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Is It Still Necessary To Install An Antivirus?

We have all used antivirus, but is it still enough today to entrust your security to such a product? Facts and numbers say more no than yes. A classic antivirus might have been fine twenty years ago when its only job was to stop viruses. It was a virus at a time almost always attributable to a particular operation. But now, the landscape of security, or instead of cyber attacks, has completely changed.

Threats come from multiple fronts, and security products must defend against various threats simultaneously (executables that enter memory, links in chats or emails, web pages that contain malicious code, etc.) It is no longer (only) a question of identifying a virus but protecting data while browsing the web, preventing identity theft, and so on. There is a need to have a security system that acts as a 360-degree shield. So what are the limits that antivirus has today? Where can’t it get to? Here are three key security elements that today’s generic antivirus is unable to address adequately:


Most antiviruses need signatures to detect the presence of a virus. When a new virus comes out, laboratories must analyze samples and develop an antidote (signatures) that allows antiviruses to recognize and stop it. After that antidote needs to be made available, and the various stations need to download this update. Nowadays, viruses have a very high diffusion speed. With the slow process, it is impossible to have an antivirus that is always up-to-date and capable of intercepting the most recent threats. The ideal would be to have an antivirus that does not require updates, i.e., that is always up to date.

Identity Protection

Identity theft occurs when a hacker takes over your or your customers’ credentials to “steal something”: money, access to other systems, email, etc. Regardless of any stolen money, the problem with identity theft is that if a hacker were to commit a crime, it would be as if you were the one to save it. Statistics say that every year, 15 million people in the United States suffer identity theft, which is used to commit fraudulent actions. Unfortunately, suffering from identity theft is quite simple: it is enough that the PC has spyware or a keylogger. Even if you are browsing on a secure site, this program can intercept your online access codes as they are typed. Without adequate protection, you and your customers could fall victim to actions of this type.


Today it is the riskiest asset because everything is done online: purchases, bank transactions, and communications of various kinds. According to research, 91% of adults say they have lost control of where and how their data is collected and managed during online activities. Products that don’t have explicit privacy protection features can’t prevent activity from being tracked. Let’s give an example: do you know when you search the internet for a car, an iron, or another object? You will notice banners and emails from the walls that precisely concern the article you were looking for. It means you are being tracked. The problem isn’t so much tracking but the fact that so much information is disseminated around that it may end up in the hands of malicious people.

Is The Antivirus Able To Make The Traces Disappear?

Install An Antivirus: Yes Or No?

I’ve said a lot about the poor antivirus, but is it still needed or not? Despite everything, the risk you run by installing an antivirus is much lower than the one you run by not installing it. Being careful about the files you download, and the links you click is not always enough to be safe from every threat. The possibility of falling victim to some attack is always present. Even known and safe sites can become a vehicle for malware without you realizing it.

All without considering that less experienced or distracted users may have vague ideas regarding best practices for secure IT. Okay, I’ll get to the point: the antivirus is definitely needed in case of “known” threats! It’s on modern threats that EDR is required, even if, on its own, this tool is optional. To minimize risks as much as possible and rest assured, choosing one of the complete cybersecurity tools is necessary.

The Solution Exists, And It Is MSP-Friendly

You undoubtedly know Malwarebytes, famous for the utility everyone has used to remove malware from PCs permanently. Even the one that hid and expanded inside the system registry.

It has grown and has a full suite of virus and malware security products. Suppose you’re looking for a truly effective security solution that tackles modern threats and defends your and your customers’ computers, data, and privacy. In that case, Malwarebytes is right up your alley, combining cutting-edge Endpoint Protection and EDR with prevention and remediation tools.

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