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Digital Marketing For Service Companies: 5 Strategies For Getting Started

Digital marketing for service companies has become one of the most efficient ways to present your company and your solution to potential customers, present your differentials, and nurture, engage, and convert users into leads.

The consumer’s journey to hiring a service provider is more prolonged and involves more particularities than purchasing products.

This particularity requires that your strategy be even more linked to offering value to customers, building relationships, and building trust at all sales funnel stages.

Therefore, if you want to know how to use digital marketing for service companies, this article is for you!

Digital Marketing For Service Companies

Establish Marketing Objectives

Outlining objectives is more than just the first step in a digital marketing strategy for service companies. It is also essential because it serves as a guide for the actions to be taken.

It is common for campaigns to be applied without thinking about what one wants to achieve and, ultimately, “verify” that the results were ineffective.

The problem is that without a clear objective, there is no way to create realistic expectations about what each campaign can bring you.

Build An Inbound Marketing Structure

Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on user permission. Unlike strategies interrupting the user on his journey, showing ads in the middle of the YouTube video, for example, in Inbound, the company participates in the customer’s purchase journey.

For example, we are producing YouTube videos with relevant content, which will be used to answer common questions from the company’s personas.

That’s why Inbound Marketing and content marketing are sister strategies. One benefits from the other, and they go hand in hand.

Among the Inbound Marketing actions that should be part of the digital marketing strategy for service companies are:

  • Content marketing
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Production of content for social networks.

Inbound Marketing must be built considering all stages of the sales funnel, offering value in all of them.

Inbound Marketing allows your company to work in the medium and long term with a structure that will attract your ideal client to you.

This process will seek to understand which customer characteristics and interests convert the most and work to attract the right consumer at the right time and through the ideal channel for him.

In Inbound, you will draw the customer’s attention to a problem your service can solve and use the content as bait. Use a call to action at the end of the material to help your team keep in touch with this user.

A very efficient Inbound strategy is to use rich content on landing pages made available to the user for free by sharing data such as email.

With the email of potential customers, you can put another digital marketing strategy for services, very used into practice: nurturing leads by email marketing.

Paid Ads

Like companies that sell products, service companies can also benefit from paid advertisements to make results faster and more immediate.

Make a list of channels your ideal customers are on and consider running ads to attract them, for example, to your website, a webinar you are hosting, or a landing page with the material they might be interested in.

For example, suppose you have a financial consulting company. In that case, a strategy to convert visitors into leads is creating ads that take these users to a landing page with an automatic cash flow control spreadsheet to facilitate the company’s management.

This lead begins communication via email, SMS, and even telephone.

When approaching your lead, be cautious and remember to assess which stage of the purchase funnel they are in not to scare them.

Invest in ads on platforms where your customers and potential customers are.

Therefore, advertise on platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, which are the largest in the digital market. It is interesting that you gradually increase your investment for security.

Monitor The Results

With campaigns on the air, your company must monitor the results of each action.

Understanding whether digital marketing actions for service companies are working and adjusting their campaigns is essential to increase the return on investment for each channel and strategy.

This is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits of digital marketing: allowing efficient data management and monitoring results so that improvements can be made.

That way, your company is not spending money on campaigns that don’t work and can direct the investment to actions that bring results.

Using channels like Google Analytics will help you identify what’s going well and fix what’s going wrong. Only then can you understand how your consumer behaves and delivers more of what he wants.

Invest In Technology

When we talk about technology in digital marketing for service companies, we are not just talking about communication channels, such as social networks and email marketing, but about digital marketing tools that contribute to the execution and management of these channels.

Marketing automation tool makes work more strategic and productive.

In addition to automating a series of repetitive activities such as sending emails and creating a nutrition flow, the marketing tool for service companies also allows other actions to be carried out, such as:

  • Lead scoring
  • Lead tracking
  • Contact segmentation and sending personalized emails, among others.

All these activities are only possible with marketing automation software by your side.

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