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How To Optimize Your Facebook Pixel? Our Ten Tips To Follow

The Facebook pixel can be very useful for e-commerce stores. It consists of placing a plugin (which is similar to a cookie) on your site. This tracker makes it possible to retarget visitors in a remarketing strategy. Thanks to this identification, you also measure the effectiveness of your ads. We share with you our ten tips for making the most of it and not missing out on the potential of this powerful tool.

Check That The Pixel Works

First step: creating and installing the pixel. Developers will tell you it’s nothing complicated because it’s all about pasting a piece of code on your site. For most novices, use our article on installing the Facebook pixel, which accompanies you with pedagogy. Next, it’s important to make sure the pixel is installed correctly.

What Should I do? You only need to install the Facebook Pixel Helper tool Chrome extension. Next, you need to go to the webpage where the pixel was placed. The extension then detects the pixels installed on the page and tells you if they are correctly implemented. If no pixel is detected by the tool or an error message appears, it means the pixel is not installed correctly.

Have An Overview

When installing the pixel, the most common mistake is only to put this plugin on the homepage of your website. We advise you to implement it on each page to monitor the pages or elements that bring you conversion closely. Therefore, by collecting all the round trip data on your site, you will have all the cards to adjust your ads on Facebook best. The pixel follows the Internet user who has left your site and solicits him on a product or a page that would have aroused his interest through an advertisement on a famous social network.

Be “Mobile-First”

From now on, the mobile will become the first way to search and purchase. Practices have changed profoundly over the past year. Therefore, if you have a separate mobile website, we also strongly recommend placing the Facebook pixel on that site.

Track Events

Standard occasions are a high-level element of the new Facebook pixel. It would be best to place events on the pages important to your business. From then on, you will be able to follow your customers’ path until the act of purchase. To do this, you need to install a standard event code. Then, you just have to communicate about your event: promotion on your e-commerce store. From then on, the Facebook pixel does the rest and follows your user. By studying the data, you will finally be able to conclude to measure the results of your advertisements and optimize the conversions that are most interesting to you.

Standard events have another advantage. You can exceed the limit of 20 custom conversions. These are linked to a URL that links to a thank you or confirmation page. For events, conversions can be tracked by adding a line of code to the page in question. You then have nine types of conversion. Concretely, this consists of placing a line of code on the page on which you want to track conversions. They measure nine actions: display content, search, add to cart, add to wishlist, initiate a payment, add payment information, make a purchase, lead, and complete registration.

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Choose Optimization

We recommend setting your business goal based on the current business state. For example: if you want to sell online, but the conversion is still low, it is a question of working on the previous action. In this case, it would be the add-to-cart. The Facebook pixel, therefore, allows you to measure the impact of your advertisements properly.

Expand And Personalize Your Audience Pool

Website Custom Audiences from Facebook consist of retargeting visitors to your site. To expand your audience pool, we recommend for qualified traffic that you choose “similar audiences” to serve your ads. In addition, you can also choose to target specific groups of people precisely using the data collected via the Facebook pixel.

This tracker allows you to identify the pages that have been visited, those that have not been, or even the time of the visit. Thus, you will be able to determine e-buyer profiles. Please note that this social network – including via the Facebook pixel – does not allow us to target a particular visitor. But targeting website Custom Audiences based on common behavior is a real lever. The period for tracing visitors is between 1 and 180 days.

Calculate Your ROI

The return on investment is an interesting point of the Facebook pixel. You can now assess the profitability of your Facebook ads by adding conversion value.

How Does It Work?

For example, if 30 sales were generated, you will have the information on the amount generated. This allows you to compare your other advertisements and the amounts they have procured. We recommend that you make a conversion comparison depending on whether the purchase was made via mobile or desktop.

Opt For Dynamic Advertising

If you have a catalog of products, we recommend that you set up dynamic advertisements. Facebook allows advertisers to run cross-product ads. Thanks to the Facebook pixel, they target visitors who have visited your site, particularly product pages. It is also possible to target Internet users who have purchased an item and thus suggest an accessory that could complement it. Be sure to choose all the products you want to promote.

Configure your audience, budget, placement, and schedule. Finally, choose the advertising format: carousel, single image, or collection. Additionally, dynamic product ads become eligible for Audience Network. You can reach new audiences on other mobile apps with Facebook’s mobile ad network.

E-commerce: Easily Access The Facebook Pixel

Your site was likely created on an e-commerce platform if you offer online sales. The social networking giant has facilitated the installation of the Facebook pixel on Shopify, but also Magento or BigCommerce. The creation of a catalog of products and the distribution of dynamic advertisements will be done easily.

Get Help From A Digital Marketing Agency

Not sure how to install a Facebook pixel? Or, you have implemented the plugin, but using all the data collected is difficult. Given the real return on investment that the Facebook pixel represents, we recommend going through a digital marketing agency to optimize your ads if you know how to exploit it. Why not us? The Power Trafic agency is certified to manage advertisements on social networks, particularly on Facebook. Our experts are skilled strategists and master the Facebook pixel at their fingertips. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects.

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