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Binge-worthy Cybersecurity TV Series

Cybersecurity is the best defence against online threats and hackers using software and hardware to breach data. Individuals and companies rely on cybersecurity measures and tools to prevent illegal access to their sensitive data and digital systems. Solid cybersecurity measures can provide people with decent security against hackers and assaults meant to destroy, delete, change, or access their sensitive information.

Why is cybersecurity paramount?

The importance of cybersecurity will expand as people’s reliance on digital devices and technology increases because modern programs receive an influx of personal data that leaves internet users vulnerable. Cybersecurity threats are getting worse by the day as the level of sophistication of cyberattack methodologies increases.

The subject has been an interesting topic for movies and TV series over the last few years as people have become more aware of the threat cyber threats pose.

While some people might prefer to binge-watch movies and comedies, you might prefer dramatic TV series that offer a glimpse at the intriguing topic of cybersecurity. We’ve gathered the top hacker TV series for you to put on your list and enjoy.

CSI: Cyber

If you’re a cybersecurity enthusiast, you most likely have heard of this TV series. Even if CSI: Cyber has moderate ratings in comparison to the other CSI TV series, it’s still a must watch if you like niche films. The investigations depicted in each episode of the series will unfold several twists that will make you question your online security. We watched all seasons and promise they’re worth your time because they depict some unique cases. Besides the tech stuff the TV series is filled with, the psychological tricks the directors use are also meant to keep you engaged.


The next on the list is a hacker show. Mr. Robot is the ideal choice for those who want to dip their toes in a TV series that shows the widest range of technological threats people using the internet are exposed to. The show approaches subjects like experiencing a data attack while having Bluetooth activated or having your smartphone hacked while buying a coffee at Starbucks. In real life, you could claim compensation for most of the instances presented in the movie because you can benefit from the assistance of a company like Data Breach Claims which helps victims claim compensation when their sensitive information is lost due to the fault of another party.

Cybersecurity movie enthusiasts have called Mr Robot one of the finest TV shows in the niche. The series follows a character named Elliot, portrayed by Rami Malek, who is a cybersecurity by day and a hacker by night. The TV show has 43 episodes, so it’s a good choice if you want to binge-watch a series.

Block Mirror

This one might not be a cybersecurity-themed TV series, but it’s a sci-fi show that uncovers the dark side of people’s obsession with technology and devices. The title of Black Mirror hints at the blank phone screen that shows the user’s reflection. Many think that the closed screen of a device is the thin line between the real and digital world. Technology users are always caught between the two worlds.

Each episode of the series depicts a mind-blowing story from a dystopian perspective that shows where people could get if they allowed technology to rule their lives. To make the TV show even more interesting, the directors and writers have integrated technology that already exists, and that people are currently using.


Scorpion is a movie inspired by the true story of Walter O’Brien, a man with an IQ greater than Albert Einstein who became a hacker. Those who are passionate about the stories of children who hacked into government systems will love this TV series because it depicts Walter O’Brien’s life as an adult.

In Scorpion, Walter teams up with other genius geeks to solve cybercrimes. However, besides digital security facts, the show also offers information about science, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

Person of Interest

Person of Interest is one of the most successful series that approaches a serious subject in a funny manner. A programmer creates powerful artificial intelligence called The Machine, which he offers to the Federal Bureau to identify terrorist plans and shut them down before they wreak havoc.

But the Machine does more than this; it also collects past criminal records the authorities ignored to solve and offers Finch and his CIA assistant the opportunity to solve them.


Are you looking for a TV series that mixes crime fiction with technology to create an entertaining series? Intelligence tells the story of an officer with a computer microchip embedded in his brain. The microchip offers him some powers and enhancements regular officers lack and enable him to perform better at his job.

Intelligence shows that with the aid of technology, people can solve challenging situations.

Almost Human

This TV series approaches a futuristic subject. The show is set in a world where all cops are assigned a robot to fight crimes. John Kennex, the main character, receives a robot to help him work on his detective cases. He first dislikes being accompanied by the robot, but as the show progresses, he learns to appreciate the companionship of the robot.

Almost Human focuses on the story of the growth and development of Kennex and his robot called Dorian.

Who Am I

Who Am I is a German techno-thriller that depicts Benjamin, a young individual who lost himself in the online world. He doesn’t fit in real society but feels very comfortable online, where he wears a digital mask. Benjamin is a professional hacker who causes several online disruptions. He teams up with other online criminals and creates the CLAY (Clowns Laughing at You) community that aims to hack and humiliate well-known companies. The TV series shows that no cybersecurity system is safe against online threats.

What do you think about the above TV series recommendations? Which one is first on your list?

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