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The Best Online Tools For The Foreign Language Classroom

Multimodal learning is becoming increasingly important in classrooms. Not only is it proven to increase learning opportunities, but it also provides a chance to use more engaging, meaningful and realistic language in the classroom.

Vocabulary Learning


Quizlet allows you to create your flashcards and quizzes for your classes. Show the flashcards, get your students to guess what they are, spell them out and write what they hear. Available in Spanish, French, English, German.

Free Online Dictionary

These are available in all languages and can provide an excellent aid for your students in class. It has the added benefit of showing pronunciation, word-class and differing meanings. Plus example sentences for students to see how they are used in practice.

Listening Practice

Tune In Radio

Tune In is a free radio platform with over 100,000 stations. Choose from sports news, music, chat shows and daily news, completely free. Prepare some comprehension questions for your students and you have a great listening activity. Follow it up with discussion topics or other activities and you have a whole lesson! Only available in English.

Lyrics Training

This platform allows your students to learn vocabulary, improve their listening skills and grammar through popular songs. Lyrics Training provides gap-fill activities in 13 different languages including Spanish, Japanese and French. Great for improving a second language and your karaoke skills!

Coffee Break Languages

This platform provides short podcasts introducing phrases, vocabulary and grammar for specific contexts and purposes. Choose from a variety of different topics in 7 languages. There are also podcasts dedicated to kids.

Reading Practice

News Sites

One of the best ways for your students to practice their reading skills, get a taste of the country’s culture and keep up with global events, is for them to read a newspaper article. This is for higher-level students usually, although you may be able to find some short adverts and articles suitable for lower levels as well. The key is to start short, simple and sweet. Many if not all will be available online for you to print off completely free.

The English Learner Movie Guides

This platform allows you to teach English through movies. Before students watch the film, you can go through one of the guides together. These give a plot and character summary, key vocabulary and phrases featured in the movies. The movies range from big blockbusters to independent lower budget movies.

Pronunciation Practice

Sounds of Speech

This is an app designed to improve pronunciation by drawing attention to the movements your mouth should make, positioning of your tongue etc. It is an excellent resource for perfecting your pronunciation. Available in English, Spanish and German.

British Council Phonemic Chart

Head over to the British Council website to play with the phonemic chart. Help your students learn the phonemes with this simple, interactive tool.

Speaking Practice


This is one of the largest language exchange communities online. It is free to join and will connect you with native speakers across the globe, speaking 13 different languages. It also provides flashcards and quizzes for key phrases and vocabulary practice before any conversations are started.

All 4 Skills


YouTube has pretty much anything you may need in 19 different languages. Use it for listening, speaking and even reading and writing practice. Use the transcripts for gap fills or pre-watch reading.

Don’t Forget…

Online tools can never replace the tried and tested method of spoken and written interaction in a foreign language. But, whatever your needs, you are bound to find it online. There is an endless supply of apps, platforms, and digital tools to practice all aspects of a language.

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