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The Six Most Used Platforms To Buy And Sell Products

In recent years, with the economic crisis as a fundamental player and our smartphones as perfect allies, the market for used products in Spain has exploded, with the appearance of second-hand clothing stores and an infinity of applications and platforms for the sale of all kinds of products.

For decades, it has been at the tail end of the second-hand product market compared to European countries such as Germany, England, Belgium, and the Nordic countries, in which this type of trade has been in good health for a long time. Perhaps it is because, in these countries, the culture of consumption has seemed somewhat more ecological and more doomed to reuse and take advantage of the resources that are already produced than in our country. Still, the reality is that it is easy to find markets (private and organized ) and even shops dedicated exclusively to the sale of second-hand products.

However, in recent years (with the economic crisis as a fundamental player and our smartphones as perfect allies), the market for used products in Spain has exploded, with the appearance of second-hand clothing stores and an infinity of applications and platforms for the sale of all types of products, perfectly categorized and easily accessible to any user.

The idea is simple: get rid of everything that has value and does not use it, and get some extra money while offering a second life to those objects and products. And of course, as there is such an offer, the consumer profile who, within reasonable limits and to save some money, resorts to this type of philosophy is becoming more and more common. Why spend 190 euros on new ski boots if someone sells them for 100 euros practically further and less than a kilometer from home? And even if you see something you are interested in buying in one of these apps and can’t afford it (but you don’t want it taken away either), you can always resort to online mini loans to get some of the bargains on the net.

We have selected what we think are the best platforms and apps to sell and buy products online. Their categorization systems, geolocation, and real-time chat have made the market for second-hand products much more exciting and accessible. If you are somewhat skilled, they will pay off in the short term: sellers can free up space at home for things they no longer need, and buyers can find bargains close to home and for prices that will surely save you the trip to many stores. Please don’t wait any longer and get to it!


eBay is the portal for buying and selling second-hand products par excellence, and by a considerable distance, it is the most used in the world. Unlike the others, it works with an auction system with which the user who puts a product up for sale establishes a starting price and a deadline for the advertisement, and when it arrives, the highest bidder is the one who ‘wins ‘ the product. If you are bidding, the trick is to be clear about the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for that product. Above all, be careful not to be outbid at the last minute (which often becomes an authentic gladiator battle).

At the same time, some sellers prefer the traditional sales system and offer the option of paying a fixed price for the product with the “Buy it now!” Button, so if the auction system does not convince us, we always have that option. The application is as complete as the web version and offers the options to search for specific products, explore by categories, bid, buy and sell. We can filter by brand, status, price, proximity and leave reviews of products and sellers so that other users know which options are more attractive.

We can also communicate with buyers and sellers to resolve any questions, and when paying, we can choose between bank transfer or Paypal (owned by eBay). It should be noted that placing ads on eBay is not free, but the application offers to put 50 ads without having to pay absolutely anything, so don’t wait any longer and start giving out the things you have at home that you do not need. Everything has its buyer!

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Wallapop is probably the platform for buying and selling second-hand items that have grown the most in Spain in recent years since it is a free and swift, and intuitive application that resembles the operation of a market. Its strong point is the use it makes of geolocation, allowing its users to filter products based on their proximity with the idea of ​​making transactions cheaper and making them more reliable (by being able to check the status of products that are closer to the U.S). In addition, we can search for products by collections and categories, and it has the ‘new in your area’ tab that allows you to see which are the most recent products that have been uploaded to your immediate radio. If you want it, you have it.

Communication between buyers and sellers is another of the pillars of this application since it is straightforward and can be vital to negotiating the sale price or deciding whether a product interests us or not. Every time you receive a new message or offer, the application will notify you on your phone so that everything is as fast as possible. If you want to start selling with Wallapop, the process is straightforward: register, create an ad, upload some photos and a short description, put a price and a category, and sell!


Vibbo, formerly known as Segundamano, is another of the Internet trading platforms with more years of experience and renown in our country. One of its significant advantages is the volume of buyers and sellers (individuals and companies) that they have been generating for years and regularly use the tool. As with Wallapop, although with a little more conciseness (since it has subcategories that facilitate classification), the ads are distributed in categories and geographical areas.

To post an ad, the process is very similar to Wallapop: product photos (the limit is ten photos instead of 4, which is a plus), description, price, area, and category. So now you know, don’t wait any longer to register and give it a try!


Another of the portals with more years of experience behind them is Milanuncios.com. Its green board has always been one of the classic results of looking for something second-hand on the Internet. The application has a somewhat cleaner and more careful design than the web to search and find almost anything that comes to mind. This ad portal’s success has accumulated mainly due to how easy it is for anyone to use.

It allows you to see the statistics of our ads, mark your favorite products, and navigate comfortably through its vast list of offers. In short, if we want to buy almost any product or sell something that we have at home, not being in this community would be a mistake!


It is possibly one of the most positioned sales portals on the scene. Although it requires the payment of a fee to use it, Todocolección is especially useful for searching and selling collections and products with some history. From that old grandparents’ house radio to coin collections and even original turn-of-the-century movie posters and paraphernalia from wars and bygone eras, this is the place to be for collectors and nostalgics. You won’t have to search far to find a treasure!


It is a portal dedicated to the sale of second-hand furniture and items … but only from Ikea! If the Swedish store already has a reasonably affordable price range for anyone, here you will find genuine bargains from users who decide to get rid of their furniture due to a move or a change in style.

One of its significant advantages is the ease of uploading ads since it has a massive database of Ikea products and, if the item belongs to the current catalog, we will hardly have to write information about the characteristics of the product (only its status and some observation if it has any damage). On the other hand, if they are discontinued products from the Swedish giant, we can find them all in the “El Rastro” section at prices that are often so cheap that it will be hard to believe.

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