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Why Your Business Simply Must Have a Strong Social Media Presence

In 2022 if your business isn’t properly utilizing social media in order to further its agenda, growth, and brand, then frankly, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. An approach such as that might have been acceptable, perhaps even expected, ten or even five years ago, but now it would simply be evidence of a company that isn’t aware of the age we live in.

Regardless of the industry, your company works within, or indeed its size and scope, your business will only gain from the use of social media, especially if done correctly and with a team of knowledgeable individuals at the helm of any such activity.


It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, private or public, there’s always a benefit to being known. Using social media to increase the exposure of your products or service is hugely beneficial.

Not only can it help you build a brand identity, but it can also help you to convert users into customers, and clearly, this will help your bottom line. There are a myriad of ways to use your social media channels to boost exposure, from sharing insightful posts on Facebook or Twitter to posting commercials to your YouTube page (remembering to use free music for videos rather than paying a large sum for copyright protected output).

You can use these channels to increase awareness of what you have to offer and help you enter into direct relationships with clients and customers, which in turn can help hone the business you provide.

Don’t Just Stay Local, Go Global

Using social media can help bring your business to a wider audience, and in doing so, your local business can go global. Pretty much every industry now has the ability to make a significant impact worldwide, and you are no longer speaking to those in the direct vicinity of your location.

Therefore using social media to spread the word is hugely beneficial to the operation of your company. This will help in terms of the financial reach of your company and does so in a very cost-effective manner. This way of expanding your business is far more holistic and effective than old-school means of advertising (via television or print media).

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Increase Traffic to Your Own Site and Brand

Additionally, followers on your social channels can be led to your own assets and increase traffic and growth to your sites. Having a large following on social media will, depending on the business field your company operates within, translate to actual customers, and the fact you can measure in real-time the movement from social networks to your assets makes it even easier to monetize and spend efficiently.

Immediate Interaction

Social media is a great tool for measuring the satisfaction, or otherwise, of your customers, and the fact you can engage immediately with your audience means you can improve the quality of the service you offer very swiftly indeed.

That direct interaction is a world away from the days when a company would have to outsource this task to a consultancy firm that would have to run various surveys and questionnaires. Now you can find out, first hand, what you do well and what you need to improve on.

Social media is a great sounding board also for change, offering you the opportunity to pitch new products as well as possible altering of entire business plans, following valuable feedback from your customers and clients.

Market Research

Perhaps one of the key elements of social media, when it comes to its positive effects on business, is the ability to effectively track and disseminate data. Information about those who follow your business on social media, especially if they are customers, can prove vital when it comes to finding out relevant data which can be used to shape your overall business strategy.

The wealth of data you can mine from your social media channels is frankly phenomenal from the perspective of trying to improve your brand as a whole, and the numbers are there in black and white, in super quick time, meaning you can affect real, meaningful change, immediately.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly for some businesses, you can use social media to drive actual sales. Some social media channels are better than others in this department, but all can be used to run actual campaigns, which leads to money in the company’s account.

Indeed the funnel for feeding customers through social media to your products and services is getting smoother and more successful year on year. You can, of course, sweeten the deal by offering social media-specific deals, offering codes or promotions specifically for this segment of your market, a scheme that will always prove enticing as the costs of this audience is far cheaper than other tranches of customers.

These are just a handful of ways social media can be harnessed to increase the effectiveness of your business, and in this ever-evolving space, the reasons to use these networks for the benefit of your company become ever more numerous. Failing to make the most of these benefits in 2022 could prove disastrous and should be avoided at all costs.

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