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Amazon Echo Show 8 review : Is It Worth It?

Amazon Echo Show 8: Is It Worth Your Purchase?

If you are thinking of getting an Amazon device with Alexa, the Echo Show 8 is the model you have to buy. Its value for money is excellent and its display makes it better than other Echo models.

Retail price (RRP)

$ 129.99

Amazon Echo Show 8 review: Is It Worth It?

The virtual assistants market is booming: it is increasingly common to hear friends, friends or family talk about their beloved Alexa and how useful it can be. So it is no wonder that you are wondering if you should get an Echo device.

I will be 100% honest: the first time I heard about a small smart speaker telling you the time or the time it was going to do, I really thought it was stupid, can’t they look at the phone to see the time ?

However, my opinion has taken a 180 degree turn after being able to spend time with the latest Alexa model, the Amazon Echo Show 8. In fact, it will be difficult for me to live without it again when I have to return the device from proof.

Maybe, if you have never tried an Echo, you are thinking of starting with a cheaper model, without a screen, like the Echo Dot for € 39.99 . However, since we know that it is very likely that you like it, you may be interested in investing a little more and getting a device with a screen, like the model discussed in this article.

To help you make the right purchasing decision and to help you decide if the Amazon Echo Show 8 is worth it or not, we’ve spent weeks using it. Below you can read our complete review about the product.

Price And Availability

Before starting you will be interested to know if the price of Alexa falls within your budget. The Echo Show 8 can currently be purchased from Amazon for € 99.99 . The original price is 129.99, so you can save about 30 euros if you decide to buy it now.

It is expensive? It depends on how you look. Obviously there are much cheaper Echo devices, such as the aforementioned third-generation Echo Dot for € 39.99. On the other hand, if you think that the screen will only serve to see the time, you can opt for the Echo Dot with a watch for € 49.99.

If, on the contrary, you are clear that you want your Echo to have a screen, you also have different options. On the one hand, the Echo Show 5 for € 69.99. This is a good option if you want to save some money, but be aware that the display, design, and speaker have lower specs than the new Echo Show 8.

And if you don’t mind spending much more, you have options like the Echo Show (10-inch) with a Philips Hue White bulb for 229.99 euros or the Echo Studio (without a screen but with the best sound you can find) for 199.99 euros.

Design And Tools

After knowing the price, let’s go to the outer part, that is, the design. In this field, the Echo Show 8 has a design very similar to that of its little brothers, such as the Echo Show 5.

Yes they differ in size, the Show 8 is somewhat larger, as is its 8-inch screen compared to 5.5 in Show 5. The color options are the same again: white or black.

In my case, I was able to test the model with a white finish and I must say that it fits perfectly with the also white furniture in my bedroom. White reminds us more of Apple’s elegance, while black makes the device appear somewhat coarser. However, this is a personal opinion, the choice of color will depend on your tastes and the environment in which you want to place the Echo.

Beyond color and having been compared to previous models, the Echo Show 8 offers an aesthetic and elegant design. The screen is the main element of the device, while the speaker covered in a light gray maya is at the back.

The edges of the screen may still be too thick compared to the infinite bezel-less screens we are used to. In this case, they have served to house the camera in the upper right.

Speaking of the camera: If you are concerned about being watched by “Alexa”, the device incorporates a sliding lever that will cover the camera in case it makes you feel more secure.

It is true that sometimes you have the feeling of being watched, after asking Alexa if she could see me, her answer was: “I don’t see you, I listen to you as soon as you activate the activation word”; and when asked if he was spying on me, he replied: “No, I’m not spying on you, I value your privacy.”

If you are concerned about privacy, you may want to take a look at our article: Does Alexa listen to my conversations? In it we talk further about this topic.

At the top, in addition to the lever to cover the camera, you will find three other buttons: one to block Alexa (in case you are bothered by turning it on by mistake, although this has never happened to me), and two buttons to go up and turn the volume down (you can control the volume by asking Alexa to turn the volume down or up, so I haven’t gotten to use them).

Now, failures? On the one hand, the camera is only 1 MP, just like in the Echo Show 5 model. These are far fewer megapixels than the 5 that the 10-inch Echo Show model offers.

On the other hand, I have not needed to use the Echo camera even once, so the shortage of megapixels has not been a major drawback either. It is also true that I have not been able to use it with other people who also have Echo to make a video call, the only surely useful function of this room.

The Echo Show 8’s speakers are also slightly smaller than the 10-inch (2 ”vs. 2.2”) Echo Show, however the sound quality is still spectacularly good.

Another shortcoming of the Echo Show 8 is the Zigbee connectivity, specially designed for the IoT. However, this is surely why it almost halved its price compared to the 10-inch Echo Show.


Although it is smaller than that of the 10-inch Echo Show (that of this model is 8 inches), it has the same 1280×800 resolution as the more expensive model. The screen has an excellent brightness, the colors are vivid and the definition is also good.

Before we talked about too wide bezels, however, to see the good side, we like it more than at least in this case they are all regular instead of the upper one wider than the rest as we see in the larger model.

The interface is exactly the same: if you swipe from top to bottom you will have a quick bar with some controls such as brightness or volume; and if you swipe from left to right, several available options appear.

I understand that this will depend on the use of each one, but according to my personal experience, practically 99% of the use that I have given to Alexa has been directed by voice control.

Many and many will regret the absence of Netflix (Amazon was not going to offer competing services obviously), but if you have Amazon Prime (highly recommended if you use an Echo device, although not essential), you will be able to see series from the platform.

On the other hand, it may not be the most ideal device to enjoy a good movie, everything will depend on your preferences. In my case, I usually watch short episodes of series on my mobile before sleeping, so it was much more comfortable for me to see them on the Echo Show 8 leaning on my nightstand.

Accessing YouTube can also be somewhat frustrating, as it must be done through one of the two web browsers – the official app is currently only offered on Amazon Fire TV devices.

As I explained, the Echo Show revolves around Amazon services, therefore you will get the most out of it if you use Amazon Prime Video, Music and use Amazon for your photo storage.

The truth is that regardless of whether you have an Echo or not, Amazon Prime is worth it especially if you often shop through Amazon frequently. In addition to gaining access to its series and movie platform, Amazon Prime Video, you will be able to have privileges when sending your packages to your home. It’s worth taking a look or trying the free trial month.


While most Echo devices are focused exclusively on sound, in this case the screen steals some prominence from the audio. Does the sound quality deteriorate? Not at all.

The sound quality of the Echo Show 8 is spectacular. Its sound is enveloping, capable of filling a room. The bass is heard forcefully with powerful bass that will make you enjoy much more of the latest reggaeton songs (for example) . This is surely due to its 52mm neodymium speakers with passive bass radiator.

Although it can’t rival the Studio Echo, its sound is still incredibly good. In addition to those forceful bass, the voices and treble are heard in a clear, precise and nuanced way.

In case you want to use headphones, the Echo Show 8 comes with a 3.5mm audio output.

What Have I Used The Amazon Echo Show 8 For The Most?

Although its functions are diverse and varied, if I had to choose the ones that have been most useful or fun to me, they would be the following. Obviously, Alexa can do much more, especially if you also have smart bulbs or extra devices that you have connected to Alexa. In my case, I have been able to test the device individually and, in my personal experience, these are the functions that I have used the most.

Alexa, How Long Is It Going To Be?

Before leaving home, Alexa already had the answer about whether she should take an umbrella or jacket. In addition, thanks to its screen you can see the forecast for the whole week in a quick and simple way.

Alexa, Can You Play Music?

Without a doubt one of its most useful tools. Just give the command Alexa will put the station that we usually listen to the most. You can also ask him to play music of a specific genre (for example: “Alexa, put bachata”).

Listening to music with Alexa is totally free. However, if you want to ask him to put a specific song you will have to have an Amazon Music subscription.

Alexa, Can You Put The Last Chapter Of The Office?

Earlier I said that I was able to enjoy short episodes of series before sleeping or while getting ready to go out. To do this, he just had to give the order to Alexa. Again, they will have to be Amazon Prime Video series and you will have to have a subscription.

Alexa, Can You Wake Me Up Tomorrow At 8?

Without a doubt another of the tools that we have used the most. In my case, not every day I wake up at the same time, which is why I always have to set different alarms. With Alexa this was easier, I just had to ask her to wake me up at the desired time.

On the other hand, if you always wake up at the same time, you can set a weekly alarm (it will ask you if it is what you want). It is also very useful to tell her: “Alexa, you can tell me in 30 minutes”, in case you have to leave the house in that time or remember to make a call in half an hour.

Alexa, What Is The News Of The Day?

If like me you like to be informed of the news that is taking place, you will only have to ask Alexa. You can configure what font you want to be used so that the main headlines of the day are read.

Alexa, In What Year Did The Spanish Civil War End?

Alexa knows everything. I have found myself writing about the new iPhone SE and asking Alexa its price while writing the article or asking her to add the price of various products and then divide it to do accounts with my sister.

If in your work you need to continuously access different sources of information or if you are studying, Alexa can become a most useful aid.

Games With Alexa

Surely you will also want to try it. We recommend that you ask one of these 35 fun questions to ask Alexa , she can be much more witty than you expect and on more than one occasion make you smile.

In addition, you can entertain yourself by asking him the horoscope of the day (he soon learned that I am Capricorn), ask him ‘the word of the day’ (every day you will learn a new word), ask him some curious fact or ask him to tell you something.

You will end up loving him.


If you have never used an Echo device, you may initially have doubts like me, is it really worth it? However, it will only take a few days with Alexa to realize that it really is a useful device.

Given the choice between all Echo devices, we think that the Echo Show 8 is the ideal model for its excellent value for money, the quality of its screen and sound. If you want to spend less you will have to sacrifice the screen and get an Echo Dot, and if you are willing to spend double you can get the premium version : the 10-inch Echo Show.

However, as we have been saying, I think that the perfect balance is in the Echo Show 8. After having been able to use it for several weeks, we can affirm that it is worth it for the variety of functions it offers and the comfort of being able to have music , video and all kinds of information only through voice commands.

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