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Digital Transformation In Companies: Understand Impacts And Advantages

Digital transformation in companies is no longer a trend. It has become a reality that has revolutionized the way businesses operate their activities and deal with the expectations of their customers. This concept is based on technology to restructure companies’ processes to maximize their results.

With the emergence of new technological tools, you have the opportunity to generate a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is essential to understand how this process happens in practice and how it can be applied within your company’s context.

What Is Digital Transformation In Companies?

Contrary to what many people think, digital transformation in companies is not just about acquiring new technologies and implementing them in the work environment. It is an innovation process that changes current practices and, consequently, affects the corporate culture and how the company relates to its internal and external audiences.

Therefore, we can define the concept as a change that entails the restructuring of organizations based on the role of technology in the management of the business as a whole. To this end, the integration of technological solutions to optimize the company’s operational routine.

What Are Its Business Impacts?

In many cases, technology is already part of the daily life of the enterprise, but it is used superficially. When it goes through digital transformation, technological resources play a central role, which requires investing money and time to implement the systems, practices and policies involved in this process.

Therefore, adopting the concept brings challenges to all areas of the company, including management, technology department, marketing, operation and service. In this sense, for the success of the change, it is necessary to establish a collective work in which managers and employees are aware and committed to the new scenario.

See what the significant impacts of digital transformation in the business world are.


From systems that allow the collection and analysis of customer data, you have greater control over the volume of orders and, thus, produce according to demand – a crucial action to avoid the problem of stopped stock, which generates a considerable loss.

In addition, by automating previously done jobs manually, the organization gains efficiency, increasing its production capacity. In general terms, it is possible to speed up the production process without increasing the risk of errors.


The company’s relationship team has access to a wide variety of virtual platforms essential to get closer to customers. For example, through social networks, you can create content to educate consumers about the type of product or service offered and, thus, encourage them to become loyal to your brand.

Another highlight is the agility provided by the digital age. Instead of spending hours on the phone asking a question or making a complaint, the customer can use chat to talk to the company and solve their problem quickly.


Once its processes are digitized, the company becomes more sustainable. This allows it to direct the resources saved to strategic actions that benefit all departments, bringing results that enable solid and long-term growth.


Technological tools automate and simplify bureaucratic and repetitive tasks, making room for employees to pay more attention to activities with a high degree of complexity. The work environment is also more flexible, as, depending on the type of business, the team can perform their duties from a home office.

What Are Your Advantages?

Some managers think that digital transformation is only for companies that work with technological products, but this is not true. With society increasingly connected, following this revolution is of paramount importance to adapt to the current market. Find out what are the advantages of applying this concept in your company.

Reduce Manual Processes

The various solutions offered to the business environment, such as management systems, contribute to the automation of processes. Thus, tasks performed manually, such as data compilation, are automated, saving time and effort for employees.

Not to mention that the information is saved in their software, which allows them to be accessed from anywhere and at any time, as long as the person authorized to make this access is connected to the internet.

Make Management More Efficient

The use of digital resources optimizes your activities, making management more efficient. After all, the solutions allow managers to easily control all situations that occur in the company, as they can monitor the progress of each sector through a single system.

This broad view helps in the organization of operations and presents details that point out any bottlenecks that are hindering the performance of the business and must be corrected. The availability of information is also substantial in guiding the decision-making process.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining a good relationship with the consumer public is essential for the success of any company. It is necessary to develop and apply practices capable of valuing the customer’s experience so that they create a lasting bond with your brand.

Taking this into account, with the modern tools offered by digital transformation, you have access to a large volume of data about current and potential customers. With this, you can perform analyzes that improve service and relationship strategies with the target audience.

Increases Competitive Advantage

Ignoring technology innovation and its impact on the business world can be costly, as companies that stand still in time become outdated and are quickly overtaken by the competition. On the other hand, you can create differentiated products or services that increase your competitive advantage by following innovations.

Therefore, it is evident that digital transformation in companies opens up a world of opportunities and boosts their results. To start, it is necessary to review its structure, rethink its processes and organizational culture, and digitize business intelligence.

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