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Nowadays, securing our personal data stored on our devices is very important as they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, theft, malware, bugs, and viruses. Many mobile security apps promise to keep your valuable information safe and secure. We will explain to you in detail about one such app in this article. It is known as the Avast Mobile Security app. When you install the Avast antivirus mobile security app on your devices, you will notice a folder, Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications on your device’s screen.

What is the Avast antivirus mobile security app?

Avast mobile security antivirus is a free app that helps users to protect their data from cyber criminals who try to steal your personal information like photos, videos, essential files, and other stuff by sending viruses or malware into your devices.

Avast mobile security antivirus software is compatible with smartphones, PCs, Laptops, and tablets. It provides complete security from malware, spyware, malicious viruses, and piracy phishing. Along with these useful features, it has an in-built call blocker that prevents unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

In addition to the call blocker, a web shield protects the device from harmful websites and spammy links. The antivirus software also comes with its app lock that shuns unauthorized access to your smartphone or other devices.

The other prominent features of the Avast Antivirus security app are a photo vault, anti-theft vault, power saver, ad-blocker, wi-fi security, website shield, and many more. So, the Avast security app works with efficiency and secures the device from dangerous spying and malware by absolute cleaning capability and accurate detection.

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What is Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications ?

The important things and valuables are secured through various methods. Money and jewelry are secured in bank lockers. Electric fences and CCTV cameras protect buildings and houses from thieves and other safety issues. Likewise, it would help if you had security software that protects your valuable data from viruses and malware. The Avast mobile security app is the best antivirus software that efficiently protects your data.

When you have installed the Avast antivirus mobile security app on your device you will find a folder, namely, Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications on your device where temporary notifications of Avast antivirus mobile security app are available.

Explain in detail the process of downloading the Avast mobile security antivirus app?

You can download Avast mobile security antivirus app on your device to protect your data from malware, viruses, spyware, piracy phishing, and cyberattacks. Avast security app comes for free and is compatible with both android and iOS devices.

Avast prevents any virus or malware from entering your device. Your data is perfectly secured with the Avast security app. Avast antivirus mobile security app ensures full protection to your valuable data on your device.

Avast is one of the most prominent antivirus vendors in the world and is worth more than 2 billion USD. It is a world-class brand as many people across the globe use it. Every user is satisfied with the services provided by Avast, and they recommend it to many others. The quality of service they provide makes them a trustworthy and successful brand.

So to download Avast mobile security antivirus app visit the play store and download it from there, or you can search it with “content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications”.

What are the advantages of the Avast mobile security antivirus app?

Simple and user-friendly interface

The user interface of the Avast mobile security antivirus app is simple and unique. It has many features like a power saver, website shield, photo vault, ad blocker, wi-fi security, and a few more. The unique interface helps you navigate through all the features easily. It also enables you to understand the functions of all the tools.

Wide range of functions

There is a vast set of functions like a photo vault, website shield, power saver, wi-fi security, and many more. The wide range of functions is one of its significant assets. Avast is renowned globally due to its multiple functions.

Customizable features

You can customize every feature on Avast mobile security antivirus app as you like. You can schedule the app for virus checks automatically at certain intervals. Every feature has a summary of how it works and its uses.

Free to use

Avast antivirus app comes at absolutely zero cost. The most surprising fact is that the user gets many features for free. Protecting your device from harmful bugs is fantastic without investing a penny.

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What are the features of Avast Free Edition?

Avast antivirus security app is free to use, and it claims that it provides many features and tools that most paid apps cannot offer. So many had doubts about its reliability. The AV comparative companies have tested the software of Avast to determine whether it fulfills all the standards it claims. They found out that Avast’s antivirus mobile security free version software scans the device very quickly than its cotemporaries.

The free version of the software is available in 37 languages. It is an exceptional feature for a free version. The only drawback of the free version is its limited usage. You can use only one device on the free version and only in the houses. The free version is not enough to provide services on multiple devices.

What are the features of Avast Pro Edition?

You should buy a subscription plan to access Avast pro antivirus. The pro version of Avast is compatible with many devices like tablets, PV, laptops, etc., as long as the account is up to date. You can buy a one-year or two-year subscription plan to use ten computers.

Avast pro version has many similar features to the free version but is upgraded. Avast pro’s safe zone technology keeps your data secure, even online. Avast antivirus software has a unique technology that prevents malware from stealing your credit card numbers, account numbers, login details like user ids, passwords, etc. Once you close the page you opened, there won’t be any details left after that. The free version is helpful for home usage only. However, you can use the pro version in public places like banks, offices, etc., where it provides another layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Avast mobile security app safe to use?

The answer is a big Yes! Avast antivirus mobile security app provides complete security from malicious software, viruses, piracy phishing, etc. In 2017, the Avast antivirus security app was ranked number 1 worldwide among the other security apps.

Is Avast mobile security app a trustworthy software?

Avast is an effective and trustworthy tool. It keeps your files and documents safe and secure. It is also capable of fixing virus-infected files. Tools like a password manager and network security scanner ensure that your data is fully secured against cyber-attacks, hacking, piracy phishing.

Does Avast mobile security app efficiently remove the virus?

Avast is the best software solution to remove virus-infected files from your devices. It was founded in 2015 for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS. It has a powerful scanner that promptly removes infected files without slowing down your device.

Is Avast mobile security app malware?

No, Avast is one of the most popular, effective, and trustworthy malware removal software available on the internet. Avast scrutinizes the data on the devices thoroughly with its highly intelligible virus detection programming and removes the malware in less than 12 seconds.

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