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Chrome: How To Make It Use Less Ram

Not everyone knows that Google Chrome uses a lot of RAM, but many others ignore the best practices that solve the problem. Chrome is one of the most used web browsers thanks to its many features and the integration of Google services, which allow you to enjoy a seamless experience between mobile devices with Android operating systems and desktop computers. Just use the same Gmail account on all your devices to communicate.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome also has flaws, and the biggest one concerns the excessive consumption of RAM, which could affect the performance of the most modest computers. Through the updates, the situation has improved over the years, but there are still some cases where it is necessary to monitor the browser’s behavior. It should be noted that this is not only an intrinsic feature of the application but mainly depends on how individual users are used.

There are some good practices to be followed consistently to “tire” your device excessively so that the slowdown does not affect all our activities. The causes of the problem are of various kinds, so we will have to individually analyze the individual aspects that lead Chrome to clog up the RAM.

What Are The Causes Of Excessive Consumption Of RAM?

Each web browser stores the open tabs and installs extensions in dedicated RAM processes to ensure more excellent stability and better performance. Although they – taken individually – are not significantly bulky, they could have a harmful effect. In other words, the tabs or windows that we keep open on the browser and all the installed and active extensions affect the computer’s performance.

Furthermore, a peculiarity of Google Chrome is the execution of applications in the background when it is closed. Without realizing it, our PC performs many “invisible” operations on commission from the program, which can slow it down even significantly.

Fortunately, not all Chrome applications have this behavior, but it is always advisable to stop the more ‘selfish’ ones.

For more details, you can use Chrome’s built-in task manager: it is very similar to Windows and allows you to see which processes are making the most of the RAM. So far, we have only illustrated the causes of the problem. Still, various strategies are speedy and effective to remedy them and do not require particular computer skills.

Chrome: How To Reduce RAM Consumption

Everyone should first do to prevent Chrome from running applications in the background even when it’s closed. Doing so is quite simple: click on the three dots at the top right, go to Settings, Advanced, and finally to System. Disable the option “Continue to run applications in the background after closing Google Chrome” for the change to take effect. One advice that many may take for granted is not to keep too many browser tabs or windows open. However, we often need to resort to this solution to keep all our activities under control, resulting in a significant consumption of RAM.

Chrome will, in general, naturally switch off tabs that haven’t been opened for quite a while. However, there’s a considerably more robust approach to recommend what to put on backup briefly. Google has presented the Tab Groups highlight that permits you to bunch various tabs under a solitary name for quite a while. You can implode them by tapping on the last option, and Chrome will suspend any movement. A subsequent snap unfastens the charges and right away reactivates them. We frequently gather an unending measure of augmentations.

If, from one perspective, the facts confirm that Chrome has a ton of helpful and intriguing ones, then again, we should remember that some of them are seldom utilized. To decrease the utilization of RAM, it is significant not to gather such a large number of them and tidy them up by eliminating all that is unnecessary. You can get to the augmentations screen in two ways: by entering Chrome://expansions/in the location bar and pressing Enter or by going to the three spots, tapping on More Tools, lastly, on Extensions. Once here, click on Remove in the augmentation box that we need to eliminate from our program.

Alternative Solutions

Brutal but still effective is the use of Chrome’s dedicated task manager. You can use the critical combination Shift + Esc or follow the same path as Extensions but click on Task Manager to access it quickly. Like on Windows, it will allow you to see the list of all running processes and terminate those taking up the most memorable of our computers. Just select one and then click End Process to close it. It is possible that all of these solutions have not proved effective, or at least they have not been as effective as we would have liked.

In this case, we could try resetting Chrome’s settings or reinstalling it from scratch on our PC. We will restore the program to its original configuration in both instances: all extensions will be disabled, but we will keep bookmarks, history, and passwords. To reset, go to Settings, Advanced, Reset, and Cleanup once again, click on Reset to original factory settings, and finally on Reset. On the other hand, Reinstalling the program involves the loss of all saved data unless you use your Google account to synchronize everything quickly.

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