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Why And How To Use The Powerful Google Trends Tool?

An experimental tool created in 2008 by Google Labs, Google Trends has become essential today for all digital marketers. This free service allows them to know the most popular search terms on the web and the behavior of Internet users. Mastering these trends helps them to develop content related to the most frequent searches. The result: boost visits to a site and boost SEO.

What Are Google Trends?

The Google Trends home screen offers to type any word to find its popularity.

Searches can then be filtered by:

  • Location (country, region)
  • The period (from 2004)
  • Categories (there are 25)
  • The type of web search (web, news, Google shopping, YouTube)

Before embarking on expert research, Google offers tutorials that explain how Google Trends works, from the basics to the most advanced features.

Identify And Understand Search Trends

Each year Google publishes the list of the most searched keywords by Internet users. The three expressions most entered in searches in France in 2022 were: “Ukraine,” “World Cup 2022”, and “Russia.” This highlights two main interests: sports and the war in Ukraine. By refining the search parameters, selecting a zone and a precise time frame, exploring the associated searches, and measuring the evolution of the popularity of a word, then Google Trends becomes a real marketing tool.

Build A Natural Referencing Strategy

Optimize Your Content According To Expectations

The central idea of ​​business users of Google Trends is to work on the semantics of a business. The tool allows:

  • To select the most relevant keywords for a type of activity
  • Compare the effectiveness of one keyword to another and choose the best one

The user also studies the progress of the keywords to see which ones are essential. The “real-time search trends “tab allows you to adapt a site’s content or a blog according to the results. The SEO division of our Power Trafic Internet Marketing agency uses this simple and effective tool daily.

Find Your Target Audience

Google Trends lets you know an audience’s purchasing intentions in a specific region. Enter the location and category of the product to detect the main buying trends and redirect its business strategy. The marketing manager quickly sees the most popular brands and products. It can, for example, determine the most popular screen size of a smartphone, or the color of the most requested cars, in real-time and taking into account regional variations.

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The Advantages Of The Tool From Google Labs


The free tool allows small businesses, particularly all e-commerce stores, to conduct marketing studies at a lower cost.

The Simplicity

Google Trends interface is user-friendly. Learning the fundamentals is done in a few minutes. Becoming an expert requires frequent use. Collected data can be exported for further analysis.


Google Trends has millions of users. It produces results in seconds. The tool is widely used by content managers looking for inspiration and innovation.

What is the interest of Google Trends?

Release The Right Product At The Right Time

The concern of an online store manager is to sell his products, sell his stocks, and determine future trends. From this point of view, the free tool from Google helps to find commercial niches and trendy products (according to the region or seasonality, for example) thanks to the exploitation of relevant keywords. You don’t have to be a Google Trends expert to know that swimwear peaks in early summer sales. On the other hand, the tool highlights trends: low-cut, one-piece, bright colors. So many useful elements for developing a targeted and effective advertising campaign.

Monitor The Competition

Google Trends allows you to monitor up to five competitors. Just type in your brand and that of the main competitors, and you will know ​​how each performs in a given area. Measuring search trends related to your brand and those of the competition is an excellent way to adapt a successful digital marketing strategy.

Detect Seasonal Variations

By noticing the peaks in jewelry sales over a year, an online store notices that the ranking of relevant keywords varies by country. The marketing manager realizes that Mother’s Day dates differ depending on the location. It adapts its marketing strategy according to geographical trends.

Refine Your Keyword Strategy

A good keyword strategy evolves. Thanks to the search for “associated subjects” and “associated queries,” the advertiser can, for the same product, take advantage of the popularity of trending keywords and develop communication actions by renewing the semantics. Using Google Trends before writing your content lets you target “trendy” keywords in real-time.

Who Are Google Trends Users?

The tool is free, and everyone is invited to use it out of curiosity or professionally. The big consumers of Google Trends are:

  • Digital marketing managers
  • SEO specialists, such as web editors or SEO managers
  • Digital agencies like Powertrafic
  • Bloggers
  • Advertising professionals

Google Trends is also acclaimed in the context of university research by researchers in the human sciences: sociologists, linguists, but also by doctors. For example, the frequency of sequences of words such as “loss of taste” or “loss of appetite” has allowed scientists to anticipate new outbreaks of Covid 19. Similarly, economists use Google Trends to measure consumer optimism by analyzing the progression of keywords related to luxury products or, conversely, those that suggest financial concerns such as “sales” or “cheap products,” etc.

Updates And News

Google Trends has recently changed its look (reorganization of the home page, less aggressive colors, etc.). Real-time trends can now be viewed from the homepage. The update is done every hour. Trends are now illustrated with articles that delve deeper into popular topics. Trends in the user’s country and third countries are also highlighted. Similarly, detailed tutorials make it easier to understand the tool.

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