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7 Console Games With Fantasy Storylines

Console games have become more attractive among young people over the years. We love to be in fantasy; thus, the fantasy world is considered in these games.

Are you looking for the best console games that highlight fantasy storylines? This discussion will counter the 7 particular console games with promising storylines with fantasy. This can help you to understand console games that emerge with rendering storylines.

A study suggests that people are addicted to fantasy games and want to be in their preferred roles. So suggesting these games and letting you know about them will help you pick the best out of them, or you can try all of them to relive all those characters.

Best Console games with impressive storyline

Some of the engaging storyline-based games are here that you should try to enjoy as a fantasy character. If you are yet to enjoy any of these games given below, you can download them absolutely for free in The Pirate Bay.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Being a console game lover, you would like to try this one out, as the Witcher character itself exposes the deadly character with the wild hunt. This is a game you can play from the perspective of a third person. Moreover, the witcher is a series that held fame among gamers in the last few years.

For information, this game was developed by the popular Poland-based game developer CD Projekt Red. There are various quests included in this particular wild hunt part where users can dig into different interesting missions. Lastly, quests like Kaer Morhen, The Incident at White Orchard, and at the end, Bloody Baron will lead you to a different world of experiencing the fantasy of this game.

2. Detroit: Become Human

Sony entertainment kept its faith in Detroit, and that has won the attention of gamers. This PlayStation game delivers machine intelligence and human intelligence at the same time. This will lead you to a future where machines take the upper hand over humans. On the other hand, the interpretation of this game highlights the emotional depth and narrative quality.

To inform you, this is probably the best game developed so far by Quantic Dream. You would not believe that this sci-fi fantasy storyline involves multiple groups in collision with improved visual language and different human conditions like slavery.

3. The Last of Us

This particular game will put you directly in the middle of the post-apocalyptic stage in the United States. The determination of this game is also directed from a third-person perspective. If you are an adventure lover who prioritizes action, this is the game for you to experience.

This particular console game included two main characters, one in the savior named Joel, a smuggler, and another is the little girl Ellie, who needed to be rescued. Naughty Dog had worked hard to bring impressive graphics and storyline to its users.

4. The Stanley Parable

You are wondering why this game is unique? First, let’s understand the different approaches this console game offers.

This fantasy game has a fourth wall perspective for the gamer, creating a difference from other games. Moreover, it is a psychological game that will lead the main character, an office co-worker, to unknown turns in his journey to a horror perspective. If you want choices and want to go insane with this character, Stanley will surely lead you there.

5. Batman: Arkham Knight

Yes, the famous DC character is here, and it is time to go and experience the leading character in this fantasy console game, Batman: Arkham Knight. Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios developed this game with a thrilling fantasy storyline to convey to the fans.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games has delivered its masterpiece with the third section of the Red Dead series, which will help you experience the survival approaches. Moreover, this rockstar game is designed to consider the heartland of America.

7. God of War

Kratos is an interesting character who lives with Monsters and gods and also fights with them for existence. God of war is a game that is harsh in nature, and you will get the advantage of experiencing a godly character within the game.

To Conclude

All the above-mentioned console games are rich in their different fantasy storylines. To bid farewell, in the current era, these games are eye-catching with advanced graphics and incredible storylines with fantasies simultaneously.

You can check one of them out depending on your interest, or you can try all these console games individually.

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