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How To Successfully Sell Products On Instagram?

How do I sell my product using Instagram?” I think it’s safe to assume that you stumbled across this article because you want to gain authority in your niche and sell your products or services. Through this article, we will see the different methods to sell on Instagram.

Set up a sales funnel to sell on Instagram

The sales funnel, or sales funnel the process by which potential customers are guided through a series of offers via automated sales pages, videos, and emails that will essentially make the sale for you.

The main thing is to make your brand, products, or services known to as many people as possible.

This awareness can be done through social media posts, podcasts, Facebook ads, etc. From there, you can make offers for your products or services. But remember that a great product or service means nothing if you fail to capture people’s attention and convert them into customers.

When you have a unique product or service, you can promote your offering and make a few sales, but it’s a whole different world when you have a funnel. Not only do you generate income from the first product, but you also generate income from the products that come after the first sale. With a funnel, you can double your income with the same number of customers. In other words, you don’t need more clients to make more money.

For example, if I sell a t-shirt for 5 euros to 20 people, I can earn 100 euros in total. If I offer these same 20 customers a product for 50 euros after buying the t-shirt, and only two of them buy it (10%), I have earned extra euros. I just doubled my money with the same number of clients.

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Upselling to sell for even more

All it takes is a funnel that converts, and then you can grow your business extremely quickly. For a funnel to convert, however, you need to understand how to use upselling.

An upsell is the offer you make after someone has purchased an initial product/service. For example, when you go to McDonald’s to order a cheeseburger, you are usually asked, “Do you want fries with that? It’s an upsell!

What you might not do for most people, or what you can do wrong with upsell, is when you try to sell the same product with slightly the same value. This may not work, and you will end up “confusing” your audience.

For example, when you offer a coach for € 500 and try to sell your program for more for € 1,500. Most of the time, it doesn’t work. This is because your audience will perceive the information as you try to sell the same thing to the customer. Therefore, you need to create a new upsell offering that showcases the next solution they need while still staying in the same core.

It is essential to view upselling offers as added value, rather than asking, “How can I sell something else? Each product or service will bring a different skill or experience while remaining focused on meeting the basic needs of your customers. At first, you will ask yourself, “What’s the first solution my clients need to achieve their goals? This will be your first product offering.

From there, you’ll want to think about the following solution your customer needs to get the results they want. This will be your first upselling offer. You can continue with the process and include a second upsell offer if you wish, but you’ll just want to ensure the product line stays consistent with your customer’s basic needs.

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Develop sales on Instagram

We will now discuss the different methods that you can use to grow your business and increase your sales. There are three techniques that I know best to help you start selling on Instagram; there are three of them:

Create a product line

If you want to grow your business, you will need multiple product offerings. That being said, you don’t want just to create a bunch of random products. Instead, you want to create a suite of products. A product suite is a collection of connected products or services that offers a comprehensive solution for all of your customers’ needs.

Apple is an example of a company that offers a suite of products.

Apple customers want a superior experience and products that are easy to use, and Apple’s products reflect that desire. iPhones, iPods, laptops, watches, headphones, etc. Apple products are all premium products that are easy to use and make for a perfect product line. What Apple offers is a complete solution for its customers.

If you only offer one product or service, you are leaving money on the table. By building a suite of products and using upselling, you can dramatically increase your income.

Obtain customers through marketing and advertising

By getting more clients or consumers through marketing and advertising, you can acquire new clients consistently and predictably. The three central marketing + advertising techniques are:

  • Content Marketing: This includes organic social media content, YouTube and other video content, blogs, podcasts, etc.
  • Influencer Marketing: This is when you pay influencer people in your niche to promote your products or services.
  • Social media advertising: These include, for example, ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, etc.

The point is, if you want to grow and grow, you have to invest in your business. This is where the funnels come in. By incorporating the funnels into your business model, you can immediately recoup the money you spent on content marketing, influencer marketing, and advertising in companies. Social media.

You can achieve this by acquiring customers or leads for free through sales from your first funnel. Once you have these customers or prospects on your email list, you can promote whatever other product or service you have.

Essentially, whatever happens, after that first funnel is profit. The goal is to get as many customers as possible free of charge to grow your business as quickly as possible. This is exactly what I recommend you do.

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Increase average order value

The last scaling technique we’ll talk about is increasing the average order value. It just means that you are increasing the average amount a new customer spends on your products or services when they go through your funnel. No matter what stage you are in your business, at some point, you may find it difficult to generate more customers or consumers.

Either your marketing and advertising are starting to level off, or you just can’t take on new customers if you offer a service. The question then arises: “How can I continue to develop my business if I am short of customers or of the means to satisfy them? This is where the average order value comes in. For example, let’s say you have a product for $ 10, and someone buys it. This customer is then worth 10 euros.

On the other hand, if you offer a product for 100 € as an upsell, and the same customer also buys it, it is no longer worth only 10 €, but 110 €. If you offer multiple upsells, you will have customers who won’t buy anything, others who will only buy one product, and still others who might buy two (or even three) additional products. Overall, the amount spent will be average, and the goal is to increase that amount. So how exactly do you increase the average order value? There are two main ways:

Modify the price of your offer

You can increase the price of your first offer and/or subsequent sales, and this can increase your average order value. Conversely, you can lower the price of your first offer. It may seem counterintuitive at first glance, but this strategy can increase the conversion rate of customers who buy your upsell offers. In other words, if customers spend less on your initial offer, they may be more inclined to use their extra money for one or more of your upsells.

Increase the amount of deals in the funnel

Every time you can offer something more in your funnel, you will help increase your average order value. Just think about what else you can offer in your funnel to meet your customer’s additional needs (remember, you want to provide a total solution). You might be wondering now, “What are the different types of funnels that I can use to sell my products and services?”

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6 examples of Instagram sales funnels

Each of these products and services can be successfully sold through funnels. From Gabrielle Bernstein to Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, or even your e-commerce brand, all of them use funnels to sell their products and services.

If you’re unsure what kind of product you want to sell in your funnel, I’m here to help. I have listed the top six funnels below that can guide you to generate profit for your own business and suggest you choose one that matches your product/service and price point (as I describe it below).

To sell digital products

The ebook or white paper funnel is a powerful yet profitable tool for driving business growth through customer acquisition. This funnel can attract customers and immediately turn them into paying customers. This funnel is ideal for:

  • Anyone who sells digital products,
  • Generate a lot of customers.
  • Establish credibility and position yourself as an expert.

To make promotions

This funnel takes existing products and services and offers them at a discounted price for a short period. This process creates a sense of urgency for your customers and stimulates “impulse buying”. This workflow is best suited for:

  • Generate lots of customers and revenue in a short period
  • Promotion of products/services with a reduction of 50 to 95% over 48 to 72 hours

To generate memberships

The Membership Funnel is the journey you take to get your customers to sign up for a monthly membership. The goal of the Membership Funnel is to sell memberships and earn recurring revenue. These sales funnel workflow is best for:

  • Sell ​​subscriptions for 10 to 300 euros per month
  • Stabilize cash flow and create predictable revenue flow

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To promote a sales video

This unique funnel is fantastic for open-ended automated promotions (i.e., regular, long-lasting promotions) and selling products and services starting for $ 50 to $ 500. The video presentation funnel can acquire customers and leads via emails (you can follow up with these leads via emails if they don’t initially buy on the sales page, which will boost sales ). The video presentation funnel is ideal for:

  • The sale of products/services from 50 to 500 euros
  • Take advantage of open-ended automatic promotions that allow simultaneous sales
  • Create email lists

To register for a webinar

A webinar funnel is a process of inviting consumers to participate in a webinar. After providing valuable content, an offer should be made at the end of the webinar. The webinar funnel is the best way to do this:

  • The sale of products/services from 500 to 2,000 euros
  • Bring value to your prospects before asking them to invest in a product/service

To sell high-end products or services

A high-end sales funnel a sales system that causes customers to purchase a more expensive product or service. High-priced sales funnels require a more hands-on approach to gain your prospect’s trust. This workflow is the best for this type of sales funnel:

  • Sell ​​expensive products / services for 2,000 to 20,000 euros
  • Generate profits for your business

Most other online business models require you to build an audience first, which usually takes time. Soon after incorporating funnels into your business, you will see a steady increase in your income and hopefully that of your customers. The “luxury” side of a profitable funnel is excellent, but what makes it all worth it is being able to work from home, spend time with family and loved ones. These amenities make a funnel invaluable, and I hope that by sharing this with you, you too can enjoy the finer things in life.

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