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Refurbished MacBook: The Right Plan To Save Money

If you are a fan of the Apple brand, you know that Apple manufactures perfect computers but only sometimes affordable for all wallets. Some of us will turn to the second-hand market to save money, but this can be risky. Fortunately, sites like Okamac offer an exciting alternative: refurbished MacBooks.

Refurbished: The Best Alternative Between New And Used

If you want to own a MacBook without breaking the bank or taking the risk of buying a device that does not work or fails you after two months, the best solution is REFURBISHED.

Refurbished Or Used, What’s The Difference?

Unlike a second-hand device that will be sold to you as is, a refurbished MacBook is guaranteed to be 100% functional. It undergoes a battery of tests on multiple checkpoints, and defective parts are automatically replaced.

Refurbished products also have a warranty, and the only difference with a new product is then in the aesthetic appearance of the MacBook. As the device is second-hand, it may have traces of use. Moreover, most sites, however, offer a grading system to classify the aesthetic appearance of the device.

Where To Buy A Refurbished MacBook?

There are many refurbishers on the market for Mac computers, and it can be challenging to navigate. The marketplaces offer different refurbishers, which may lack transparency; not all refurbishers are necessarily controlled.

The best is then to go directly through the reconditioning site. You thus have more guarantee and transparency on the reconditioning process. Akamai, for example, is the expert in refurbished MacBooks and the European leader in this market. Macs are refurbished in France, in the heart of Anjou, by experts.

The main checkpoints on refurbished computers:

  • Data deletion
  • Battery
  • Load
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Humidity
  • Webcam
  • Graphic card
  • Connectors: USB, SD card, Thunderbolt…
  • Speakers
  • Apple Hardware Test
  • Microphone
  • Dusting of components
  • Configuration
  • Screw control
  • Reinstalling OS X
  • Cleaning the MacBook
  • Cd-player
  • Keyboard

As said before, the site also has different cosmetic grades ranging from fair to like-new condition. Thus, the battery must have at least 80% of its initial capacity. If not, it is replaced with a new one.

  • Fair condition: the presence of scratches and impacts and screen marks.
  • Good condition: possible presence of scratches on the case and traces on the screen. A keyboard like new.
  • Excellent condition: possible presence of invisible scratches more than 20cm. The screen and keyboard are like new.
  • Like new: no signs of wear or barely visible, the screen and keyboard are new.

The choice of the aesthetics of your refurbished MacBook will depend on your sensitivity to scratches but also on your budget. If you are not too sensitive about scratches, the proper condition or good condition will allow you to buy your MacBook at the best price! In any case, the grades do not impact the computer’s functionality.

When Saving Money Is Good For The Environment

Buying refurbished is not only good for your wallet, but it’s also an ecological gesture that saves resources. When we know that the manufacture of a computer is equivalent to 1.8 tons of resources, we say to ourselves that it is a tremendous waste to use it for only a few years.

Giving products a second life saves several hundred kg of C02 per product. For example, reconditioning a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina saves 596 kilograms CO2.

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