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10 Mistakes In The Customer Experience That Every Company Should Avoid

Achieving success in customer experience has a positive impact on business profits. Companies that strategize and use their resources in order to meet the needs of consumers, improve profits and improve their visibility in the market.

If you’re looking to get a customer experience that helps drive your business, we’ve uncovered the 10 most damaging mistakes for your brand reputation and the keys to avoiding them.

Misuse Of Customer Data

Transparency and sincerity in administering and managing confidential customer information are essential to achieve a good relationship with consumers.

Make the public aware of your processes and activity defending the security of customer data, talk to them about the steps your company takes to comply with the GDPR and be proactive in solving doubts regarding the privacy of the information collected.

If your company is shown as a benchmark in data protection, your clients will place the trust necessary to complete the most delicate transactions.

Do Not Focus On Strategies On The Client

Companies seeking to lead the businesses of the future will need to incubate a consumer-oriented culture within their entire business environment. If you improve the customer experience, results will improve and the brand will be strengthened.

To implement an effective strategy that is oriented to the client and their needs, the idea must go beyond the marketing department and be cross-sectional to the entire company.

Not Giving The Necessary Attention & Empowerment To Employees

The company’s professionals are a fundamental meeting point between consumers and brands.

Companies that promote innovation, involvement and communication between the different layers of the organization will be enhancing the customer experience.

The department head who has the ability to teach his team the company’s values, mission, and vision will also get that message across to customers.

Provide the employees of your organization with benefits that meet their needs (health services, education support, remote work, vacations. Help them learn from their mistakes and improve their tasks with continued support. Ask them for their opinion and take it into account to improve the company’s processes.


We all agree on giving vital importance to the interaction between companies and consumers to promote the company’s brand. However, this does not mean that customers have to constantly and repeatedly receive communications with offers, promotions or surveys.

Learn how to streamline the content your business sends to consumers. Track metrics and select the information that truly provides value to each customer.

Segment your consumers so that the information they receive is as appropriate to their needs, tastes and preferences.

Complicate Clients’Lives

Customers want their brand experience not to be a great effort.

Every time a user enters your website (or your application), the actions to be performed must have a simple route.

Make sure your goals, whether it’s making a purchase, asking a question, or communicating with your employees, can be accomplished without too much difficulty.

Do Not Use Multichannel Communication Methods

We live in a digital world where your current clients, and those that are yet to attract, use different communication platforms.

Gone are those times when users came to establishments to ask a question, solve a claim or place an order. Currently, these tasks can be started on different routes. Whether it is your website, by phone, on any social network or using your organization’s chatbots.

Your company’s mission is to be agile and flexible enough to respond to consumer demands in all channels of interaction. Focus resources on the platforms that receive the most users. But don’t neglect the rest, as you will end up missing business opportunities.

Use Standardized Strategies

Consumers increasingly seek personalized experiences tailored to their tastes and needs.

If a customer is interested in a product or service from your company, they will be happy to learn more about it. If you are also satisfied using a certain communication channel, you will surely like to continue connecting with your brand using the same method.

On the contrary, if that same user begins to receive too much information about other products or services that do not match their tastes and, in addition, that information is sent from other means of communication (for example: receiving phone calls instead of emails) Former user experience and satisfaction with your brand will be negatively affected.

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Not Using The Necessary Technology

User time is valuable. Wasting your time or complicating procedures because your company is not up to date with the latest technological advances can cost your organization dearly.

If you know emerging technologies and know-how to use them at the right connection points, you will help improve consumer satisfaction and differentiate your brand from other competitors.

Innovate in situations where technology provides greater value to your business strategy. Be a pioneer of new forms of communication at crucial moments to achieve market dominance.

Asking Too Many Questions

Knowing the opinion of your consumers will offer a differentiating value that will help you to be agile at decisive moments.

Satisfaction surveys provide valuable information related to the customer experience.

Customers will be willing to share their experience and show their opinions using find or chatbots. But, it is advisable to focus on asking what is fair and necessary. Avoid causing too much discomfort that ends up irritating the user.

Bad Performances

Today’s market customers are hard to come by. But, they are more difficult to recover.

A bad execution, either due to problems in the service or due to a bad performance of its agents, can cost the loss of clients.

Get to satisfy the consumer in such a way that, if they suffer any significant altercation with their company, the user receives a quick response (without taking too long in time) to solve the problem. Take responsibility when appropriate and if necessary provide other ways to please your client for the damage caused.


Customer satisfaction is a long process, which requires dedication and proactivity on your part to improve results.

Company managers need to know the best communication channels for each type of customer and keep employees involved along the way. In this way, the desired goals will be achieved.

Put the customer at the centre of your business strategy and know-how to stay ahead of your competitors by using the latest technological advances to achieve added value.

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