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What’s A Cloud Platform?

Cloud services consist of infrastructure, platforms or software hosted by external providers and made available to users via the Internet.

They facilitate the flow of user data from front-end clients (servers, tablets, desktops, users’ laptops, and any user-side hardware components) to the Internet, providers’ systems and vice versa. All that is needed to access cloud services is a computer, an operating system and an Internet or VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

All infrastructures, platforms, software products or technologies are accessible to users through the Internet and do not require additional software downloads.

Some think that clouds themselves should be considered cloud services. Cloud environments allow for abstracting, pooling, and sharing scalable resources across a network. Clouds support cloud computing, i.e., running workloads within a cloud environment. They can be considered a type of PaaS, since the infrastructure underlying the web platform is not provided by the user.

Cloud service providers can also use their hardware resources to create platforms, i.e., online environments that can be used by users to develop code or run apps. To build a cloud platform, it is not enough to separate computing functionality from hardware components, as is the case with cloud infrastructure. Additional layers of development are needed to integrate containerisation, orchestration, application programming interfaces (APIs), routing, security, management, and automation technologies. To provide an intuitive online experience, user experience design is also required.

Cloud platforms are a type of PaaS. When the components of the infrastructure hosting the PaaS solution are highly scalable and shareable, the solution can be considered a cloud.

Which one to choose?

There’s one Cloud Platform with endless possibilities, and Dassault Systèmes is the prefect corporate to provide you this.

All aspects of a business can be encapsulated on a single cloud-based platform to enhance and increase collaboration, improve execution, and accelerate innovation. You should move your operations to a cloud platform to help you to improve at the maximum your business.

Here, the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform gives you a complete set of industry-leading applications and software. It gives you all the tools you need to make your idea a reality. These include design and engineering, manufacturing and production, simulation, governance, and collaboration. Free yourself from IT constraints and bring all aspects of your business together on a single cloud-based platform to increase collaboration, improve execution and accelerate innovation.

With one click, you can harness the full power of the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform.

You will have immediate access to the platform, accessible technology. All-in-one solution, where you can choose all-inclusive SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and more.

Why should you use a cloud platform?

Nowadays, regardless of the sector in which they operate, business leaders can no longer ignore digital transformation. And the cloud is considered the key enabler for digital transformation projects. Many business leaders recognise digital transformation as a strategic priority for their companies.

The 3DEXPERIENCE makes it exponentially easier to choose a cloud platform. With a cloud platform you can increase collaboration, flexibility and more throughout the organisation.

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