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Bluetooth Nomad Or Wifi Sedentary: Which Wireless Speaker To Choose?

In summary, being able to enjoy your favorite music everywhere without being dependent on a wire is what today’s speakers promise. These small amplifiers increase the sound of a smartphone and computer. The speakers are divided into two different types of connectivity: Bluetooth and Wifi. How to choose the wireless speaker that is right for you?

Choose Your Speaker By Type Of Use


In essence, the portable speaker can be taken anywhere; because it works with Bluetooth. This type of device can be appreciated by athletes who like to train to music, people with a long journey to make, and who want to pass the time pleasantly. Light and easy to store in a bag or even in a pocket, the Bluetooth speaker will accompany you wherever you go.


Operating, on the other hand, via a Wifi connection, a passive speaker must nevertheless remain close to the vector devices of Wifi to function correctly. This allows you to have a speaker to take to any room, when you take a bath, to listen to your music without disturbing the other family members… It is worth noting that many wireless speakers offer both connections to adapt to all requests.

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The Essential Criteria For Making A Choice

The Power

Power is important in this type of device, even if it is not the only criterion to consider. Depending on what you’re listening to, you need to see how good the bass is for the music, how distinct the vocals are, and the distortion. We can easily see if this last point is of good quality by increasing the volume.

If you hear sputtering, the hiss behind is very strong; the distortion is not optimal. Opting for a mobile speaker with medium power but good distortion is better. If you choose a Bluetooth-type wireless speaker, therefore to take along, pay attention to the autonomy offered by the device. The latter is increasingly extensive to meet the user’s expectations. Also, see if charging is convenient and how long it takes to charge the device fully.


If she’s nomadic, there’s a good chance she’ll show up. Better to favor a design with toned colors to be sure not to lose it if you put it down. Indeed, these are objects that can be relatively small. On the contrary, some people will take larger models with a more studied look. Beyond the visual aspect itself, if the loudspeaker is intended to be often taken in hand, it must have good ergonomics, which makes it prehensile. Depending on where it needs to be placed, make sure it has a good impact protection rating or is waterproof to some extent. It is imperative that it can be cleaned, as it will be exposed to dust more often. Some have a removable cover that supports cleaning with a slightly damp cloth.

Connectors And Options

Connectivity is important, especially if you use it a lot. Make sure that the wireless speaker you want to choose from has a USB port, at a minimum. This will allow you to connect it to computer equipment ( computer or tablet, etc. ) or even a smartphone to import music. A mini-jack input is also expected for this type of listening accessory.

Some models offer even more with the very practical AirPlay 2 or the NFC ( Near Field Communication ) system, which will facilitate data transfer between another device ( your phone, for example ) and the wireless speaker. Finally, if it is a multiroom loudspeaker, you will then be able, by buying several copies, to disseminate them all over the house, to listen to your music wherever you want, without having to carry the loudspeakers and to move.

This can come in handy for larger homes. Even mobile speakers had to follow suit with the appearance of voice assistants. They can therefore integrate an assistant according to the models and be compatible with others ( or are waiting to be so… ). It is, therefore, possible to do more than basic listening, but command the start of a predefined playlist by voice, raise or lower the volume.

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