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Pinterest SEO: 10 Tips To Rank Well On Pinterest

The (SEO) on Pinterest does exist, as YouTube SEO. If we are used to using the term SEO in the context of SEO optimization on search engines like Google and its alternatives, SEO techniques are also adaptable to social networks with a powerful search engine, of which Pinterest and YouTube are part. Here are 10 tips to be well referenced on Pinterest and thus make it a real source of traffic and, why not, qualified leads.

Before starting your SEO strategy on Pinterest, you should have two prerequisites:

  1. A corporate Pinterest account (to be able to access Pinterest Analytics in particular): you can convert a personal account into a professional account in a few clicks.
  2. A website where you can put the Pinterest photo tracking and sharing script.

Do you have these two prerequisites? We, therefore, move on to tips and concrete advice to optimize your SEO on Pinterest and thus boost your incoming traffic from this social network.

1. Optimise The Account Name And URL Of Pinterest Pro Account

The first tip to optimize your SEO on Pinterest is to choose an SEO optimized account name.

Indeed, if your brand is called “X” and your sector of activity is “Decoration“, you can, if you can and wish, create your professional Pinterest account with the name “X Décoration“, which will allow you to have “decoration” in the URL of your account and indirectly, to better use the term “Decoration” in the search engine because your account name will be more optimized.

Indeed, when you search for a keyword on Pinterest, there are always two sections in the search suggestions:

  1. Related search terms
  2. Linked Pinterest accounts that contain the search word in their name.

Try with the word “Decoration” on the search engine, you will understand the interest.

If you see the accounts that go up in the suggestions? They all have “Decoration” in their name. SEO optimization on Pinterest is certainly simple, but effective

2. Optimize The Description Of You Pinterest Account For SEO

The “About” section, although it plays only a small role in the rise of your Pins in the Pinterest search engine, must be optimized with the keywords most related to your activity.

It’ll take you 5 minutes, it’s a quick win and it can help get your account traced back to the accounts associated with Pinterest user searches…

3. Create Pinterest Boards With SEO Optimized Titles

If you have, let’s say, 3 target activities and queries with dedicated landing pages on your site, now is the time to create tables with the most meaningful names possible so that they are optimized for SEO.

Ideally, the name of your tables should correspond to searches that you know are searched by your target Internet users, at least on Google (you can do analyzes with Google Keyword Planner if you do not know which keywords are the most wanted in your niche).

In our case, if we had to create a Pinterest board for this article, we would name it for example “Pinterest SEO” or “SEO Pinterest” and not “Pinterest”. 

4. Add The Pinterest Button “SAVE” To All Images On Your Site

If you are an SEO, this step will not please you because yes, you will have to add an additional script on your site which will generate an additional request and slow down your loading time a little. But hey, we got nothing for nothing, sorry.

To facilitate the sharing of articles and visuals from your site, this step is crucial. Adding a Pinterest “Save” button to all images on your site will allow visitors to save your post to their own boards with just a few clicks.

To know how to integrate the Pinterest save button on all your images, the procedure differs according to the type of site but know that on WordPress, it is very simple, many plugins exist if you do not want to touch the code.

5. Have Your Website Verified By Pinterest

This step is very important because it will display your logo next to each Pin saved by Pinterest users and corresponding to your site.

To do so, nothing could be simpler, all you need is a simple HTML tag integrated into the <head> and finished. (Note: Again, if you still don’t have a website, it’s better to use any of today’s top eCommerce website builders to get much easier for you to follow and achieve these tips.)

6. Analyze Popular And Searched Keywords On The Pinterest Search Engine To Optimize Your SEO

Now that your account and your site are well optimized, you have to analyze what Internet users are looking for in your industry on the Pinterest search engine.

How do we do it?

Since Pinterest doesn’t have the equivalent of the keyword planner, you have to use other tips, such as using the keyword suggestions presented by Pinterest when you start typing a word in the search bar.

The higher the suggestions are displayed first, the more they are searched for on Pinterest.

I advise you to list all the generic keywords related to your activity upstream and then type them one by one to extract the most suitable suggestions for your activity.

If you’ve already done a keyword analysis through Keyword Planner on Google, generally you should find fairly similar keywords, but Pinterest can be an interesting addition.

7. Test Themes And Keywords With Sponsored Pinterest Campaigns

Before investing a lot of time and maybe a little money in optimizing your account for the keywords that you think (with your wet finger most of the time), to be optimized, you can also opt for an Another more statistical approach: you dedicate a little budget for Sponsored Pins which will target the requests that you think are the most relevant and ROIs for your activity.

Depending on the results of your campaigns, you then decide if you invest your time in priority on a particular keyword.

8. Identify Less Competitive Niches To Position Yourself More Easily In SEO

If you target the “Decoration” theme to stay in the example cited above, you can imagine, you will not go back first to this theme in a snap after the optimization of your account, it will take potentially a lot of time…

Suddenly, the most important for you will be to quickly identify the least competitive niches but yet the most relevant to your activity.

Ok, and how do we do this?

If you type “Decoration” on Pinterest, you will see that Pinterest will automatically list you the sub-categories you are looking for in relation to your search term under the search bar. If you click on a theme, you will be able to dig even more the dedicated niche.

This technique allows you in a few clicks to discover niches sought after by Pinterest users, less competitive and potentially interesting for your business.

9. Optimize The Images Shared On Pinterest For SEO

Just as I presented you in this article tips and advice for SEO images on Google Images, on Pinterest, it is also important to optimize your images for SEO.

To have images optimized for natural referencing on Pinterest, it is recommended to:

  1. rename your photos correctly before integration
  2. prefer portrait mode formats (1000 x 1500 pixels) although landscape format images can also work well.

10. Optimize Your Pins For SEO

To optimize the content of your Pins for SEO, you need to:

  • Optimize the text of its pins.
  • Encourage engagement with its pins.
  • Share Pins regularly (ideally, one per day if possible)

To optimize the content of your pins for SEO, it is recommended to properly describe each Pin with targeted keywords identified through the previous methods.

Ideally, you should at least give a description of 100 to 150 characters.

These descriptions must be seen as a meta description in natural referencing and thus keep in mind that they must encourage clicks and engagement, without revealing everything …

Engagement with Pins is very important since the Pinterest algorithm, like that of other social networks, takes it into account when ranking Pins in its search results.

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