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The Bluetooth Speakers To Carry Everywhere

Can you imagine having a party without your favorite tunes?

What’s a party without a good playlist to lighten up the mood? What will you listen to while sitting alone on a beach side or at a hilltop?

Well, by now, we hope you have got our point – music is of utmost importance – whether it is while having a party or while sitting alone, trying to relax. Hence, having the right speakers becomes extremely important for you to fully immerse in your tunes. While home theatre helps you amp up your sound systems inside your living rooms, what happens when you want to carry your music around?

That’s why we have curated the following a list of some of the best bluetooth speakers that you can count on, when considering carrying your tunes to everywhere you go:

boAt Stone 1000

Loud music and compact design – this portable speaker is the ultimate party speaker that you ever wanted! Not only does it pump out monstrous sounds, it also provides great playback time that ensures that your party keeps on going on, in full swing!

All thanks to its 14-watt stereo output with powerful bass and clear sound, you can really get as loud as you want and there won’t be any sound distortion. So put on your dancing shoes, as with this beast, your party is gonna stay high on powerful music.

It offers you a playtime of nearly 10H. And we know what it means.

What’s more? Control your music easily as the onboard controls allow you to be in charge of the mood. You can pause or play music, adjust the speaker’s volume, change tracks, or even answer incoming calls by just tapping on this speaker’s ear cup!

And if the destination for your party is by the pool side or at a beach, then don’t you worry about a few splashes of water stopping your beats from flowing. As it comes with an IPX5 waterproof and shockproof rating.

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JBL Flip 5

While JBL is no stranger to the world of music, this particular gem from their universe is ideal for the people who like to carry their music everywhere they go! Cylindrical in design, these bluetooth speakers come in 12 color variants.

Speaking of audio quality, these speakers offer bass-tastic music. The dual external passive radiators and the all new racetrack-shaped driver deliver high output. The booming bass makes you want to groove.

With these, you can keep the party going on from 9pm to 9am, without worrying about charge. As these provide more than 12H of playtime. So, keep your music flowing louder and longer as this party is not stopping anytime soon! And just in case you want to take it to another level, just use the PartyBoost feature. It allows you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound!

Now if you are someone who occasionally has pool parties or enjoys beaches a little bit more, then this bt speaker can act as a source of your favorite tunes as it supports an IPX7 waterproof design.

Zoook Rocker Thunder Pro

Perfect for the ones who don’t compromise on music quality at any cost, this bt speaker will instantly become the life of any party! A bit bulkier, when compared to other portable speakers in this list, this speaker is not for you if you are looking for something that you can carry in your bag.

They offer an output range of up to 30W which will definitely blow your mind. The dynamic sound fills a new life to any outdoor party. It even supports flashy dj lights which will funk up your night party.

And if you and your gang enjoy singing their hearts out, then this speaker also supports a wireless speaker mic which you can use while karaoke-in your nights! They support a built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery which gives you powerful beats for up to 5H. And if you are not in a mood to set a playlist, then you can even switch on the FM mode.

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Sony SRS-XB23

Compact and cute – this bluetooth mini speaker knows how to pack a punch! Lightweight in design and easy to carry around, this speaker allows you to carry your party with you, anywhere and everywhere – be it a hilltop, at a picnic in a park or to a beach! Just hang your speaker in your tent or on the nearest tree—wherever you want to share your favourite beats.

Packed with dual passive radiators, this speaker knows how to enhance your notes and pump it up to your liking. The Extra Bass mode takes your favorite music to another level. It also comes with a balanced speaker unit which is manufactured by Sony itself and helps achieve awesome sound quality and powerful sound pressure for a richer, deeper and more rewarding sound. With IP67 rating, feel free to carry your beats to the beach or a trek, as it can withstand a few splashes of water and can withstand bumps and scratches which are common with everyday usage.

It also supports a mic which offers a convenient way to talk to your friends or attend conference calls in a hands-free manner. They can last up to 12H.

We hope that you find the right fit!

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