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Artificial Intelligence and its origin: As it is defined today, Artificial Intelligence was born with the advent of computers, and its date of birth is set as 1956. Precisely this year, Artificial Intelligence was discussed for the first time during a conference that was held in America and which saw the participation of some of the most prominent names of what would later be called Artificial Intelligence, but which was then called Intelligent System.

During this historic conference, some programs were presented that were already capable of carrying out some logical reasoning, particularly related to mathematics. The Logic Theorist program, developed by two computer researchers, Allen Newell and Herbert Simon, was in fact, able to prove some mathematical theorems starting from certain information.

As can be easily imagined, the years following the birth of Artificial Intelligence were years of great intellectual and experimental ferment: universities and IT companies, including IBM in particular, aimed at research and development of new programs and software capable of to think and act like human beings at least in certain fields and sectors.

Thus were born programs capable of proving increasingly complex theorems. Above all, Lisp was taken, which is the first programming language that, for over thirty years, was the basis of Artificial Intelligence software.

The peculiarity of the 1950s and 1960s was above all the feeling of optimism that supported all the research and experiments relating to this branch: however, if on the one hand, it was possible to develop increasingly sophisticated software capable of solving mathematical elaborations above all, from ‘more we began to see the first limitations of Artificial Intelligence, which did not seem to be able to reproduce the intuitive and reasoning abilities typical of human beings.

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