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Phoning: A Tool For The Development Of Your Business

Phoning has been considered for years as a real lever for your business if it is mastered correctly. Having become an essential tool in the customer acquisition process, it is one of the many effective marketing techniques aimed at prospecting. To make this tool a formidable competitive advantage, it is essential to understand its different aspects and know how to succeed in your phoning strategy. To best help you, we will cover the following points:

  • What is business phoning?
  • Telephone prospecting, is the ideal tool to develop your business
  • Our advice for a successful phoning strategy

What Is Business Phoning?

Also known as “telephone prospecting,” phoning is the most important direct marketing activity. This strategy is often used for prospecting operations to publicize a commercial offer or expand its portfolio of qualified prospects.

Telephone Prospecting, Is The Ideal Tool To Develop Your Business

For a Company to grow as well as possible, it must be able to acquire new customers while ensuring a good return on investment. To fulfill these two objectives simultaneously, the most effective technique to date remains phoning, which can also be combined with other prospecting techniques. Let’s summarize the effectiveness of phoning in 4 main points:

A Low Cost

Telephone prospecting makes it possible to access a large number of prospects and to identify upstream projects, which facilitates the work of salespeople. During a phone call, you can identify, among other things, the interlocutor, the project, the timing and the budget. Salespeople are thus offered qualified appointments to focus on customer relations without wasting time. Thus, the phone makes it possible to increase sales and ensure profitable commercial missions.

A Technique Adapted To The Needs

Each action is unique and has a specific objective. It is important to adapt each of its missions according to the prospecting period, the time amplitudes or the team size. The phoning strategy offers this flexibility and adapts to the target’s objectives and key periods.

Direct Contact With The Right Person

Each call makes it possible to collect information on a prospect and thus identify a potential customer. By collecting this information, you better qualify these prospects and can then offer increasingly personalized calls. Indeed, the more you know your interlocutor, the more likely you will touch and convert them. You can thus adapt your speech and respond more readily to questions, breaks and remarks.

Quick Returns

Since the telephone allows you to prospect life, you also collect returns immediately. You know instantly if your prospect is potentially interested or not. This saves you wasted time and money, allowing you to continuously update your CRM and focus on prospects with demonstrated interest.

Our Advice For A Successful Phoning Strategy

Succeed In Your Internal Phoning Strategy

Making a phone call is not an easy task. The preparation is long, and it is essential to define your commercial strategy clearly. Here are some tips for successful internal phoning to guide you as best as possible. To ensure the success of your phoning, it is essential to prepare your strategy well. To do this, several key steps must be followed:

Define Your Objectives And Your Target

Knowing who you are talking to and for what purpose is essential. We advise you to define your objectives using the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Temporal).

As for your target, the best technique remains the creation of personas, that is, the typical representation of your target with their needs, expectations, habits, fears, etc.

Prepare Your CRM

A well-prepared and regularly updated CRM allows you not to waste time, be as organized as possible, and offer very personalized conversations. Do not hesitate to properly segment your personas and their stage in the customer journey.

Develop Call Scripts

A good teleoperator knows how to adapt the tone of the call and the vocabulary to his interlocutor. For this, it is essential to provide different phoning scripts, which will contain a panel of questions, answers, and a list of points to be addressed. Following defined scripts facilitates the collaborator’s work and allows him to be as efficient as possible.

Take Care Of Your Commercial Speech

An excellent commercial speech allows you to improve your prospecting and acquire new prospects more efficiently. For this, a few points to respect: use objective and logical expressions, dare to ask relevant questions, conduct research on contacts before calling them, use a calm, articulate and clear voice, banish overly technical terms and involve the interlocutor in the project.

Succeed In Telephone Prospecting By Outsourcing

Outsourcing its phoning strategy is a solution that many companies are turning to. Whether due to a lack of internal resources or to call on professionals in the business, using a contact center has many advantages in terms of the development of a Company:

A Lower Cost

Using a service provider allows you to avoid the recruitment box, which generates high costs. Between the search for candidates and the training, the budget can quickly become high. By outsourcing, you only pay for the service requested without additional costs. This allows you to manage your budget better.

More Flexibility

In addition to saving money, outsourcing benefits you from more flexibility. You can choose time slots that are outside your Company and vary the number of employees needed according to the size of your mission and the needs as they arise.

Industry Experts

By outsourcing your phoning, you entrust your mission to professionals in the field who have the necessary experience. In addition to this, the contact centers have quality computer equipment and the latest technologies. Significant advantages to increase your competitiveness. As you will have understood during your reading, phoning is a winning strategy in developing your business. In addition to offering many advantages, this strategy can be implemented internally and outsourced. Note that outsourcing is the solution for which many companies opt to increase their performance.

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