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Remarketing: Definition And Presentation Of Platforms

If the average conversion rate of an e-commerce website is around 2% (this percentage varies enormously depending on the sector of activity), nearly 98 users out of 100 leave the online stores that we know without making the slightest purchase. These users who still need to finish the purchase could leave the site for several reasons: lack of time, price too high, or no interest…

In any case, with their passage on the site, they become aware of information directly or indirectly; they remember it. These users, therefore, have an essential value for you since they know you and are quicker to pick up your messages and pay attention to your communication. This is the primary mechanism on which remarketing is based.

Remarketing, What Is It?

In the digital sense, remarketing is similar to a retargeting technique that aims to offer an Internet user who has visited a website an appropriate advertisement. In the context of e-commerce, the most common example corresponds to the process of display ads, specific to users who have consulted product sheets. The display generally includes information about the product(s) consulted and may include a commercial gesture (discount, free shipping, etc.). When the ad is personalized with the user’s browsing data, this is called dynamic remarketing .

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The different Types Of Remarketing

Currently, remarketing can be considered through different platforms. We present below some well-known examples to approach the sector’s essentials. Of course, the list is incomplete. New retargeting solutions will likely emerge in the web marketing sector.

Retargeting by email

Email retargeting is one of the most effective ways marketers retarget users they know after a specific action on a site. This automated, almost immediate sending of emails must be used sparingly after the user has committed to a particular activity: shopping cart, an insistent and repetitive visit to a product, etc.

By proposing a targeted offer, which directly interests the user, email remarketing has a good chance of hitting the mark. With an average opening rate of nearly 40% and a click-through rate of 33%, the site’s conversion rate can increase significantly (source: RaffleMedia). Enough to look into this solution and convince decision-makers of its usefulness!

AdWords Remarketing

AdWords remarketing consists of retargeting Internet users who have visited your site according to your criteria. This type of campaign is piloted from the AdWords platform you usually use for your ads on the search network. On the platform, there are five different types of campaigns:

  • Regular remarketing
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Remarketing for mobile apps
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Network Ads
  • Video remarketing

One of the many advantages of the “by Google” solution is to take advantage of the processing of data found on the AdWords platform, but also with Google Analytics. Thus, you can measure your campaign performance anytime and improve your ROI!

Retargeting Via Facebook Ads

Thanks to the Facebook tracking pixel (tracking code), it is easy to generate lists of users who have accessed certain pages of your site. Thus, if you want to target users who have abandoned an order when entering their bank details, you need to create and target a list of users who have accessed the payment page (payment.html, for example), make a list and exclude people who have reached the confirmation page (confirmation.html for instance).

When creating your Facebook advertising campaign, do not hesitate to test the addition of a small “incentive” (5€ offered from 100€ of purchase, etc.) in addition to the other tests and criteria of Facebook Ads optimization we have already proposed.

Dedicated Remarketing Services Like Criteo Or AdRoll

Faced with the emerging success of retargeting, many companies have offered optimized and turnkey solutions. Among them, we note in particular Criteo and AdRoll, recognized players who have notably succeeded in raising substantial funds.

Miscellaneous Remarks On Remarketing Techniques

The Remarketing technique is often related to a marketing action perceived as intrusive by Internet users. Indeed, in most cases, it is a question of proposing a message to visitors who have yet to be converted to the site. The repetition of advertisements linked to the Internet user’s navigation can annoy people who are not (or no longer) interested in the product consulted.

On the other hand, Remarketing requires precise monitoring of campaigns. Indeed, the latter can quickly generate costs with results that are difficult to anticipate. Therefore, the leading indicator of your movements must remain the Return on Investment (ROI). For any questions on the subject or clarification, do not hesitate to comment on the post! Contact us if setting up a remarketing campaign is of interest to you.

Since April, the social network dedicated to LinkedIn professionals has finally added remarketing functionality to its advertising solution. The LinkedIn Matched Audiences we have already told you about in this article allow you to target a user who has had contact with you. LinkedIn Matched Audiences offer three targeting options depending on your objective.

  • LinkedIn Website Retargeting to target Internet users who have visited your website or a specific site page.
  • Account Targeting targets specific users from a list of imported data, allowing you to reach the most influential people in a company.
  • Contact Targeting to target your company’s customers and prospects by importing your CRM database.

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