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Four Technologies That Are In Use In 2021

The trends for the coming months, the potential benefits they will offer, and the sectors they will influence.

Internet Of Behavior (IoB)

What Is That?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of connected physical objects that collect and exchange information over the Internet. To maximize the benefits of the IoT, we need to go one step further and make sense of the data collected by associating it with specific human behaviors. This is achieved through the Internet of Behaviors (IoB). Internet of Behaviour is essentially a 2021 combination of technology, data analytics, and behavioral science.

What Are The Benefits?

Devices such as smartphones can track both a user’s online movements and their real geographic location. With relative ease, a company can connect a smartphone to a notebook, smart speaker, TV, and mobile phone call records, creating a detailed picture of the person. Companies can understand the likes, dislikes, buying habits, and even how a user has chosen to vote through this information.

The Internet of Behaviour can truly improve marketing and sales by providing detailed and personalized consumer information. Although Companies widely use A / B analytics and testing to map user journeys, the IoB can go a step further by providing more than just information about past activities and even likely future behavior.

Which Sectors Will It Affect?

The Internet of Behaviour is an extension of the IoT. Therefore, with the growth of the Internet of Things, it is inevitable that the Internet of Behaviors will grow with it as early as 2021. This technology will be widely used in most industries as IoT continues to increase in popularity. Sales and marketing teams will inevitably want to leverage the benefits of this technology to gain even greater insight and understanding of their customers.

Hyper Automation

What Is That?

A means of true digital transformation for 2021, it enables automation for almost any repetitive task. The combination of robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) allows complex business processes. What are the benefits?

The benefits of hyper-automation are extensive, including:

Greater Flexibility:

By using a combination of automation technologies, organizations can leverage the benefits of each of these technologies. This allows companies to achieve scalability and flexibility that is not possible with the use of a single digital technology;

Increased Employee Productivity:

Because repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be done with automation. Employees can devote their efforts to more valuable lessons;

Greater Integration:

hyper-automation allows organizations to integrate digital technologies into their processes. This makes communication continuous and accessible;

Improved Roi:

Using powerful analytical tools, companies can optimize the distribution of their resources to increase revenues and reduce costs.

Which Sectors Will It Affect?

By creating a digital twin of an organization, hyper-automation for 2021 is not simply an opportunity for companies to consider but an inevitable solution to future business challenges. Hyper Automation is already empowering the manufacturing, construction, and transportation sectors where robotics and advanced automation are implemented in assembly lines, improving operations, reducing errors, and carrying out repetitive tasks.

Over time, this technological trend will be used in all industries. We already see advances in the medical sector with robots performing surgery and in the banking sector, where loans and mortgage processing are automated to create a centralized data network and help consumers. This trend will continue to grow across all industries.

AnyWhere Operations

What Is That?

Anywhere operations is a business model that allows employers, customers, and business partners to access and share data and processes outside of a corporate network. Provides reliable and secure access to documentation regardless of location. This model is built using XR tools, analytics, cloud, and edge infrastructure, secure remote access, and automation.

What Are The Benefits?

Anywhere operations improve collaboration between employers and customers. Companies have had to adapt in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, allowing employees to work remotely. This trend is likely to remain, and therefore, the need for companies to embrace Anywhere operations will be critical throughout 2021. By digitizing business processes now, companies can be confident that processes can run smoothly in the event of further restrictions. Without the backdrop of the pandemic, Anywhere operations offer employees greater freedom to work, enable 24/7 global support for customers and increase the availability of business services.

Which Sectors Will It Affect?

Due to the pandemic, the vast majority of industries are already evaluating the advantages of anywhere operations, and to this end, technologies and security are improving. Even in sectors where workers cannot work from homes, such as education, healthcare, and construction, this technological trend can still benefit some specific tasks. While these industries will return to their normal work environments after the pandemic, the benefits gained from online teaching and telemedicine may continue in the future.

Zero Trust

What Is That?

Zero trust is a security concept that requires all users, both internal and external to an organization, to be authenticated, authorized, and validated on a network before gaining access. To achieve this higher level of security, technologies such as multi-factor authentication, identity and access management, and next-generation endpoint security are being used as early as 2021.

What Are The Benefits?

Zero trusts allows for a more flexible and agile way of working. The successful implementation of Zero Trust is necessary to ensure effective security that makes many of the technology trends discussed above possible. It also allows companies to contextualize the users and resources to gain access to an important database for remote workers and complex IT environments that support unmanaged devices on the IoT. Now that people work at home, there are other threats in that environment. So in today’s world where people no longer work in the office, Zero Trust is even more critical and perhaps for some time to come.

Which Sectors Will It Affect?

Zero trust and the security benefits it offers will be essential for all industries on the move. Industries or companies that neglect to implement such a rigorous approach to security will likely face the consequences of this as technology and security risks advance, as implementing such a system requires time, resources, and money. However, many industries are already embracing this trend, particularly those dealing with large amounts of sensitive data such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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