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The Best Speed Camera Apps

Feared and often hated by motorists, speed cameras are essential tools for detecting the speed of vehicles on the roads. They are scattered almost everywhere on the Italian territory, from north to south. It is often possible to see them near an inhabited center ready to “catch” in flagrant all motorists who cross the speed limits set by the highway code. Other times, however, these devices are hidden, and it becomes tough for road users to be able to see them. Some speed cameras are located at strategic points where no one would ever dream of going and looking.

If you are planning your holiday to discover a village you have never visited before and you do not know the road you are about to take with your car, the idea of ​​finding an innovative and fast way to be able to identify these devices to avoid potentially hefty fines. If that’s the case, you will be happy to know that I will point out what I believe are the best speed camera apps that you can easily download on your mobile devices and always have at hand in this guide. The first thing to do and always keep in mind is to respect the highway code.

If there are digital tools that are useful for detecting speed cameras on our journey in time, why not use them? Continue reading this guide to discover the applications that will allow you to locate the exact position of the treacherous and much-feared devices for detecting the speed of vehicles in transit on the roads. All you have to do is launch the apps and let them do the rest. Trust the applications I’m about to tell you, choose the one that you think is right for you and meets your needs.


A practical application to keep an eye on the speed cameras on the road you have to travel with your vehicle is Radarbot. Have you ever heard of it? This is a downloadable app on Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad), which I am sure you will find very interesting. Sometimes you may press your foot a little on your car’s accelerator. Although driving carefully within the speed limits is one of the fundamental duties of every person behind the wheel, it can happen that you do not respect them. In these cases, to avoid incurring unpleasant and high fines, I recommend using Radarbot.

Say hello to your GPS navigator that signals speed cameras and will allow you to drive calmly and say goodbye to fines for good. I’m telling you about a good application that combines real-time Alerts with the best connectionless speed camera warning system. With Radarbot, you will have the best speed camera warning, traffic alerts in real-time, and specific speed limits for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and commercial vehicles in a straightforward application. All you have to do is drive focused and enjoy the ride on your way.

Travel with peace of mind and avoid traffic fines and penalties simultaneously by receiving clear warnings on all speed cameras. The app will help you locate fixed speed cameras, mobile speed cameras, tunnel speed cameras, tutors, and speed cameras at traffic lights. In addition, you will be notified of dangerous traffic points, cameras for seat belts and mobile phones, access control cameras in restricted traffic areas, ledges, and potholes on the road.

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Another application that I want to recommend just as good for street navigation as I told you about is Waze. This is an app available on Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) that you will find very useful to quickly and easily identify the speed cameras that support the road you intend to take. Even if you know the way, the Waze app instantly informs you about traffic, roadworks, police patrols, accidents, etc. If there’s a lot of traffic on your route and you risk slowing down your ride, the Waze app will change it and save you precious time. Not bad, right?

Thanks to this application, you will therefore be able to reach your destination in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, always from the app, you can listen to music, podcasts, and much more to make your trip pleasant. Not just a navigator, this tool offers many services. You’ll even be able to pay less for fuel. In addition to reporting speed cameras and everything I indicated in the previous lines, the app will also recommend the least expensive power along your route. What are you waiting for? Try Waze now, and you will see that you will not regret it.

Google Maps

Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, the Google Maps app is a perfect navigator used by motorists and pedestrians on city walks. In a clear, fast, and straightforward way, it always manages to satisfy your doubts about directions and routes. This application can automatically report the presence of fixed speed cameras along the road you are traveling on. The app features over 220 mapped countries and territories and hundreds of millions of activities and places on the map. Among its many features, it also offers the ability to receive real-time information on GPS navigation, traffic, and public transport.

Avoid tedious queues and delays on your route by receiving real-time information on traffic conditions and estimated arrival times. This application is one of the many that allows you to always be informed for free about the speed cameras that accompany you along the way and that you can view directly in augmented reality. It will be possible to view fixed speed cameras on Google Maps simply by searching and then entering a destination to reach.


Coyote cannot be missing among the applications to detect speed cameras. Coyotes certainly cannot be missing. This application is available on Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). What I’m talking about is an app that allows you to receive real-time alerts on the presence of any speed cameras along the route. With the Coyote app, you can view the traffic status on the road you are traveling on to reach your destination. You can also identify any accidents and avoid areas with slowdowns and accidents. The application transmits reliable and helpful information to you in real-time, such as the presence of speed cameras.

Travel safely and with peace of mind thanks to a fixed and mobile speed camera and radar warnings on the stretch of road you are crossing, reports from the Tutors, cameras or Radar at traffic lights, and even owl cars for mobile speed cameras. In addition, Coyote alerts you to any restricted traffic area and radar, speed limits, annoying traffic problems such as narrowing of the carriageway, and risky weather conditions, automatically proposing a new possible itinerary.

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Fixed And Mobile Speed Cameras

Another practical application that allows you to identify fixed and mobile speed cameras in real-time is the one developed by big dreams Corporation and which takes the name, precisely, of Fixed and Mobile Speed ​​Cameras. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Let’s see what it is capable of. With Fixed and Mobile Speed ​​Cameras, you can always be aware of the speed detection devices while driving your vehicle. Furthermore, this app can inform you about traffic conditions, warn you of any incidents along the way, traffic lights equipped with cameras, and much more.

Finally, the app allows you to use advanced functions such as the speedometer to always know at what speed you are going or the feature that will enable you to run the app in the background even when the phone is locked, allowing you to save data and battery. There are 42 countries covered by this app and thousands of people who use it constantly. You have to install it on your smartphone and start using it.


In this article, I have indicated to you what I believe, at the moment, are the best speed camera apps. Simple, intelligent, convenient tools to use on Android and iOS mobile devices will help you locate the dreaded devices for detecting the speed of vehicles in transit on the roads. We have pointed out several applications that I am sure you will find very useful for your purpose. Download them on your smartphone and try them now, discovering their functions and what they offer you. As I pointed out at the beginning of this guide, it is essential and taken for granted that you must respect the rules of the road and look with great attention and prudence.

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