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How To Manage Two Or More Google Accounts On Apple: The Guide

Managing your Google account on Apple devices is easy and follow a few steps: how to do it on iPhone and Mac.

Connecting your Google account to Apple devices is easy and within everyone’s reach, starting from synchronizing your Mac calendar to reading email on the go on devices such as iPhones and iPad.

But what happens when there are two or more Google accounts? You may have two personal profiles available, one for your private life and the other for your work. We have prepared a simple and complete guide for those wondering how to manage two or more Google accounts on Apple devices.

Connecting and managing two or more accounts to Apple devices is quick and easy, requires very few operations, and brings numerous benefits. Synchronizing your contacts, e-mail messages, and much more allows you to work more flexibly. It is also possible to better organize your free time and professional activity appointments.

How To Create A Google Account

  • Creating one is free if you still need an initial or secondary Google account. Connect your computer or smartphone to the site https://accounts.google.com/ and click on “Create an account. “
  • A drop-down menu will immediately open with the words “For me,” “For my child,” or “To manage my business.” Usually, unless you’re creating a business profile or for a minor, when you create a Google account, the “For me” option is the right one.
  • At this point, fill in the fields with the name, surname, chosen username, and password to create a new Google account free of charge.

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How To Add Multiple Google Accounts On iPhone And iPad

  • To manage two or more Google accounts on Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone, you must first add them. There are several ways to do this, starting from the settings of the Mail app already pre-installed on your Mac or iPhone, or you can start from the Gmail app and any other app in the Google ecosystem.
  • The easiest way to add a Google account on the iPhone is to follow the path Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add account. Once you have followed this path, tap on the “Google” logo.
  • Depending on your privacy settings, the system may return a pop-up with the message “Settings would like to use ‘google.com’ to log in. The app and website may share information about you.” Just tap on “Continue” to reach the next screen, where you can create a Google account if you don’t have one, choose from those stored or add others.
  • Let’s move on to the actual management of Google accounts on the iPhone: once two or more Google profiles have been added, following the path Settings> Mail> Accounts, it is possible to choose which apps to connect to each account.
  • In particular, by tapping on each of the Google accounts shown in the list, it is possible to choose between Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes. The main advantage, in this case, is to synchronize all the data contained in the various Google profiles on a single device.
  • Similarly, for example, if both work and free time commitments are displayed on the iPhone calendar, it is possible to set up office automation and view only one of the two calendars connected to an account from this menu.

How To Add Multiple Google Accounts On Mac

  • For those looking to set up office automation on a Macbook, iMac, or any other laptop or desktop device from the Cupertino company, let’s see how to manage two or more Google accounts on a Mac.
  • In this case, you need to follow this path: System Preferences > Internet Accounts and then click with the mouse on the “Google” logo.
  • At this point, the system will return a pop-up that reads, “Google requires authentication to complete on your web browser. After authentication, setup will continue in Internet Accounts”. Choose “Open browser” to log in with the Google account you want to add or create a new one.
  • Even for the Mac, as well as on the iPhone and iPad, Google accounts can be connected to various apps to synchronize your contacts, appointments, and e-mail. In fact, by clicking on each of the Google accounts, you can choose whether to use it with Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and other apps.

How To Switch Between Google Accounts In The App

Once two or more Google accounts have been set up on your Apple device, whether a Mac or an iPhone, let’s see how to switch from one profile to another while inside an app in the Google ecosystem.

In particular, when accessing Google apps such as Maps, Calendar, Drive, and Gmail, it is possible to switch from one account to another in a few simple steps.

In fact, in Google apps, the first time you log in, the system asks which account you want to use. However, once logged in with the first account, it is possible to go and change it at any time and use another one or a combination of more than one, as in the case of Gmail and Calendar.

Proceed as follows: once the app in question has been opened, for example, Gmail, you need to touch the profile image at the top right. From here, you can choose which account you want to use to access the required Google services.

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