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How Email Marketing Is A Big Part Of Digital Marketing

Success in a business enterprise depends on quite a lot on digital marketing. Whether you are a small or big business, you need to have a strong marketing strategy to stay afloat in the competitive market.

Are you finding it difficult to manage digital marketing?

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In this article, we are going to discuss the significance that Email marketing holds for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is highly important when it comes to connecting with consumers online.

Gone are the days when companies were spending primarily on offline channels. So is digital marketing no less than a revolution?

If you really think that you want to keep your business only on the periphery of local buyers and sellers, then you could stick to offline marketing.

But if you want your business to grow, then believe us, you need to shun the traditional marketing medium and shift to digital marketing.

With digital marketing, you are able to get advantages like:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Expansion
  • Multimedia
  • Influential engagement

Email Marketing

This is a highly powerful marketing channel through which you are to promote your business products to the customers.

Through email, you are going to send personalized information on product and service development to your audience.

Personalized ways of buying and selling products have always been liked and favored by the users. This is favored over other marketing channels.

Facts and Stats

Let’s go through some facts and stats to understand the efficacy of email marketing.

  • An average of 306.4 billion emails were sent and received in the year 2020.
  • Around 89% of marketers use email marketing to generate leads for their business.
  • Nearly 93% of marketers use the email market as the most effective channel for marketing.
  • Even 72% of consumers prefer email as the most effective channel for business communication.
  • The ROI on email marketing is 4200%.

It is therefore understood that email marketing is highly effective for marketers.

Reasons Why Email Marketing Holds Importance

The success of Email marketing is not unknown to people; presently, around 34% of the people around the world use email. Best digital marketing agencies in India suggest email marketing as the main method of engaging with your audience. Powerful newsletter and email strategy can increase your sales drastically

This comprises 2.5 billion people, and that’s a massive figure. From the point of view of marketers, that’s a huge playing ground, to say the least. So let’s find out the reasons why Email marketing holds importance.

1. It’s More Effective Than Social Media

Though a slight back data (marketer, March 2016), it is a registered fact that email marketing is slightly better compared to even social media.

Around 81% of the respondents agreed that they banked on email marketing when it comes to retention. This figure is higher than figures for social media (59%). So here email marketing is far ahead in this section.

2. Cost-Effective

Email marketing is highly cost-effective when it comes to customer reach.

In a joint study conducted by Forrester Research and Shop.org it is found that 85% of the retailers banked on email marketing compared to marketing via TV, Radio, and other marketing channels.

3. Personal And Customizable

When it comes to email marketing, it is highly personal and customizable. Buyers like personal and customizable offers.

This is managed best through email marketing. Business enterprises generate 58% of their revenues from segmented and targeted emails.

4. Action-Oriented

Email marketing is highly action-oriented. This is the reason why small and medium-scale businesses are using email marketing.

You need to know that emails are highly transactional in nature. It can be used to generate direct traffic to your website. This drives sales.

5. Checking The Emails Constantly

Millions of people are using smartphones today. This helps them constantly check the mail. Therefore it is identified through the study that email is highly effective when it comes to reaching.


In order to conclude, it can be said that your business continuity needs to make the best use of email marketing to develop a better relationship with customers.

It is also understood through the study that email marketing provides advantages compared to the traditional medium of marketing.

That is why companies are exploiting email marketing to leverage business gains. No matter why email marketing turns out to be a big part of digital marketing.

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