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These Skills Make You A Top Candidate In 2022

As more businesses turn to digital workplaces and remote workforces, the highest in-demand careers and skillsets have shifted. A recent study by Adobe Creative Cloud uncovered the skillsets most likely to land new professionals a higher starting salary and launch a lucrative work-from-home career. Employers are searching for applicants who can showcase their digital competencies, visual communication skills, technical proficiencies, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills. These skillsets are essential for being an influential member of a remote team and digital workplace.

Digital Competencies and Design Skills

According to a recent job market skillsets study by Adobe CC, 5,693% more jobs require Adobe skills, and “70% of the professionals we surveyed stated their knowledge of graphic design helped them land their current job.” The digital marketing landscape has become highly competitive as the online world becomes ever-more flooded with consumers and businesses. Some of the most in-demand career paths of 2022, such as user experience, engineering, digital content, and web development, require thoughtful design and technical skills. Businesses need to have an engaging and eye-catching digital presence to reach a wider audience and stand out to users. Learning design tools such as Photoshop, Adobe CC, InDesign, and more can open many career opportunities and high paying entry level jobs in Indianapolis for job seekers.

You don’t have to be a digital artist to have strong visual communication skills. Everyone can benefit from learning the basics of effective presentation design and how to create visually dynamic assets. Whether it’s a sales pitch, training presentation, advertisement, newsletter, or any other digital business resource, adding a visual dynamic can help you get your ideas across more effectively. Adobe cites the LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report, “recent graduates secured a higher starting salary by up to 16% when they listed visual communication skills in their LinkedIn Profile.” Visual communication skills can make all the difference in customer engagement, sales, and landing new clients.


According to LinkedIn, creativity continues to be the number one most in-demand soft skill in 2022. Employees who can think creatively about their position and the needs of the industry can find opportunities for efficiencies and innovation. The pandemic showed the need for businesses to be flexible and resilient in times of unforeseen change. Creativity is key to adapting to new marketplaces and the new demands of consumers. Companies also rely on the creativity of their employees to develop new ways of communicating with and reaching consumers online. As the digital marketing landscape becomes ever more competitive, creative thinking will be essential for standing out and creating new opportunities for engagement with the public and new clients.

Interpersonal Skills & Project Management

Though technical skills are essential, if an employee cannot manage their time effectively or cannot work well with others, they won’t be as valuable in the workplace. Employers need team members who can communicate well, collaborate effectively with others, and efficiently manage their tasks and assignments. Virtual workplaces require employees who can take advantage of digital collaborative tools and take the initiative within teams to share ideas, lead projects, and generally be involved in the workplace. Job applicants who can showcase their interpersonal skills and strong time management and organizational skills are more likely to land positions on remote teams.

The job market holds many opportunities for new professionals to find lucrative work-from-home positions at competitive companies. Familiarizing yourself with the most in-demand technical skills can help you land a higher starting salary and open up more career opportunities in the workplace.

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