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Jankari00.com: Best Online Portal To Find Jobs

Government Sector Jobs in India are much in demand because of lots of perks, allowances and mainly for job security. Getting a Government Job is tough because of the high population and competition. Although getting into a job in the private sector is much easier than in the government sector, one has to face job insecurity combined with a heavy workload.

This is why many people are interested in getting a job in the public sector. There are so many jobs available in different fields of the government sector. The government releases advertisements for these vacancies from time to time. There are various qualifications required for these jobs such as educational background, age, particular skill and experience.

People who are new to these government exams find it difficult to gather all this information about various exams. Here Jankari00.com makes this task easier for both new and experienced aspirants. This website provides all this information about various government exams on one platform.

You can find the latest news, circulars, and advertisements regarding government vacancies. This website keeps the users informed about employment news and many job vacancies in the government sector.

Jankari00.com specializes in gathering news and updates about various government job openings. If you are an aspirant of a government job, this website will surely help you in finding the opportunities. Jankari00.com is a privately owned website.

You can go through this website without any charge. It has an user-friendly interface which helps even new users to browse the content easily. By using this website, people can find their desired job vacancies without much effort.

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What Is Jankari00.com?

It is an amazing online platform that provides valuable details on various government exams. It provides information and the latest news and updates regarding the government exams. You can find the new job opportunities here as this website provides timely updates.

It provides the details on the exams like IBPS, SBI PO, SSC exams, UPSC exams and RBI exams. You will get the details about all these exams on Jankari00.com. Besides these exams, this website also helps users to know about the latest openings in the government sector. You can find a brief explanation of the job and can obtain the remaining details without any charge of fee.

Apart from providing information on government openings, you can also get guidance about the dates, syllabus for the exam, how to apply for the exam and important study plans to gain the job. This website is free and people can access all these details very easily.

If you are interested in getting a government job or preparing for government exams, you can bookmark this website as it is very helpful to get all the details under one website. You need not worry about the privacy or any security issues as it is a very secure website and is safe to use.

How To Use Jankari00.com?

Jankari00.com is well-designed and user-friendly. People of all different ages can use this website easily. You can open this website on your laptops, mobiles, and tablets as it is easily accessible from any device. Follow the below steps to use Jankari00.com:

  1. Visit the jankari00.com website.
  2. You will find lots of details on different government exams.
  3. You can find different sections on this website such as bank recruitment, police recruitment, UPSC recruitment, and government jobs.
  4. Click on your interested exam and you will get all the latest information about that exam.
  5. You can browse this website whenever you are free from any kind of device.

Jankari00.com Provides Information on Following Exams Below

1. Railway Exams

Indian Railways provides a lot of opportunities to join their sector. Securing a job in this field is a dream for so many people. The notifications and important information released by the Railway Recruitment Board can be easily accessed through the Jankari00.com website.

2. Bank Exams

Another popular job among the aspirants of government exams is Bank Jobs. IBPS, SBI and other private banks release various advertisements regarding the vacancies in banks. Aspirants can get all the details of these vacancies from different banks under one platform. Jankari00.com allows users to access all this information on their website.

3. Police Recruitment Exams

The website provides details about various Police Recruitment Exams happening in the country. People who want to secure a job in the Police Department can get the details of several Police job vacancies according to their qualifications on Jankari00.com.

4. UPSC Recruitment Exams

These are some of the most desired and popular exams among the aspirants. You can get data on various advertisements regarding the vacancies that are released by the UPSC on Jankari00.com. Not only this, the website also provides information regarding the exams conducted by the State PSCs.

5. Government Jobs

Besides all the above, Jankari00.com provides data on several government exams such as Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exams, High Court Exams and Regulatory Bodies Exams. This website also provides links to the users to directly apply for these exams.

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Best Features of Jankari00.com

1. Latest information

On Jankari00.com you will get all the latest details regarding government exams. You can apply directly for your desired job by using the link that is provided on this website. You can simply rely on this website as it provides you with detailed information. Jankari00.com is updated regularly and users will get the notifications related to the exam on the registered mobile number or registered email address.

2. Easy to navigate

Jankari00.com is easy to use. When you click on the website link it will automatically direct you to the homepage where you can get all the news about various government job openings. Based on your age, skills, and qualifications you can simply find a job opening according to your preference. Once you short listed the desired jobs, you can directly apply from the links that are provided on this website. This is one of the best job information websites for people who are in the process of job hunting. It is quite simple and easy to navigate.

3. Free to use

This is one of the best features of Jankari00.com. You need not spend a single penny to access the information on this website. Since it is free to use, many people use this website to get the details on their desired jobs.

4. User friendly interface

New users need not worry about how to use Jankari00.com. This website is well-designed and easy to use for all the users. Just with a little browsing, users can get all the details of the exams.

5. Secure website

Jankari00.com provides accurate information regarding the job openings. It is safe to use as it keeps the data of its users secure.

Advantages of Jankari00.com

  • It provides details of various job openings in the government sector.
  • It gives other important details such as strategies and study plans for the related exams.
  • You can access all this information easily from any place.
  • Jankari00.com is very efficient and convenient to use.
  • It provides timely updates and details related to the exams in the government sector.
  • People can access all the information about the exams under one single platform.


  • There is no guarantee that all the information provided on this website is true and accurate.

Best Alternatives of Jankari00.com

Apart from Jankari00.com which provides the details and updates on various exams, users can also use different other websites. There are so many alternatives for this kind of information.

If you are not convinced by the information provided on Jankari00.com, you can check and compare their material with other online websites. The best part about Jankari00.com is that it has a good reputation in the market.

These are some of the alternative websites of Jankari00.com:

  • Testbook.com
  • Naukari.com
  • Free job alert
  • Jagran josh
  • India today
  • Employment news
  • Sarkari Naukri blog
  • Job Sarkari


Jankari00.com is an excellent online source for aspirants who are seeking a job in the government sector. Users can get the updates, news, and information regularly. An authentic website makes all these things easy. As of now, there is no mobile app for Jankari00.com.

You have to visit the official website for the updates. It is easy to navigate through this website as it has a simple and user- friendly interface. It is one of the most popular websites to know about the opportunities in the government sector.

Whether it’s searching for opportunities in the government sector or needing some guidance on applying for these exams, Jankari00.com is a one-stop source for you.

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