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Ramneek Sidhu – Young Digital Marketing Strategist | Owns Digital Kings Company

Ramneek Sidhu is a young digital marketing strategist and consultant born and brought up in Mohali, Punjab. Since childhood, he has been driven by a passion for creating something unique and making a difference in the competitive world. Thus, pursuing his passion and dreams, he launched a digital marketing company of his own, Digital Kings, in India and Dubai in 2016.

No one gets successful overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, dedication, and passion to reach high and becoming an achiever. It is a step-by-step process and doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye. Many successful stories are made out of life-changing lessons and transforming experiences. One such inspiring story is the life of Ramneek Sidhu, who became a successful digital marketing expert very young.

As a teenager, Ramneek Sidhu knew his passion and dream. He worked hard to make his dream come true with hard work, determination, 1planning, and consistency. Unlike many other kids, he was different from his childhood, always focused on bigger goals and greater achievements. Ramneek had the idea of establishing a digital marketing company in his 20s as he believed digital marketing plays a vital role in the world. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in CSE from Rayat Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology, Punjab. While studying engineering, he prepared a perfect plan for his future with great vision.

Ramneek’s dream company, Digital Kings, provides services like online promotions and maintaining social media accounts of world-famous personalities like sports stars, business professionals, and Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. The company provides services for top business brands and top influencers too. Ramneek Sidhu working strategy is unique and result-oriented. He designs and executes every plan with proper survey and required groundwork.

The plans of Ramneek Sidhu always become successful as he does a lot of groundwork. Ramneek believes in consistent hard work and a mind to learn new things always. He is a man of great vision and confidence. He is a role model to many present-day generation youths. His strategies are the benchmarks in the digital marketing world.

When Ramneek Sidhu was interviewed, he asked how he could work with the same confidence and passion he had in the beginning. Then he said, “I was quite confident and determined about my passion and what I wanted. Determination is like a moving train; it doesn’t stop for any reason until it reaches its destination. Every human needs to have this mentality of not stopping until something is achieved. There’ll be obstacles and roadblocks, but how we react to these obstacles will determine how far we’ll go on the road to success.”

Ramneek Sidhu has a unique working style, and he introduced many signature working strategies that created ripples in the digital marketing world. One of his strategies that left a benchmark for the upcoming digital marketing experts is by introducing personalized content, individual emails, products, etc. He also used social messaging platforms to send emails directly to the customer and to know the customer’s user experience. These impactful strategies brought successful outcomes.

The trustworthy ideas of Ramneek Sidhu are behind the success of many medium and small-scale companies. He brought them to the limelight through his insightful ideas, thus improving the sales. He provides services that satisfy the owner and the customer. He crafts ideas so that the customer develops complete trust in the product. He is known for making risky decisions even during the odd times and making them work out through thorough planning and timely implementation.

To those who believe that digital marketing is just a source to make money, Ramneek Sidhu proved that it is one of the most potent weapons that can make the tables turn in the business field. He established a brand for himself with hard work and dedication and created a reliable staff that worked like him. Great digital entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates are his inspiration.

Ramneek Sidhu clearly understands and analyzes the company’s requirements, finds the customer needs, and then derives a workable strategy. He hasn’t faced failure in his field as he works confidently and properly knows what he does. He is also planning to open another branch of the Digital Kings in Canada. He firmly believes that digital marketing will become the hotspot among other marketing strategies in the years to come.

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