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Are Your Marketing Strategies Not Working? Here’s What To Do

Marketing strategies require creativity, knowledge of the target market and the company, and a lot of time. Despite the efforts, the method chosen for your e-commerce does not bring the desired results.

What to do when faced with marketing strategies that do not perform as they should? Abandon them? Change them hoping they will work? Here are some helpful tips to resolve the situation by choosing the best approach.

Why Didn’t The Strategy Work?

If marketing strategies aren’t doing well, they have a problem. It may seem like a banal and obvious phrase, but it is not. Often in this sector, there is the risk of attributing the blame for poor performance to external factors. Phrases like “it’s a bad time” or “the clientele here is a bit different” are two classic examples.

Sure, marketing strategies are influenced by many factors, including the time of year and customer diversity. But if you want to grow your business, phrases like the ones mentioned above must be avoided like the plague. We must accept that the strategies set up can and must be improved, regardless of the period and clientele.

So let’s see how to deal with the problem.

Marketing Strategies: The Approach

Is the marketing strategy you are using to promote your ecommerce not working? Let’s stop for a moment; the first thing to do is try to understand why. As we said, if people aren’t pushed to buy, the strategy certainly presents problems. But which ones? How to know where we are wrong?

Let’s start by saying that no one knows your business better than you; therefore, you are also the best person to understand what is wrong. Analyze your business, your customers, and your marketing strategy; you may find that you have done something wrong.

Marketing strategies are very complex processes, but usually, the problems that occur can be summarized in the list we propose below.

The Target Audience

Is the audience not responding to your strategy the way you thought? Maybe you got the wrong audience. To understand if this is the case, there are two possible things to do:

  • Broaden your target audience: Don’t just focus on the customers you already have; expand your strategy to include each potential customer.
  • Create your typical consumer: try to identify the character traits of your customers, such as age, geographical area, gender, etc.

The two points are closely linked, and both require collecting and monitoring data from the public you come into contact with. In practice, you can, for example, advertise aimed at reaching as many people as possible. Collecting their characteristics and preferences, you will understand which category of the potential customer is most interested in the products you sell.

Later, with the data collected, you can create a typical customer profile on which to base yourself to reshape your marketing strategies.

The Contents

Attracting customers to your site is only the first part of an effective marketing strategy. But it becomes useless if users visit the site and find nothing that interests them. If you have a lot of visitors but few conversions, this may be the case too.

In this sense, you must pay particular attention to the content on the site. The ideal would be to regularly insert new and exciting content (usually once a week). In this way, two results are obtained: on the one hand, users understand that the site constantly offers exciting news; on the other hand, Google particularly appreciates this activity from an SEO perspective.

Attention! The key word here is INTERESTING. For it to be effective, what you publish on the site must be relevant to your business and attract the curiosity of users who see it. What Should I do? If you cannot write high-quality articles weekly, it is best to turn to someone who does it for a living.


Perhaps your problem is that your company is not well known enough; the public prefers brands and stores they already know and trust. This trend, already present in physical stores, is amplified by e-commerce.

Although marketing strategies usually consider this, it is sometimes underestimated or implemented only in the initial stages of the process. But we must never forget it because we are never too well known.

Coca-Cola, one of the best-selling products globally, still spends billions on advertising and sponsorship today. Investing in advertising not only serves to increase your visibility but also to remind your customers that you exist.

Remember to take advantage of multiple communication channels to get the maximum exposure possible. Being seen not only on Google but also on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc., dramatically increases the chances of being known. Even in this case, a study is necessary to identify the most suitable channels for your type of business. It may be more beneficial for your business to advertise, for example, with printed flyers and brochures.

The Patience

Our last tip is not to expect immediate results. All marketing strategies, even the most successful ones, take time to work. Continue to collect and monitor the results, make the necessary adjustments and be patient.

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