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What Software To Use To Create Sales Funnels

The sales funnel, also known as the sales funnel, is one of the many digital marketing strategies. Its purpose is to convert a visitor into a prospect or customer. The steps for creating a sales funnel are almost similar, regardless of the platform used.

What are a sales funnel?

The sales funnel brings together the different procedures for making an online sale. It begins with the potential customer’s visit to the e-commerce site until the purchase of the proposed product. By using this strategy, you can define the needs and expectations of your customers.

The sales funnel reinforces the various digital marketing strategies such as social networks or email campaigns. The stages differ from one company to another depending on the business strategy adopted. The services or products offered are also taken into account in the definition of Sales Funnel.

The sales funnel divided into several phases. It all starts with the first contact with the Internet user. Good visibility is essential at this point. Once your web presence is confirmed, you need to engage the consumer. The sales funnel ends with the purchase and possibly customer loyalty.

The 10 best software for creating sales funnels

Several software programs have been developed to support marketers in this process. Their main objectives are to automate and optimize it.


System.io is SaaS (Software as a Service) software intended for the creation of a sales funnel. Equipped with several features, it is one of the most popular software. Aiming at developing your e-commerce site helps you manage sales and the various related tasks. Easily create your sales funnel with system.io. Build your community with its capture and thank you system.

This sales funnel software edits purchase orders and have a payment module. The simplicity of its interface gives you great freedom in setting up the sales funnel. To finalize the process, it automatically generates a webinar.


ClickFunnels is one of the essential web marketing tools. Thanks to this sales funnel software, convert your visitors into prospects and then into customers in a short time. It can be operated in parallel or independently of your online sales site. Easy to use, it does not require any specific coding knowledge.

You can choose from the models already offered to create your sales Funnel. They are defined according to the products or services provided. You can then customize them to suit your needs. ClickFunnels differs from other software in that it is not just intended for setting up a sales funnel. It turns out to be of great use in optimizing sales.


Thanks to GetResponse, generate leads, create your online sales site, automatically manage your emails and create your Sales Funnel. Boost your sales with its emailing service. This sales funnel software uses the opt-in module to create a database. Get contacts with promotional offers that you can make through the software.

With GetResponse, make a connection with your visitors. The software directs them to your website and turns them into leads. You can now start promoting and selling your products.

The GetResponse sales funnel specially developed to highlight your services or products. By using this software, you get optimal exposure.


LearnyBox allows you to offer online training and automate your online sales process through a sales funnel. These sales funnel software can synchronize all your data as well as your products or services. All the pages of your different sales funnels are linked to each other for optimal management.

Each sales funnel page can be personalized. You can thus distinguish the different offers. In addition, you can experiment with other pages to determine which one is best suited to your business strategy. Finally, LearnyBox tells you about the traffic your site generates.


LeadPages offers you four main modules for creating your sales funnel. It allows you to design and develop your online sales page. Its basic design can be customized to benefit from a more sophisticated interface. Collect your visitors’ emails with the opt-in system. Convert them into customers thanks to newsletters and by offering them optimized content.

Its various functionalities (order forms, online payment, etc.) will optimize your sales. Analyze your performance via LeadPages and its real-time monitoring module.


Communicate, engage and convert. These are the main points targeted by this sales funnel software. Get in touch with your future customers via email, marketing message, or chat. Maximize your sales by building a lasting relationship with them. Reach your goals more efficiently with targeted messages. Make sure your offers reach your audience through direct messages.

With SendInBlue, group all your CRM data on a single interface. The transactional emails module ensures the deliverability of the emails. Distinguish each campaign and offer to improve the visitor experience.


Offer a pleasant experience to your visitor’s thanks to the ActiveCampaign software. The latter brings together all the functionalities of a CRM tool and an emailing marketing strategy to create your sales funnel. It is intended for e-commerce sites, online businesses, and B2B companies.

Automate your emailing system with this sales funnel software. Make it easier to manage your contacts. You can also set up a welcome message. The platform centralizes all your data for efficient management of your sales. To exploit its full potential, contact your visitors at the right time with personalized and targeted messages.


WishPond is the ideal tool to create your sales funnel on your own or to benefit from the skills of a team of experts. With WishPond, you have the opportunity to use the services of developers and web marketers to launch your online business.

You are also required to work with qualified project managers and writers. With this sales funnel software, you can also create your landing pages. These adapt to all devices and have a reduced loading time. You can integrate an option to collect information from your prospects.

Keap (Infusionsoft)

Use all your CRM data to form your sales funnel. With Keap, ensure regular monitoring and optimal management of your prospects and customers. Turn your leads into customers by tracking all their actions on your site. Personalize each step of the tunnel. Establish order and hierarchy between the different processes. Keap allows you to send emails every time a prospect completes a milestone in your sales funnel.


Automate your sales pipeline with Kajabi. Facilitate the management of your e-commerce site with its ready-to-use system. Build your pipeline in just a few minutes. Centralize your entire system, from lead generation to final purchase on one platform. With Kajabi, you can also connect multiple sales tunnels.

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