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Google’s “Zero-Click” Is A Major SEO Subject Of Contention!

What Is Google’s Zero-Click Trend?

Since the launch of its search engine, Google has evolved a lot. New services have appeared, some being warmly welcomed, while others have caused some disappointment to their users. And lately, the “zero-click” has been the subject of numerous criticisms and studies. In this situation, Google used the pen to respond to its accusers.

Google’s Justifications For This Development

Several reasons have prompted the Google search engine to respond to recent accusations about the famous “zero-click.” As a reminder, we speak of “zero clicks,” when Internet users can consult the search results without clicking on a link. According to Google, searches do not always result in a click because Internet users reformulate their queries. Indeed, they make a first search, then modify it by changing a few words, for example, to refine the precision of the results displayed.

These searches must be considered invalid clicks for Google because they did not encourage Internet users to click directly on a link. But they contributed. The nuance is subtle! The web giant also justifies its position by stating that Internet users are looking for quick facts today. However, the most frequent requests often involve quick answers related to the news. For example, this is the case with sports results or the latest weather forecasts. And this information does not translate into a click because it is displayed on the results page.

In addition, in its justification, Google explains that when searching for local businesses, Internet users connect directly with them since the presentation page offered by the engine facilitates this direct contact. Again, the goal is not to reduce the traffic of these companies but to display their contact details more clearly so that Internet users can find and contact them quickly.

Finally, Google specifies that today, many searches carried out on mobile redirect Internet users to dedicated applications. These are therefore used to the detriment of websites. However, faced with Google’s answers, other questions arise. What is his interest? And above all, what are the real advantages of “zero clicks”?

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The Interest And Advantages Of This Trend

Faced with its accusers who accuse it of directing fewer clicks to the sites, Google responds by presenting the major interests of this evolution of its engine. First, he states that website clicks have increased since the appearance of “zero clicks” and the number of visitors. He then adds that his teams have regularly improved the search system by adding features useful to the general public and businesses. Google also indicates that the number of results previously estimated at 10 links has now averaged 26 links to websites on a single page.

The leader of search engines ends by saying that its main objective remains, above all, to facilitate research for its users. He wants to help companies, creators, and publishers experience dizzying growth. Therefore, Its desire is to highlight the essential answers to properly and better organize the information and no longer be limited to a single list of links.

And if Google’s zero-click trend is a problem for sites, there’s a solution to get around it.

Natural Referencing Is A Good Way To Limit The Absence Of Clicks

To circumvent this trend which is not likely to disappear, it is important to take care of the natural referencing of its site. Internet users must be offered quality, optimized content. It also makes the site more valuable in the eyes of Google. Thus, its positioning in the SERPs will be improved, as will its visibility. In addition, it is important to remember that this “zero-click,” although it has flaws, is part of the evolution of Google. So we must deal with it and try to take advantage of it. Especially since it is possible that another novelty will take over one day.

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