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Create A Sound SEO Strategy In 2022

Did you know that businesses spend more than 65 billion annually on SEO? An effective SEO strategy allows companies to create fast, solid, and user-friendly websites, ranking excellent on search engines. Consequently, companies acquire various benefits such as the increase in brand awareness, the creation of new contacts, the increase in the conversion rate, the improvement of the user experience, and the consequent increase in brand credibility. This article offers guidance on creating an effective SEO strategy in 2022.

Create An Effective SEO Strategy

While designing an SEO strategy, you should focus your attention on three main aspects:

  • On-page SEO: deals with the page’s contents and how to optimize them to get them a better position on search engines.
  • Off-page SEO: deals with direct links to our website from other sites. The greater the number of backlinks that refer to our site, the greater its credibility in the eyes of the search engine, which will improve its visibility as a result.
  • Technical SEO: this is the architecture of the site.

Here are 7 steps to create an effective SEO strategy.

Satisfy The User’s Requests In The Research Phase

Although Google has more than 200 parameters to establish the ranking, user help is the most important. In SEO language, we talk about satisfying the user’s search intent. This can be achieved in several ways. First and foremost, it is necessary to determine what our site offers to the public. Is it e-commerce, an entertainment site, or a news site? Secondly, it is essential to identify our site’s target audience – what kind of users do we want to attract? After establishing the why and the who, the next step is the how.

Choose Keywords That Attract Users To Our Content

At this point, it is essential to find out which words or phrases are most searched for by users (actual or potential) of our site. To choose which keywords to use, it is helpful to consider the following:

  • Use keywords that are related to the content offered. Avoid words too short or imprecise, generating competition or attracting the wrong audience. For example, it is better to replace buy women’s winter boots with the keyword buy boots.
  • Use keywords with a high number of related searches. For this operation, you can help yourself with specific tools such as, for example, the Google Keyword Tool.
  • Use long-tail keywords. The data shows that these more particular keywords are consulted at a 3-5% higher rate than “normal” keywords. Their most exciting feature is that they do not have intense competition, thus increasing the chances of better positioning. For example, although SEO is a much sought-after acronym, it isn’t easy to rank well on Google through its use.

You need to create content related to it, optimize images for SEO, and create a specific strategy.

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Invest In Quality Content

Creating quality content maintains the interest of the user, who must be offered easy solutions to their problems, visually appealing, and in-depth content. Quality content not only serves for better positioning but captures the user. Although each content published on our site increases the possibility of appearing on search engines, it is good to remember that this is not its purpose. On the contrary, the most important thing is to generate valuable content so that users themselves notice the content we publish and build loyalty to our site.

Develop A Link-Building Plan

If you want to create an effective SEO strategy, you need backlinks. The data show a positive relationship between the links and the site’s positioning that contains them on the first page of Google. As previously mentioned, a link-building plan is essential for Off-page SEO, i.e., the process of attracting backlinks to our site from external sites.

To develop a viable link-building plan, you need to understand how to attract backlinks. If you are starting, a good way to start is to have the link to your page within a site of a local company, perhaps through reciprocal exchange. Another method to consider is guest blogging. You can also get backlinks by posting original content about recent events and news. In this way, the chances that other sites, bloggers, or companies add, within their areas, a link that refers to our increase.

Compress The Media Before Uploading It To The Site

This is a crucial step in a good SEO strategy. Google highly values ​​visual content such as videos, images, and infographics. Beware, however, that although visible contributions have a high SEO value, they risk compromising the user experience if mishandled. When a video is cumbersome, the internet browser will have more difficulty loading the content, consequently slowing down the internet site’s speed.

Since loading speed is one of the most critical factors for search engines, compressing content before loading allows the area to be faster, more usable, and higher in Google searches. Before loading any media, you need to make sure of its weight. Any content that exceeds 1MB is too heavy and requires compression. It is always best to keep your files in kilobytes (KB). Many online compression tools allow you to resize files without quality loss.

Conduct A Technical Evaluation

Yes, there may be various problems that risk affecting the user experience on our website. They include broken links, server errors, missing metatags, crawler problems, or login problems. It is good practice to conduct a technical assessment to ensure that the website functions correctly.

Check The Result

SEO can be a long and demanding practice. After spending a lot of time and effort on SEO strategy, it is advisable to check your progress. For this purpose, parameters such as organic traffic flow and page rank can determine the success of your strategy. How much traffic is directed to our site through organic searches? How do the pages of our site rank in the keyword searches we have selected?


As a result of the constant increase in hours spent online by the average user, SEO has taken on an increasingly important role nowadays. Therefore, planning and implementing an effective SEO strategy becomes an excellent way to generate new business opportunities and increase sales while consolidating your website’s online credibility. Google introduces changes and updates almost daily, so you need to update and implement your SEO strategy accordingly.

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