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Data Traffic On Smartphones: Giga Boom Included In 2023

The number of gigabytes in mobile tariff plans has never been so high. Indeed, on average, in January 2023, a telephony offer offers 115 GB per month. Considering that in 2020 there were 45 gigabytes included on average in mobile tariff plans, it is understandable how quickly the mobile telephony sector has evolved. Furthermore, if people spent an average of more than 11 euros per month three years ago, today, the best mobile tariffs have monthly prices of less than 10 euros.

How The Landscape Of Mobile Offerings Has Changed In The Last Year

That mobile phone offers are getting cheaper is not just a feeling shared by those who have activated a new number or decided to change operators over the last few months or years.

The SOStariffe.it Tariff Observatory has analyzed the changes between January 2022 and January 2023 in the mobile telephony sector. The analysis showed that prices fell by 8% and that the gigabytes offered by operators increased by 42%, reaching unprecedented levels. Therefore, you have much more content for the same price, which is valid for both network and virtual operators.

From 2020 To Today, Gigabytes Tripled, And Prices Went Down By 12%

The downward trend in prices and the increase in the content included in the offers have been going on for some years. Again, the data provided by the Observatory of SOStariffe tells us that from 2020 to 2023, the average tariffs fell by almost 12%, while the gigabytes tripled. Three years ago, less than half of the offers included at least 50 GB per month. Today this percentage has risen to 60%.

The changes in the contents of the offers that have taken place in recent years have mainly concerned gigabytes. In contrast, there have been more limited variations in the minutes and SMS offered, which are, in any case, more than sufficient on average to meet the needs of people who use a smartphone. The number of 5G tariffs is also increasing, thanks to this technology’s ever-increasing diffusion. In January 2023, the offers that allowed access to the 5G network were 25%, a significant increase compared to the 10% share relating to 2020.

What Are The Average Prices And Contents On The Market?

In January 2023, a mobile telephony offer had an average price of 9.74 euros per month and offered 115 GB of data traffic. The value of the average fee is the lowest ever recorded, while that of the gigabytes is the highest ever. It has also studied the differences between network and virtual operator offers. Considering only the network operators’ offers, it is noted that the average prices are slightly higher, but the amount of gigabytes is also higher.

The average expenditure for a mobile tariff in January 2023 is 14.40 euros per month, with 135 gigabytes, precisely double the amount offered in January 2022. Those looking for an economic offer with lots of gigabytes can move towards the offers of low-cost operators. In this case, the average fee is 7.91 euros, and the gigabytes included in the tariff plans are, on average, 104 per month. In this case, the average amount you should expect to pay is €7.48 monthly. At this price, 104 gigabytes are offered, over 2,700 minutes of conversation, and over 1,700 text messages.

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