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Big Data Analysis: From Preparation To Data Visualization

The excellence in data visualization should not make us overlook that Tableau is an end-to-end data analysis platform capable of managing the aspects concerning the preparation of the various datasets with which it is called to interoperate. Finally, the exploration and analysis of Big Data constitute the phases that allow you to finalize the extraction of value from the data, allowing you to achieve the objectives set by the study. On paper, everything would be effortless, but in practice, the datasets are increasingly large and diversified, to the point of becoming difficult to manage with traditional databases.

Technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL have gradually taken hold to facilitate these processes. Tableau can interface and ensure total integration with solutions created by third parties, with the common goal of helping companies observe and understand Big Data.

Tableau internally allows you to combine, model, and clean a significant data source in a 100% self-service way, thanks to a tool like Tableau Prep, which will enable users to understand what data preparation processes do on the data thanks to intuitive and straightforward viewers.

Tableau Prep is based on proprietary technology such as Hyper, designed to optimize all stages of data preparation, making operations much faster, thanks to the enormous size that datasets are taking on. A strength of Tableau lies in its connectors, capable of guiding the process of importing a wide variety of data sources step by step. This aspect is still one of Tableau’s main strengths vis-à-vis competing solutions. This variety includes names like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, Sap Hana, Vertica, Amazon Athena, Presto, Hadoop, Salesforce, Netezza, Splunk, Google Analytics, and many more.

Tableau is also famous for its ability to integrate as a data visualization platform with other data analysis tools, both in the cloud and locally, to exploit those synergies that a single solution would not be able to guarantee, especially in the case of very vertical applications. Among the main partners of Tableau, we find AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba, IBM, snowflake, Cloudera, Dataiku, SAP, Informatica, Alteryx, Collibra, Alation, DataRobot, and Databricks.

Better Decisions Through Correct Processing And Visualization Of Big Data

A review by the World Economic Forum observed that 2.5 trillion bytes of information are delivered worldwide consistently. Because of the vast number and intricacy of the produced knowledge, it is sometimes hard to deal with all the data and distinguish any associations. Therefore, the pertinence of the proper arrangement of information volumes and the ensuing reasonable perception of Big Data keeps expanding.

At long last, enormous information representation offers the chance of making conceptual connections substantial. Assuming that you ace this test, organizations can distinguish recent fads and issues all the more rapidly. This gives a sound premise to quicker and better choices and gets upper hands.

Business Intelligence Tools Help With Big Data Visualization

The information examination’s degree, type, and objective decide perception’s essential structure. Huge Data representation requires examination and show apparatuses that permit clients to make appropriate inferences from a lot of information and comprehend the associations.

Business insight frameworks additionally assist little and medium-sized organizations with dissecting and incorporating a lot of information. With BI instruments and information stockroom frameworks, representation is usually founded on robotized standard reports, impromptu questions, and dashboards. They offer an incredible chance to make conceptual data substantial.

Data Visualization Tools:

  • Microsoft Power BI: One of the most well-known business intelligence solutions. Offers the user a variety of display options and an excellent connection to other Microsoft products.
  • Tableau: Offers versatile forms of representation and flexible connection of different data sources.
  • D3: With the help of D3.js, even large data sets can be displayed interactively.
  • QlikView and Qlik Sense: Qlik relies primarily on intuitive visual data discovery.
  • Microsoft Excel: Probably the most common tool for visualizing data, mainly used in small and medium-sized companies.
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