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8 Best [*FREE & PAID] Proxy For WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps around the world. It plays a vital role in everyone’s day-to-day lives. WhatsApp offers a variety of features and is accessible more than other messaging apps available currently.

Many organizations use WhatsApp Messenger to enhance their business. This app is available to users on almost all smart devices. WhatsApp launches new updates regularly to increase the ease of use. One such feature that WhatsApp has launched is WhatsApp Proxy. Now, in this article, we will discuss this feature in more detail.

WhatsApp launched the Proxy feature on 5th January 2023. At present, this feature is available to users who have the WhatsApp beta version. In the future, it will be available to regular WhatsApp users. Using a Proxy with a WhatsApp account is a better idea as it helps to connect with people without giving too much personal information.

Using a Proxy ensures that the conversations are entirely private, allows users to bypass limits or restrictions and offers users multiple options to access WhatsApp accounts. So, the easiest way to remain safe when using WhatsApp is to buy a subscription plan from a good and reputable Proxy service provider.

What Is A Proxy Address?

A Proxy acts as a gateway between the server and the client. It connects the user to the internet. By using the internet, users can get access to various information. The Proxy sends requests representing the client. The Proxy seems like it is the client’s IP address, but in reality, it is not.

The Proxy hides the client’s actual IP address to increase various requests. The Proxy servers help users unblock the websites to maintain anonymity on the internet, and they also enhance the speed of the internet. There are several Proxy addresses for the users to connect to the internet around the world.

Many countries have banned WhatsApp services, and there is no direct way to access it. If you live in a country where WhatsApp usually works and travel to a country where WhatsApp services are blocked, you will not be able to access the WhatsApp services in that country because your IP address shows the country where WhatsApp is blocked.

Now, here, Proxy plays an important role. It conceals the user’s actual IP address and acts as if the user’s actual IP address is bypassing the restrictions. This feature of WhatsApp allows users to access its services even in the countries it is blocked.

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How To Use Free Proxy For WhatsApp?

Users can use a free Proxy for WhatsApp with minimal effort. It is pretty simple to use a free Proxy for WhatsApp. Follow the detailed steps given below:

  • Find the Proxy address suitable to you. You can search these proxy addresses on the net.
  • Open WhatsApp and go to the option ‘Settings.’
  • Click on the Storage and Data option and search for the Proxy tab.
  • Open the Proxy settings and click on Use Proxy.
  • Enter your required Proxy address and click on the save tab.
  • Now WhatsApp will use the Proxy address that you have provided on the app.

Some Best Proxy Servers For WhatsApp

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN works with WhatsApp on IOS, Windows, Android and many more. It behaves as a local Proxy to access the internet and services of WhatsApp even in the countries that banned WhatsApp services.

  • It is available in almost 90 countries.
  • Easy to install ExpressVPN.
  • It offers rotating Proxies that protect the user’s privacy.
  • It integrates with Google Chrome, Safari, Apple TV, etc.
  • Users can access WhatsApp services at high speed.
  • It is a paid Proxy service and asks for credit card details for the free trial.

2. Bright Data

  • Bright Data removes any blocks immediately. It offers users an innovative Proxy service.
  • It is customizable in any country in the world.
  • It integrates with Morelogin, SwitchOmega, Lalicat etc.
  • Bright Data has almost 70+ million IP addresses all over the world.
  • It consists of a dashboard that shows users the performance of proxies in real-time.
  • There is no proxy limit to using bright data.
  • You can use this simultaneously on many devices.
  • It has active customer support service available via email, phone, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

3. IP Royal

  • IP Royal proxies are real proxies that are gathered from various countries worldwide.
  • It offers different plans such as data centre, sneaker, residential and mobile.
  • It offers 100% transparent service and supports 3G, 4G, and 5G.
  • It can integrate the IP addresses with browsers, scrapers, etc.
  • IP Royal supports payments in cryptocurrencies.
  • After placing your order, you can set up and run these proxies in a couple of seconds.
  • It offers a pay-as-you-run model for its user’s convenience.
  • Users can get unlimited traffic covering almost 20+ countries.
  • It protects user’s privacy from tracking and surveillance.

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4. SmartProxy

  • One of the best features of SmartProxy is its price; the price is based on the bandwidth. If the bandwidth requirement is low, your monthly charge will be cheaper.
  • It integrates with Sessionbox, Multilogin, and VMlogin.
  • With its HTTP proxies, SmartProxy bypasses all the Geo restrictions.
  • It has high speed and completes the task via automation.
  • SmartProxy offers X browser for the users for free.
  • It provides users with smart tools such as e-commerce, SERP, etc.

5. WebShare

  • It is a private proxy that offers a lifetime plan of 10 proxies for free.
  • The proxy servers of WebShare can stop detection techniques such as DNS leagues and open port scams.
  • All its proxies are entirely anonymous and also new.
  • It is easy to use, and users can first use this Proxy for a small amount and increase their subscription plan later.
  • It offers users with fast proxies available at a cheaper cost.
  • The servers can detect any issues and resolve them in less than 5 minutes.
  • WebShare offers about 13+ million IPs from almost 40 countries.

6. OxyLabs

  • Whether to access WhatsApp or any other site, OxyLabs is one of the best proxy providers.
  • It has various collections of IP addresses. Users can select the speed preferable to them and get access to the best connection possible.
  • It has over 100 million IP addresses, ensuring that the users can always stay connected to the network.
  • Users can get a free trial of 14 days, and their plans are a bit costlier.
  • Currently, it is one of the fastest servers and ensures the privacy of the user’s data.

7. PrivateProxy

  • PrivateProxy is specifically used for business purposes.
  • Based on user requirements, users can get their required type of Proxy for a free trial.
  • It offers Web scraping, price intelligence, fraud prevention and many more.
  • The rotating proxies can be activated immediately, and users can get one free swap per month.
  • It offers dedicated proxies such as SOCKS5 and HTTP. The information of the users for this free Proxy for WhatsApp is encrypted with SSL technology.
  • It offers around 70K IP addresses entirely depending on the user’s requirement.

8. Proxy Empire

  • ProxyEmpire is simple to install and easy to use.
  • It has servers in almost 170+ countries and gives access to 10 million plus IP addresses.
  • These are modified and verified regularly to ensure that users can always get access to their WhatsApp services.
  • Almost half of the IP addresses provided by ProxyEmpire are rotating residential, which ensures the safety of the users.
  • It has various paid subscription plans for the users to choose from.

Apart from these, several other free proxy servers are available to the users. Based on their preferences, users can select the proxy addresses and use them at their convenience. These proxies are available for a free trial and also have different subscription plans for their users.


Using a free Proxy for WhatsApp is recommended as users have privacy and a reliable connection. Most of these proxies discussed above are easier to use and set up.

It is a helpful tool for users who have restrictions in their country. These proxies help users enjoy safe and secure communication without any disturbance or any extra payment for international services.

Proxy for WhatsApp reduces the cybercriminal activities targeting people. Choosing a secure and reputable Proxy service provider and using safety measures such as a VPN ensures your safety on the internet.

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