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5 Tips To Scale Your Interior Design Firm In Dubai

Entering the competitive interior designing industry in Dubai, let alone expanding the firm, is challenging. With the growing number of high-rises and building of additional spaces, the city needs a sufficient but competitive array of design businesses to cater to its different interior planning needs such as functionality, construction, lighting, floor plans, and safety. So, in this article, we will give some tips and suggestions on expanding your interior design firm in the city of Dubai.

Proper and Quality Education

The most basic foundation to enter the interior design industry has always been academic background. Internal designing courses are competitive. They offer knowledge and immerses you in many experiences. Of course, investing in a prestigious school known for its excellence is a certain advantage, but what is important is your perseverance and passion for the career.

Either way, utilize this stage for learning experiences and times where it is fine to make mistakes. Furthermore, after securing an interior design diploma, take time to be acquainted with other people. This builds connections that can be mutually beneficial for you and the company.

Neat and Appealing Portfolio

The designer’s whole brand and identity are expressed in pictures and words. To grow the firm, you need to expand your workforce. Hence, an interior design portfolio is one of the most important files to receive from artists. This proof of excellence will help the company inspect each designer’s artistry and character and know if it coincides with its visions.

On the other hand, the portfolio of successful projects should be ready for clients to see. Make this portfolio reflect the brand of the business. Listen to what your customers want and show them their desired concept in mind.

Make Way for Constructive Criticism

No matter how well you do your work, there will always be room for improvement. Do not be afraid to take the customers’ comments and feedback. Make sure to always take criticism as an opportunity to learn and improve. In this way, you can further develop skills even outside of school. It is also helpful to seek advice from trusted and more experienced people working in the industry. This will also test the business’ ability to be flexible for changes.

Digital Presence

Considering this is also important as this ensures a hefty ROI. Almost everything can be found and done on the internet these days to utilize its power. Take the design firmly on an expanded platform for people to know and explore.

Post your works and stories with different social media platforms to draw in more potential clients. This expansion, albeit digital, will give you more of an audience interested in your brand. Further, use this platform to tell what separates your business from competitors.

Diversify Your Projects

Expansion can be possible with the help of diversification. It helps if the company to have a Research and Development (R&D) department to innovate your products and services. If you can offer a diverse range of design materials and concepts, many clients will also come as the firm can now create more projects. This is a sure opportunity to expand as you can hire more interior designers with different styles and experiences.

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