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Things Every Traveller Should Know Before Going to Japan

Dolled up in a kimono, sipping on sencha beneath idyllic cherry blossoms, walking into a house with Tatami flooring, being greeted with a bow! If you haven’t guessed it yet! Yes, we are talking about the country where Manga and Anime originated.

Japan! The country that managed to maintain its culture and traditions despite worldwide influences.

Japan is a must-visit for everyone at least once in their lifetime. From skyscrapers to Bamboo forests, neon porticos to peaceful temples, Japan has everything you could ask for.

Aren’t you captivated by the beauty that Japan offers? The thought of visiting Japan is surely electrifying but actually planning your trip can be daunting.

Fret not; here are a few aspects to consider before you begin your journey.

Best time to visit

Many of you might be visiting Japan for the first and the last time. Wouldn’t you want to ensure you visit it at a time when it offers the best of its aesthetics?

Let’s consider the pros and cons of each season so you can decide for yourself!


Ski season is around the corner! The cities are less crowded and ski fields are swarming with people. There’s a high chance that you’ll get a glimpse of Mount Fuji due to crisp winters. Winter also is full of festivities. Encountering the traditional celebration methods can be delightful!


The Cherry blossom season allures tons of visitors, which also increases the monetary expenses. The cherry blossoms definitely offer an exquisite experience, but you wouldn’t like spending your time waiting in lines; would you? The tourist spots are highly occupied during this season. Additionally, you can never be sure if the cherry blossoms bloom right when you visit. Visiting late winter, autumn, or summer would be a good decision. If you’re lucky you just might come across cherry blossoms as well!


The only catch of visiting Japan during summers is the low crowds. You can still experience the beauty of Japan’s culture.


Don’t autumn wallpapers soothe you immensely? The fall foliage creeps in, casting a vibrant blanket over Japan! The hues of reds and oranges of maples make it beautiful beyond words. A cherry on top is that it isn’t overcrowded during this season!

Places to visit

Japan is a huge country and there are so many breathtaking places! Three popular cities of Japan include:


Kyoto is prototypical Japan. Wooden teahouses, geisha in kimonos, monks in flowing robes, Zen gardens, intricate feasts served on lacquered dishes, temples are a few things that Kyoto offers. The air is filled with chants and gong sounds. It is highly popular for its cherry blossoms. The only drawback is that it is overcrowded.


While Kyoto offers the traditionality of Japan, Tokyo is the ultra-modern counterpart. Skyscrapers, noisy arcades, cosplay, go-karting; Tokyo is full of adventures! Tokyo has themed cafes (Cats, owls, robots, and almost anything you can think of).

It is home to the Buddhist temples, Sensoji (the oldest ) temple, sushi bars, Asakusa neighborhood, shops at walkways at the edge of rivers, which give you the perfect taste of Modern Japan and the Japanese lifestyle.


Didn’t all of us at some point time in our lives dream of going to Hogwart’s and living the Wizard life? Osaka has Universal Studios Japan, where you can live your dream. Osaka brims with neon insanity. It makes you feel like you’re in a movie scene.

Researching before your trip can be highly helpful since you can customize your experience and shortlist the places you can’t afford to miss! Having a guide to accompany you will be helpful too since he can take you to the underrated beautiful spots and tell you wondrous stories about the places you visit. Do not stick to the tourist spots, get out of the bubble and visit unpopular destinations.

Where to stay

  • Airbnb’s are a popular choice everywhere today. However, if you want to live the Japanese lifestyle then Airbnb might not be the right option for you.
  • Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. They are the best stay Japan can offer you. Futon bedding, Tatami floors, an onsen (hot spring bath), after which you can savor the Japanese meal! It is a splendid experience.
  • Another option would be a homestay which might not be very luxurious but is affordable. You might even befriend people and be invited to local events which would be a real treat.

What to Pack for Japan?

Your luggage relies on what time of the year you choose to travel. If you plan on visiting the island Honshu, you have to be prepared for the four seasons since it distinctly experiences all of them. You’ll be staggered to know many accommodations in Japan do not provide towels! Therefore, make sure you carry yours! Carry an adapter and the classic belongings you carry for all your trips.

Accessing internet

Japan is technologically advanced, yet if you are a tourist you might face issues. Google maps, translator, and messaging apps are crucial. Looking for stores and extravagant charges can be intimidating. This is where E Sims simplifies the process for you. They are available at affordable rates and save time and effort. You can buy esim online at Airalo, the world’s first eSIM store.

Carry your cash

Cash is imperative in Japan. Make sure to carry enough yen along with you since almost all the places accept only cash. Japan is a safe country so you can be nonchalant about security.

Learn the etiquettes

Japan is very uncompromising when it comes to its rules. Something you casually do can end up being offensive and will not be tolerated. The Japanese take manners very seriously. You cannot enter houses of people with footwear on, chopsticks are to be held appropriately, tipping is considered disrespectful, tattoos are taboo, nudity is mandatory at most onsens, eating while walking in the streets is considered wrong and you must always bow back to greet people. Get acquainted with body language differences in Japan.

There’s a plethora of places to visit and things to do. Expenses are to be considered when making decisions, getting acquainted with the language, learning about their etiquettes, and getting a rail pass if required. There’s so much to Japan that cannot be put into words, Japan leaves you spellbound. It’s a magical journey to make and is a must.

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