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How To Convert 4K MOV Video To MP4 Format? Also Know About The Features WinX Video Converter

Suppose you are clueless about how to convert MOV videos to MP4 videos. Then do not worry. We have come up with excellent WinX HD Video Converter software that quickly convert MOV to MP4 format.

Winx video converter is a Windows-compatible software and is very simple to use. The most fantastic thing is downloading the WinX video converter for free.

Why Do You Need a WinX Video Converter?

WinX video converter has over 400 conversion profiles, and you will be able to convert MOV videos into desired file formats without sacrificing the video quality. You can watch the converted videos on any device of your choice.

It may not be possible to watch MOV videos on Windows-based devices. It is because MOV files are compatible with the QuickTime Movie Player. Also, MOV files run on Apple devices like iPad and iPhone, whereas you may face complexities with Windows-based devices like Mac or PC.

Apple brand users find it fun to capture and play MOV videos on their devices, but Windows users find it complicated playing on them. So, WinX is the right solution for converting MOV files into MP4 formats and playing them on any device. It creates high-quality videos, and this software is freely available on many websites.

It is undoubtedly an essential software because someday, you may need to convert MOV video files to MP4 format. You need a WinX video converter because you cannot play MOV files on Windows Media Player and Android phones. So you need the converter. Furthermore, MOV files are large and occupy a lot of space. You may also face playback errors while playing them.

With WinX HD Video converter, you can reduce the size of huge 4K Mov files by up to 90%, thus making way for easy sharing of converted videos in good quality.

WinX HD Video converter occupies the top spot among the other video converters in the market. It has unique Level-3 hardware acceleration, an excellently performing Engine, and is compatible with a wide range of file formats.

It operates as a GPU-accelerated 4K/HD video converter. With WinX HD Video Converter, you can convert MOV to MP4 format at a 47X real-time fast speed.

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What Are The Main Features And Advantages Of WinX Video Converter?

  • With the help of WinX Video Converter, converting MOV files into MP4 files is very quick and easy as it is a GPU accelerated video converter. After the conversion, the quality of the file is not lost and stays the same.
  • WinX Video Converter reduces the file size of a MOV video by up to 90% without affecting the quality, which is a fantastic feature not found in other video converters.
  • WinX Video Converter is supported in Windows 10 OS and below to get a good experience. Third-party plugins are not required to convert video into more than 200 formats.
  • WinX Video converter software is available in English and Chinese languages and is accessible worldwide.
  • With WinX Video Converter, you can create videos using the previously available footage. You can trim and crop big video clips into small sections and systematically merge them to create a story.
  • You can also set video parameters and add subtitles. WinX is a perfect choice for short filmmakers.
  • You can make changes or rectify unnecessary details of a clip. You can correct the images or videos that are upside-down to the correct position.
  • If you want to make videos from the photos taken, WinX Video Converter quickly does the job. This converter is best for downloading and converting YouTube videos. It can convert 4K/HD to MP4, HEVC, H.264, MKV, MOV AVI WMV MPEG, etc.
  • It has a user-friendly interface. Both inexperienced and skilled users can use the Video converter without any difficulty.
  • You can convert MOV into MP4 at 47x faster processing speed. It uses Level-3 hardware acceleration to decode, process, and encode large 4K/1080p or high-frame video at no.1 fast speed.

How to convert MOV videos to MP4 files with WinX Video Converter?

Many video converters are available in the market that vary in features and performance. Some software works faster than others with better quality output or additional settings. In such terms, we recommend a WinX HD Video converter that converts MOV videos at lightning speed without compromising on the quality of the video.

WinX HD Video Converter is one of the best converters with features like Level-3 Hardware acceleration, a high-quality engine, and compatibility with many devices.

You can convert a video in four simple steps by using this brilliant WinX Video Converter software. The process is easy and quick.

Step 1: Download and install WinX MOV to MP4 converter for free

Download the newly released edition of WinX MOV to MP4 converter for free on your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Upload the video files you want to convert

After the installation process is done, open the application and click on ‘+Video’ to import the video file.

Step 3: Select the preferred output format

Select the output format you want to convert the MOV video from the automatically popped up screen. ‘MOV, MP4, AVI, MP3, iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android (default), Xbox One, or PS4.’

Choose the desired format and click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 4: Start the conversion

If you want to specify the output folder destination, Click “Browse.” If you want to convert the video, immediately tap, ‘Run.’


Several MOV to MP4 converters are available in the market that converts MOV to MP4, but the best and most recommended software is the WinX HD Video Converter.

It can convert videos at 47x times faster speed, supports over 400 video formats, and is compatible with mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. So, we suggest you download WinX Video Converter for converting MOV to MP4 for easy editing, storing, and sharing of the videos.

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