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How To Make An Effective Construction Site Installation Plan?

The site installation plan, or PIC, is an elementary document in the progress of structural works in the building. Indispensable both for obtaining required authorizations and the site’s organization, the building PIC is established at the start of the work. What is a site installation plan and what is its purpose? Who writes it? What’s in it? And how to make an effective site installation plan? Answer in this article.

What is a site installation plan?

Definition of PIC

The site installation plan is a document that brings together all the information relating to the development and location of the site. It is an essential element for preparing a building site and for the smooth running of the work. It is established upstream of construction from a ground plan.

The PIC designates the location of all the equipment and fixed elements necessary to carry out the work. Are indicated on the PIC BTP:

  • The construction equipment (cranes, lifts, loaders, bulldozers);
  • The storage of site waste and collection bins;
  • The areas planned for the storage of materials;
  • Common areas for welcoming and resting workers.

Note that the information appearing on the site installation plan is supplemented by reading the CCAP and CCTP (special technical clauses).

What is it used for?

The PIC is, first of all, a user from a legal point of view since it is used to obtain administrative authorizations in terms of safety and hygiene from town halls and police prefectures. The latter is, in fact, compulsory for the installation of the structure, in particular, to install construction machinery in the public space in a safe manner.

But the site installation plan also plays a vital role in the organization of the construction site.

Thus, it makes it possible to optimize the space available within its various zones and, therefore, the site’s overall layout. By ensuring the proper planning of the site, the PIC maximizes the operations of the interveners while minimizing the complications causing delays in deliveries and additional costs.

Finally, the PIC is sometimes included in the companies’ application files during the call for tenders phase. In this case, it will serve as a reference document in the project price study and, therefore, a commercial argument to support the contractor’s proposal.

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What must appear on the site installation plan?

The PIC is therefore used to prepare a building site. Regarding its content, it must include as much information as possible on the natural and technical state of the site and the layout of the equipment.

Below are the main elements to find on a site installation plan .

The background plan

The background plan forms the basis of the building ICP. It consists of 2 types of projects:

  • The topographical plan of the land on which the structure is built, in other words, the visualization of natural reliefs, altitudes, water points, etc.
  • The ground plan is the graphic representation of the construction project (the buildings and the elements to be constructed).


The site installation plan must materialize the energy distribution and connection networks. This includes electricity, wastewater and drinking water, gas, telephone, and internet networks. This data is most often found at the town hall or directly with the network manager concerned.

The identity of the plan will in the first place to avoid damage during construction. It is also the means of assessing whether it is necessary to request prior authorizations from network distributors.

The base of life

The base of life represents all the places planned to receive the workers who will intervene on the site. We are thinking here of sanitary facilities, offices, refectory and changing rooms, and any other valuable project management area. In general, the base of life is placed near the entrance and outside the overflight sector of the lifting devices.

Namely: to comply with the regulations, the base must meet specific characteristics and dimensions. There are thus 1.25m2 / person for mess rooms and changing rooms, a sink for 10 users, and a urinal/cabinet for 20. The movement corridors between the shelters must be covered to protect workers against bad weather.

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Storage areas

It is also essential to indicate on the site installation plan the storage areas for equipment and materials. This is an excellent way to ensure that they respect safety distances and do not interfere with traffic flow.

For each element, its nature and the surface used should be specified. It is also necessary to include the prefabrication and reinforcement stations and the location of the concrete batching plant, rubble dumpsters and signs.

Lifting means

The location of the various lifting devices (cranes, forklifts, goods lifts, etc.) used for the construction must be clearly represented.

The fences

All types of panels, palisades, and other wire fences and steel trays delimiting the work must appear on the PIC BTP. Note their height and dimensions and the access points for entering and leaving the site (gate, gate, etc.)

Traffic flows

The site PIC must indicate the pedestrian traffic flows to be set up from one place to another, for example, from the living area to the work area. For the safety of workers, these paths must be fitted out and secured against falls on the same level and interactions with machinery.

At the same time, it is also necessary to show the traffic of construction vehicles (in compliance with the highway code), parking areas, and evacuation points. The installation of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings may be necessary to control the intersection of flows.

Environmental management

Sustainable development and environmental management are increasingly important issues on building sites. This is why all the means put in place for this purpose must appear on the site installation plan. This is understood to mean waste sorting areas, storage areas for polluting materials, and wastewater treatment.

Sections and general elevation

Finally, the PIC must mention the altitude and the height of the various installations of the work, whether they are buildings and facades, cranes, concrete mixers, or trees. It must show as many sections as possible, in other words, a vertical view of the elements.

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