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How To Throw A Virtual Company Party Your Team Will Love

Company parties are one of many ways to enhance workforce interaction and build a solid team. People who work in various departments of your organization can meet and have fun while creating connections.

Planning company events and parties require research and collaboration from stakeholders to make it a memorable experience. The pandemic restrictions disrupted components such as physical attendance when organizing company parties.

As an alternative, virtual platforms have become a fallback plan to host affordable events for companies. Your workforce can interact and exchange ideas online while working toward achieving your company goals. Those leaving your organization can also enjoy company-organized events, which means finding farewell party ideas for coworkers.

Are you looking for ways to throw a virtual company party that your team will love? Find out below.

1. Select A Steering Committee

The initial stage of planning a virtual event is critical and requires a team to brainstorm viable ideas for the company party. Invite your workforce to suggest steering committee members who can undertake event planning roles.

Once formed, the team decides what content to present in the virtual party and the modalities for making it unforgettable. It’s a foundational stage that pulls resources together to ensure the event is successful. So, the committee can distribute tasks to each member and give deadlines for completion.

2. Elect A Master Of Ceremony

Similar to physical company parties, a master of ceremony or host coordinates activities done at the party. You want to pick someone who is friendly and can make the virtual party lively. In addition, they can follow up on issues regarding the upcoming company event.

Typically, the human resource department takes the role since they handle various departmental matters. So, the committee should decide who can spearhead the company’s virtual party.

3. Budget

Budgets are crucial for organizing any company event, whether physical or virtual. It allows you to factor in incentives and rewards for best-performing team members and those leaving your organization.

Moreover, you’re better positioned to determine the attendance list and what gifts- virtual or physical- to prepare beforehand. You can share the budget in detail with the accounts office to fast-track the approval process. So, it is critical to create a comprehensive budget and have the steering committee review it before presenting it for approval.

4. Get A Theme For The Party

Company parties and events are closely related to an organization’s business goals. Themed parties allow attendees to be creative, and it’s a marketing opportunity for the company.

Therefore, you must first review your audience and the company policies and goals and merge them as you plan your virtual party. In addition, research ways to integrate fun activities such as gamification that promote audience contribution. Your audience can share probable themes for you or simply use the calendar holidays to provide guidelines.

5. Determine A Virtual Platform

There’s an influx of virtual platform companies that provide services to host events online. You can choose one depending on the participant’s preferences or accessibility. For instance, zoom is a popular platform that’s available around the world and accommodates many participants.

Also, you must be mindful of the cost implications of hosting company parties using the virtual platform. Look at the available features that can influence the party mood, options to enhance human interaction online, and excellent audio-visual settings.

6. Share The Party Agenda

It’s critical to prepare a schedule for the party and share it with your committee to review. It’s an opportunity to edit the content of your virtual party and ensure that it conforms with everyone on board.

You can simulate the actual party and eliminate information gaps that may occur before that actual event. Outline everyone’s role and responsibilities, identify the hosts and activities at each stage, and back up the presentation in the cloud.

7. Invite Attendees

Send out the invitations early to help you prepare for the main event. It’ll give your attendees time to plan and respond promptly to your invitation. Considering the attendees’ location, you’ll also have a gross period to determine the most suitable time for the virtual meeting.

Moreover, you can opt for a virtual platform that fits your organization, whether small, medium, or large. So, ensure to send invitations two weeks in advance and set a reminder days before the party.

Final Thoughts

Throwing a virtual company party can be challenging if you don’t have a plan. Overlooking crucial functions such as virtual platform features can significantly impact the party’s experiences. So, ensure that you communicate to stakeholders what to expect, allocate appropriate time for the event, and outline the activities set for the virtual party. You must research within your organization and consider the attendees’ preferences when populating content for the event.

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