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How To Sell More Using Social Networks

Social networks are increasingly important in promoting your company and, consequently, in sales. Consumers are increasingly aware and informed, but not only that, they increasingly get tired of being overwhelmed by rivers of advertising, both on TV and on the phone. It is, therefore, necessary to adapt to the new needs of those who can still be considered potential customers. Advertising on social media, free and paid, is the new winning weapon for those who want to make themselves known and develop a network of relationships with their target and with other professionals.

Conscious Consumers Are Still Potential Customers

Why do I start right here? Because the concept that consumers are tired of being bombarded by advertising (which is true) and that selling a product or service is increasingly tricky is spreading more and more. Even if all these things are true, remember that consumers have needs and problems to solve. Selling is always possible. You have to change your strategy and not bet everything on the old advertising concept, but for example, invest in advertising on social networks and the web in general.

Social Networks, The New Advertising Challenge, Is On The Web

How often have you been at a meeting with a client, at your friend’s wedding, or at your child’s school interview and heard the phone ring? Answer and tac! Call the center with the operator who wants to give you the product of the moment. It could be more pleasant, and you certainly end the call more or less politely, depending on your situation. These constant calls unnerve me, too, as I no longer tolerate TV commercials (here I solved it by using only Netflix).

The majority of consumers think the same as we do. But advertising can still be done. It means that it must be done differently, adapted to current times and rhythms, and by exploiting the most effective channels. The new (and by now almost old) frontier of advertising is on the web, on social networks in particular, as evidenced by all the investments that companies make in Facebook Ads and that they had made in Google Ads even before. To effectively promote your business, you need to do Social Selling activities.

Social Selling, What It Is And How To Do It

Don’t let these words fool you. Social Selling doesn’t mean you have to sell through social networks. Social Selling means preparing our potential customers for sale, creating a terrain to “cultivate” to prepare our target buyer personas for the purchase. The point of it all is that people are always in a hurry. If you’re selling a new business phone plan to a company, you can only show up in the blue or call asking for the manager.

If you’re not a well-known person, they’ll stand you down, and you’ll end up like the sales rep who goes around with the 24-hour service for a meager commission and a non-existent landline. Making yourself known on social media, on the other hand, is much easier. You can create a community, interact with users, and directly get in touch with many potential customers and relate personally with them. Remember, today’s consumers increasingly need to know that they are dealing with a person, not a cold brand. Let’s see which are the best social networks where to create engagement with your target audience.


Indeed Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, followed by Instagram. One social network may be more suitable than another, depending on the business you need to advertise.

Starting from Facebook, what is needed is a company page. Here you will have to enter helpful information to get to know your company, photos, and posts that capture users’ attention.

Facebook, including its paid ads, is an excellent social network to promote your business, study a good strategy, and invest your resources to the maximum. However, I advise you to contact a team of professionals to acquire customers only if necessary. A good showcase, therefore, and a virtual space where you can make your brand and those working there known.


Another exciting social network, as I have already told you, is Instagram. Here you have to focus everything on the images and the enhancement of the brand. Branding is essential to let your target know what products or services you offer, their quality, and the professionalism with which you offer them. Again the resource potential is very high.


Finally, there is Linkedin, a social network that is often little known or thought to be just a showcase for uploading one’s curriculum vitae. Nothing is wrong. Linkedin is the perfect place to network, where you can interact not only with a profiled target but also with other professionals, thus developing an excellent network of B2B relationships.

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