networking, but this networking has to materialize in concrete things, such as Beer building.

Building relationships with professionals in your sector requires time and above all many situations for this to occur, but once you do, you will have a very effective tool to capture a friend link.

It may seem that it is not one of the best link building strategies, but this occurs because we always seek the short-term result, that is to say, achieving our goal, but if you are patient, believe me, it can be very effective.

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