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Magnifier To Use For Presentations With Windows

Use the Windows Magnifier to zoom content and highlight items on the screen. Anyone who, in the context of their professional activity, often has to show presentations using a Windows system knows very well the effort made to make elements that appear very small on the screen more easily readable by onlookers.

Lowering the screen resolution is never the solution: a system should always be used at its native resolution. Otherwise, you will get poorly defined images and certainly not up to the task.

For example, Windows 10 automatically increases zoom and font size on high DPI screens but leaves the best resolution supported by the system in use: DPI, what it means and how Windows 10 manages screens .

Regardless of the version used, Windows integrates the tool called Magnifier, which in Windows 10 can be reached quickly using the key combination Windows + (to close it, you can press Windows + ESC ). By acting on the settings and, for example, activating the Collapse Magnifier window to a floating transparent magnifier box, Windows will limit itself to showing an icon on the screen superimposed on the running applications.

In the article ” How to magnify the screen and the characters, ” the excellent free utility ZoomIt, which, compared to Magnifier, has the advantage of allowing you to draw directly on the screen to draw attention to an element or text. Both utilities are keyboard activated and have the common flaw of not being mouse friendly. To act as an intermediary between the magnifying glass of Windows or ZoomIt is the excellent free utility AeroZoom, which can be downloaded from this page.

AeroZoom links the combinations of the magnifying glass and ZoomIt keys to the use of the mouse: therefore, by holding down the left mouse button and then using the wheel, it will be possible to zoom in both directions . To reset the zoom and return to the standard display of the screen content, keep the left mouse button pressed and then press the wheel.

Simultaneously pressing the left and right mouse buttons will bring up the AeroZoom main menu containing a whole series of additional features. To use AeroZoom, extract all content to disk or SSD, then double-click the AeroZoom.exe file. By clicking the small Zoom button, you can request a direct download and use of ZoomIt instead of the Magnifier in Windows.

ZoomIt will be downloaded from the developer’s servers in its most up-to-date version. An excellent alternative if you have problems with the Windows magnifying glass (we have encountered them using virtual machines) or if you want to use the more advanced features of ZoomIt .When configuring AeroZoom to use ZoomIt, you will also find the Draw button, which allows you to draw directly on the screen.

Suppose you want to equip a PC that you want to control remotely with a remote control with an integrated touchpad. In that case, the answer comes from Unified Remote, a utility that is made up of two elements – a client module and a server module -: the ‘one to be installed on the system to be controlled, the other on the device to be used as a remote control.

Consider using an old Android smartphone as a remote control and take advantage of the advantages of the touch screen. When you decide to use a solution like Unified Remote, the important thing is to make sure that clients and servers are within the same local network (it doesn’t matter if the devices are connected to the router via Ethernet cable or WiFi connection).

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