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Digital Or Analogue? Why Companies Should Not Neglect Promotional Items Even In Times of Digitization

Machine parts are manufactured using 3D printers and then automatically assembled by robots – digitization is making great strides in IT and other industries or even in the private sector. Music is streamed, language skills are acquired online, and car-sharing is via an app.

In the advertising industry, too, messages are increasingly being played out digitally – regardless of whether it’s an advertisement in a Google search, a banner directly in an article or a sponsored post on Facebook. Is it still worth using haptic give-aways, i.e. advertising material that you can touch?

Small Gifts Maintain A Friendship

If the customer is looking for a product, he is also receptive to advertising via banners and the like. He may even buy from the company, but he’s gone again. Online advertising, therefore, only has a very targeted and short-term effect. However, companies do not want to lose their customers similarly after just one purchase – they want to bind them to them in a targeted manner. So you need to build an emotional and positive relationship with them and create trust.

In a balanced marketing mix, haptic advertising media that customers receive as a small gift still have a right to exist.

Everyday Companion Instead Of Dust Catcher

Of course, not every giveaway is perceived as valuable. Companies should pay a lot of attention to their target group and everyday life. Wrong promotional items often disappear in the drawer or, in the worst case, end up in the garbage – of course, they do not create a positive bond with the company there.

Promotional Items Must Be Helpful

A company’s sales department can provide crucial information about the target group, how they work, what topics they are dealing with, or how specific individuals tick. A carrier bag or a Coffee2Go mug will be a valuable customer gift if the target group or target person is particularly environmentally conscious. They are ideally provided with an eye-catching logo or a crisp slogan.

Customers and business partners who travel often are happy about a laptop backpack or a tote bag. So you always have all your utensils well protected with you.

Advertising Media Move With The Times

Especially in times of advancing digitization, companies should also show customers that they are following the trend when choosing their giveaways. Touch pens, Bluetooth headphones or power banks are modern, functional and contemporary. Companies that offer innovative and digital products and services can only benefit from this – a ballpoint pen would not go down well with this target group unless it is also suitable as a touch pen and laser pointer.

Give-Aways Must Inspire And Surprise

Special occasions require exceptional promotional items. For example, when your business partner becomes a mother, surprising her with a small gift such as a baby bib with a distinctive message is worth surprising. Online shop customers are always happy when they receive an unexpected giveaway: no flyer or advertising leaflet, but a handy giveaway that goes with the order. As a customer of the company, they feel taken seriously and valued.

Seasonal Promotional Items Accompany You Throughout The Year

People are particularly open to promotional gifts on certain occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or Easter. On these dates, companies no longer need to look for a reason to contact their customers, partners or suppliers because this is already given. Companies increase the wow effect when they pick special days, such as the sysadmin’s day of honour, and send a small thank you to them.

The Target Group Is Larger Than The Customer Base

If companies rely on haptic advertising media in the marketing mix, they should not only think of their actual customers – but much more significant. Partners and suppliers are also happy about attention, as potential customers stop by the exhibition stand. Employees, freelancers and field staff can also be bound to the company with gifts. They also act as ambassadors and figureheads of a company.

AR And VR – Haptic Advertising Media With Digital Technology

A large automotive company not only wanted to arouse emotions with its advertising material but also wanted to convey information. He also wanted to be perceived as an innovative company. All this should be reflected in an advertising medium for customers. He used a combination of print articles and A(augmented) R(reality) technology: He sent out a brochure with several pages, which was provided with different markers. The customer could scan these markers using an app and was thus sent on a journey along a coast. Incidentally, he was given a glimpse of the new car via a slide show. A single company brochure cannot evoke these experiences.

A large football club also relied on emotions. This sport is inherently charged with many emotions, but the club wanted to achieve even more. His promotional item was branded V(virtual) reality glasses that took the user into the players’ cabin. A very personal journey behind the scenes, which is usually denied to a stadium visitor. An experience that will be fondly remembered will also be passed on to others.

Conclusion: Haptic Advertising Works If You Listen To The Target Group

Giveaways are of enormous importance, especially in times of digitization, when companies want to bind their customers and their employees or suppliers and partners more closely to themselves. And they have to: On the internet, in particular, the competition is just a click away. A customer who doesn’t care about the company they’re ordering from will be happy to look at the price and then shop elsewhere. A customer who is emotionally attached to a company and trusts it will also buy if there is a price increase or longer shipping times.

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